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“Efficient energy transmission for powerful weaponry”
Requires Optical Computers, Industrial Base
Leads to Applied Relativity, Fusion Power
Weapon Gatling Laser
AI priority
Conquer: 4, Discover: 2, Build: 0, Explore: 0
Important? Yes! Critical? Absolutely. I would go so far as to say

that Superconducting Fiber alone makes our present economy possible.

—CEO Nwabudike Morgan,
MorganLink 3DVision Live Interview

The power requirements of Optical Computers and the nascent Industrial Base stimulate research into high-temperature Superconductors, an advance long considered a ‘Holy Grail’ by physical chemists. A Superconductor is a material that does not resist a flow of electrons. Using a Superconductor, power can be transmitted at incredible speeds over vast distances with no degradation. Bulky and expensive cooling equipment for high-powered machinery or weaponry becomes unnecessary, because these materials remain cool and efficient as electricity passes through them.