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Obsolete units may be upgraded to keep track with newer designs while retaining their morale. However, upgrading will cost you energy.

If all units of a design are upgraded via the design workshop no movement points are lost for any of them, however if any unit is individually upgraded it requires that the unit has not used any movement points for the turn, then the upgrade will use all movement of the unit.

Upgrade Cost = (WeaponRise + ArmorRise + NewRowsCost) × 10


  • NewRowsCost = number of Mineral ‘rows’ required (one row = 10 minerals at 0 industry)
  • WeaponRise = change in weapon cost if raised, otherwise 0.
  • ArmorRise = change in armor cost if raised, otherwise 0.

If a faction controls the The Nano Factory secret project, cost is halved and rounded down to the nearest multiple of 10.

The costs of all weapons and armors where applicable, is equal to their strength except for those listed below:

When upgrading the following cannot be changed:

  • Chassis
  • The Air Superiority special ability (If Aircraft chassis)
  • Heavy Artillery special ability
  • Equipment (Between any module or weapon & vice-versa)

Also Note: Weapon or armor costs may not be downgraded.

However, reactor type can be downgraded.

The cost is not related to the industry setting, you alway pay 10ec for each row you new unit costs.

It is not related to the number of special abilities on the new design or the old.