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Anna Cora Mowatt Ritchie a digital theatermaker profile

Reuben, Paul P. "Chapter 8: Anna Cora Mowatt." PAL: Perspectives in American Literature- A Research and Reference Guide.

Mowatt's Works Online

Armand: or the Peer and the Peasant: A Play in Five Acts
Autobiography of an Actress
The Clergyman's Wife and Other Sketches
Evelyn, or The Heart Unmasked
Fairy Fingers
The Fortune Hunter
Italian Life and Legends
Life of Goethe
Mimic Life
The Mute Singer
The Reviewers Reviewed
Twin Roses
Anna Cora Mowatt as Virgina


"The Lady on Stage: A Biography of Anna Cora Mowatt Ritchie." Adele Anderson.  California State University.  

A short biography created for a student project.  Part of  Reuben, Paul P. "Chapter 8: Anna Cora Mowatt." PAL: Perspectives in American Literature- A Research and Reference Guide.

"Fashioning Herself a Lady: Anna Cora Mowatt's Bold Experiement"  Adrienne Macki Braconi

Chapter from "Women in the Arts in the Belle Epoque: Essays on Influential Artists"

"Challenging Gendered Spaces: Anna Cora Mowatt's Outrageous Oratory."  Adreienne Macki. 2005

This paper analyzes the ways in which Mowatt achieved popular sanction by capitalizing on her gender identity as a performance, "fashioned" herself and performed as the "True Woman."

"Mrs. Anna Cora Mowatt."  Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore.

This page covers Mowatt's connection to Edgar Allan Poe and includes links to his writings about her and copies of letters they exchanged.

"Poe, Anna Cora Mowatt, and T. Tennyson Twinkle." J.M. Hutchisson. 1993

Exploration of the possibility that Mowatt may have included a caricature of her friend Poe in one of her plays.  See also Was Poe Mowatt's "Twinkle"?

"Call Me Gypsy" Anna Cora Mowatt and Mesmerism." Amy Lehman. 2002   

Anaylsis of Mowatt's experiences with Mesmerism.  Lehman examines the perceived moral ambiguities of the ‘actress’ and ‘gypsy’ in nineteenth-century society, the connotations of the latter as a figure marginalised yet Romanticised and free, as well as Mowatt's own background, and mesmerism itself as a middle-ground between medicine and spiritualism. She posits the theory that ‘Gypsy’ functioned as an alternate suppressed self for Mowatt, an outlet for the stressful contradictions inherent in the roles of ‘actress’ and ‘lady.’

"Civil War Women." Maggie MacLean. Created in October 2011    

Entry on Mowatt as part of a larger project documenting the culutral contributions of American women.

"Anna Cora Mowatt's "Fashion": A Theatrical Refashioning of the Female Self." Carme Manuel. University of Valencia.  2000   

A look at "Fashion" as not just a light comedy, but an expression of cultural discomfort with female authorship.

Chastity and the Stage in Mowatt's "Stella" Jeffery Richards. Old Dominion University.  1996

A look at the lead character from "Mimic Life" as an arguement for what the author calls a "chaste theatre." Given the sort of culturally determined private/public split encountered by literary women, he feels it is not surprising that Mowatt feels so impelled to argue for a chaste theater.

Out in Public: Configurations of Women's Bodies in Nineteenth-century America Alison Piepmeier

Mowatt's strageties for self-presentation are examined along with other nineteeth centry artists such as Charlotte Cushman and Fanny Fern

"Anna Cora Mowat: Player and Playwright." Wendy Riply. Columbia College.   

Chapter in  Codifying the National Self: Spectators, Actors, and the American Dramatic Text

"Anna Cora Mowat: Forgotten Dramatist and Actress." Marilyn Shapiro.   

Overview of Mowatt's career.

"The Creation of a Public Persona in the Poetry of Anna Cora Mowatt"  Kelly S. Taylor 2001

An examination of the meaning to be found in Mowatt's sometimes very bad poetry.

"Exploiting the Medium" Kelly S. Taylor. 1996
Although Mowatt was famous for her public performances, this article focuses on her involvement in mesmerism. Mesmerism was a stage on which upper‐class Victorians could ignore temporarily the strict rules of their social strata. Working with her mesmerizers, Mowatt created an alternate persona that called herself “the Gypsy.” This character voiced Mowatt's private dissatisfactions and was apart of Mowatt's negotiations with repressive notions of correct behavior for upper‐class American women of the early nineteenth century.

The Lady Actress  Kelly S Taylor  2009

Collection of essays by Dr Taylor on Mowatt's life and works.

"The Women of Antebellum Richmond: Domestic Values and Public Ambitions." Elizabeth Woolley.

This articles briefly covers Mowatt's career and her years in Richmond, Virginia during her second marriage to William Foushee Ritchie. Among the other notable women of that city profiled is Mowatt's friend Marion Harland.

Anna Cora Mowatt
Anna Cora Mowatt    Angela Hardy
Anna Cora Mowatt
Alcyone Festival - Fashion Cast
The Fly in the Room Samantha Hall
Anna Cora Mowatt - Playwrite  Eloise Raits
Anna Cora Mowatt

Reviews of Productions of "Fashion"

"Review."  Adrienne Onofri. 1999

"Review." Martin Denton for NYC Theatre. 2003

"Fashion (or Life in New York) play review by Maureen Perotto." Maureen Perotto.

Selected Print Resources

Blesi, Marius. "The Life and Letters of Anna Cora Mowatt," dissertation, University of Virginia, 1938.

Howitt, Mary. "Memoirs of Anna Cora Mowatt," Howitt's Journal 3 (March 5, 1848).

Mowatt, Anna Cora. Autobiography of an Actress. Boston: Ticknor, Reed and Fields, 1854.

Mowatt, Anna Cora. Fashion: Life in New York, a Comedy in Five Acts. New York: Samuel French, 1854.

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Taylor, Kelly S. "Exploiting the Medium: Mesmerism and the Strange Case of Anna Cora Mowatt." Text and Performance Quarterly 16:4.

Taylor, Kelly S. "The Rhetoric of Self-Fashioning in the Works of Anna Cora Mowatt." Ph.D dissertation, Louisiana State University, 1994.

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