Matter Compression

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Matter Compression
Matter Compression.png
“Create materials of extremely high density”
Requires Nanometallurgy, Nanominiaturization
Leads to Super Tensile Solids
Armor Neutronium Armor
Ability Fuel Nanocells
AI priority
Conquer: 3, Discover: 1, Build: 2, Explore: 0
Preliminary analysis indicates that our rivals have developed

a safe and reliable method to simulate conditions existing on the
interior of a stellar mass. The fabrication and transmutation
of materials possible in such an environment guarantees significant
industrial and military applications.

—Probe Team Operations Directorate,
Top Secret Report

Breakthroughs in Nanominiaturization and Nanometallurgy lead to complex Matter Compression techniques. Using these techniques, scientists can create materials as dense as the inside of a star, with significant military and industrial applications.