Centauri Psi

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Centauri Psi
Centauri Psi.png
“Harness the Psi powers of the Mind Worm”
Requires Centauri Genetics, Adv. Ecological Engineering
Leads to Secrets of Alpha Centauri, Sentient Resonance, The Will to Power
Weapon Psi Attack
Ability Dissociative Wave
Unit Sealurk
+1 nutrient production in fungus
AI priority
Conquer: 0, Discover: 1, Build: 1, Explore: 6
The Mind Worms are the natural defenses of the living Planet—the

white blood cells, if you will. In a world in which unassimilated
thought represents danger, the Mind Worm seeks out concentrations of
sentient mental energy and destroys them, ruthlessly and efficiently.

—Commissioner Pravin Lal,
“Mind Worm, Mind Worm”
Centauri Genetics and Advanced Ecological Engineering revealed the physical composition of native life forms, but did not explain the mysterious and terrifying psionic attacks these creatures employ. Unlocking the mechanics of this directed, psychic assault requires intense investigation of Centauri Psi—the method used by the Native life forms to communicate and co-ordinate their assaults.