Adaptations of Anna Cora Mowatt's "Fashion"


Musical Adaptations of Anna Cora Mowatt's "Fashion"

A Brief Summary of Production Details

"Fashion! or Life in New York; A Comedy with Music"

Theatre: Royal Playhouse

Opening Date: January 20, 1959

Book: credited to Anna Cora Mowatt

Music: Complied and Arranged by Deems Taylor

Fashion Musical 1959 Logo


David Fulford
Choreography:Rhoda Levine
Scenery:Donald Bailey Tirrell
Costumes: Maganini
Lighting:Donald Bailey Tirrell
Musical Direction: William Hess
Producers: David Fulford and William Dempsey

Time and Place: New York City, 1845. The Tiffany’s house.

Synopsis: The pretentious New Yorker Mrs. Tiffany has illusions of social grandeur and surrounds herself with culture, has an all-French staff, and entertains anyone she believes has aristocratic connections.  Mrs. Tiffany insists that her daughter Seraphina wed the Count di Jolimaitre even though she does not love him.  Mr. Tiffany prefers more down-to-earth society and is often seen with Adam Trueman, a businessman with some sketchy legal episodes in his past.  When the calculating Mr. Snobson get hold of damaging information, he tries to blackmail Trueman and aims to marry Seraphina himself.  A long-lost granddaughter of Trueman’s helps him save his reputation, and she also exposes the count as nothing more than a French chef named Gustave Treadmill.  Mr. Tiffany puts his foot down and sends his wife and daughter to stay in the simple rustic country home of Trueman to learn less refined values. (Synopsis quoted from Off-Broadway Musicals since 1919: From Greenwhich Village Follies to The Toxic Avenger by Thomas S. Hischak)

Enid Markey as Mrs. Tiffany

Mrs. Tiffany
Enid Markey

Dee Victor

Margot Hand

Rosina Fernhoff
Seraphina Tiffany
June Ericson
Miss Proudacre
Carollee Campbell
Mrs. Tiffany’s Harpist

Marietta Able
Adam Trueman
 Will Geer
Count Jolimaitre

Fredric Warriner
Mr. Tiffany

William Swetland
T. Tennyson Twinkle
Al Corbin
Augustus Fogg
Francis Dux

Stanley Jay

Stephen Daley

Musical Numbers

Colonel Howard, AdamTrueman, and Gertrude

Jim Along Jose (Stephen Daley “Zeke”)

(June Ericson “Seraphina,” Al Corbin “T. Tennyson Twinkle)
“Call Me Pet Names”  (June Ericson “Seraphina,” Frederic Warriner “Count Jolimaitre)
“Come Birdie Come”
(Rosina Fernhoff “Gertrude”)
“The Independent Farmer” (Will Geer, Company Adam Truman)
“Kemo Kimo
(Stephen Daley, “Zeke”)
“The Gipsy’s Warning”
(Margot Hand, “Millinette”)
“Take Back The Heart”
(Will Geer)
“Walking Down Broadway" (Enid Markey “Mrs. Tiffany”, Gentlemen)
"Down by the Riverside" (Jonathan Able, “Colonel Howard”)
“Not for Joe”
(Stanley Jay, “Snobson.”)


Here is a link to the script of this musical.


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