Random Events (Advanced)

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Random events must be enabled in the ‘Game Rules’ when setting up the game (by default they are enabled).

If so then no Random Event occurs before turn:

75 - (DIFF × 10)

Where: Citizen is 0 DIFF and Transcend is 5

Each turn the game randomly picks a number between 1 and 100 (If base no longer exists exists—in built sequence numbering order—there is no event)

If the base is size three or less, or it is the only base of its faction, or it is already under a random event time line (e.g. Industrial Boom for 10 years)—then there is no event

Some random events chosen will naturally have no effect, so no event is shown that turn (e.g. Major Asteroid Strike on Nessus Prime—no effect if no faction has any Nessus Mining Stations).

If a beneficial event would occur while that faction is in the top three ranked by Might or a detrimental one while in the bottom three ranked by Might, then there is no event.

See also Random Events (Basic).