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Title: Spartans - very small map 16x24, ALL Landmarks!
Post by: Mart on August 25, 2019, 02:45:46 PM
And a game on a very small map (16x24 tiles), with all Landmarks. Game starts human player on various locations, but I have seen not all of them and some are clearly preferred. No wonder with that, it was not easy to fit all 16 landmarks.

The game is for Santiago, the first 4 victory conditions are enabled, so that would be for the player to choose, how to win, but any of these would be interesting:
- Fastest conquest.
- Transcendence with keeping one base of any chosen one other faction, just to have the game keep going.
- Trying to subdue all other factions. This may not be possible, from Gaians game on such small map from "Little game for the summer of 2019," it seems, that even with one base clean of any units AI is not going to yield!

Tech stagnation is ON, the first tech is 6 lab points, the last tech would be like 2300-2400, I think.
Why Spartans? For conquest is one, but I was curious how they would play as scientists on a such small map.

[Edit] Just adding few more remarks,
- Notice, that you start on this map near Manifold Nexus, it is good to make use of it!
- Map is rich with landmarks tiles, and it is also very small, so typical strategies for base building and expansion may differ from games on larger maps.

Title: Re: Spartans - very small map 16x24, ALL Landmarks!
Post by: mogelfritz on December 17, 2019, 11:17:36 PM
ty mart for these tasks, i like them....attached my approach to spartan...regards