Sentient Econometrics

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Sentient Econometrics
Sentient Econometrics.png
“Using intelligent computers to predict the economy”
Requires Planetary Economics, Digital Sentience
Leads to Eudaimonia, Secrets of Alpha Centauri
Facility Paradise Garden
+1 commerce
AI priority
Conquer: 1, Discover: 1, Build: 3, Explore: 4
The fungus has been Planet’s dominant lifeform since about

the time of the Lower Paleozoic on Earth. But when, once every
hundred million years or so, the neural net at last achieves the
critical mass necessary to become sentient, the final metamorphosis
kills off most of the other life on the planet. It is possible that
we humans can help to break this tragic cycle.

—Lady Deirdre Skye,
“Planet Dreams”

For all the sophistication of its mathematical models, Planetary Economics proved no better at predicting the actions of markets and populations than Wall Street prognosticators of 20th Century Earth. There are too many unknown variables with unforeseeable consequences. Proponents of Sentient Econometrics take the best ‘intelligent computers’ developed under Digital Sentience and set them to identifying these variables and predicting their consequences. Under their diligent efforts, economics finally becomes a true science.