Unit Cost (Advanced)

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The basic cost formula, to which there are several modifiers, is:

Cost = Weapon × (Armor + Speed) × 10 ÷ (2 ^ (Reactor + 1))

  • Weapon value never less than half armor value
  • Cost is halved for units with speed of one
  • Cost is halved for sea units, and armor is discounted 50%
  • Cost quartered for combat air units
  • Armor cost doubled for air units
  • Cost +25% for each unit of special ability cost
  • Cost +25% if unit has two abilities and the ability it has which appears in alphax.txt first is not free (if the free ability comes second, it will increase price)
  • Cost +10 minerals if both weapon and armor greater than one
  • Cost +10 minerals if land unit’s weapon, armor, speed all greater than one
  • Minimum cost (Reactor × 2 - Reactor ÷ 2) × 10 unless all values are one