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Lost Eden - playtesters requested please

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One can never have enough Lost Eden modding threads, shrewn across all of these forums. XD Hopefully we can have everybody on the same page eventually.

For those who don't know, this project is a total conversation for SMAX, available for download from There's two versions, a normal one, which has some nudity, and a censored variant which has nothing remotely contraversial.

Let's start by discussing a potential new city upgrade that I have been working on...

Buster's Uncle:
OH yeah; that stage three base is what I was talking about - I had in mind something along the lines of ivy-covered university building in look, only with roses.  That's it, right there.

More of the same for stage four, or what?  Have you done or decided anything on the sea platforms?

Thank you. :)

More of the same for stage 4 is correct. I was thinking that a statue of Oblivion himself would make sense as he would like that sort of thing but I think it'll work best as just lots of forts and towers. I'll have probably 4 or 5 bridges and two levels on the last stage, make it really big and epic. For sea platforms, I am yet to decide. One at a time really! :D

I found a bug yesterday... transports currently carry 231 people. Oops. XD

Buster's Uncle:
Seems convenient for the people, as long as they like each other...

Well it's a pretty perverted culture with growth bonuses, so yeah, I think so. XD Lots of Order and social penalties though from being so carefree.


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