Victory (Economic)

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You may win an Economic Victory by cornering the Global Energy Market. You must have discovered Planetary Economics in order to pursue such a plan.

Cornering the Global Energy Market will require a sum of Energy Credits roughly equal to the cost to mind control every remaining base on Planet. More precisely, the formula is:

  • For each base, calculate the cost of mind controlling it, not counting the effects of PROBE rating. HQ bases are calculated normally, but are still considered to have a distance-from-HQ equal to 1 (not 0 as one might expect).
  • This is then modified by four factors: Your commerce rating, the owner's commerce rating, the owner's relationship toward you, and the owner's grudges against you:
    • Your commerce rating is equal to the number of commerce techs you know, +1 if you're Morgan, plus whatever you get from your ECONOMY rating (+1 for +3 ECONOMY, +2 for +4 ECONOMY, and +3 for +5 ECONOMY). This value is squared, then add 1; the cost is divided by the result.
    • The owner's commerce rating is calculated the same way; again, square and add 1, and the cost is multiplied by the result.
    • The owner's relationship toward you has an effect: If you have a treaty the cost is halved, if you have a pact the cost is divided by 4 (i.e. halved again after the treaty effect), and if the owner has surrendered (or you own the base) it doesn't count at all.
    • The owner's grudges also have an effect: If the owner wants revenge against you the cost is increased by 50%, and if the owner is a victim of atrocities on your part the cost is doubled (if both are true, it is still only doubled).
  • This is calculated for each base and added up. If more than 1000 this is the cost of cornering the energy market; if it is less than 1000 then it only costs 1000 to corner the energy market.

When you are ready to make such an attempt, select "Corner Global Energy Market" from the HQ Menu. When a faction attempts to corner the Global Energy Market, all other factions will be given an allotted period of time in which they can capture or destroy the cornering faction's Headquarters and thereby foil the plan.

For Economic Victory, you are awarded 1200 points minus 2 for every game turn elapsed. If Cooperative Victory is enabled, Pact partners of the winning faction receive half the bonus points.