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There is a limit to the number of bases that a faction can control before generating additional Drones due to the bureaucracy’s inability to manage so many bases. The number of bases that can be supported without additional drones depends on the difficulty level, the map size, and a faction's efficiency rating. The only way, during a game, to affect the limit is to change a faction’s efficiency rating.

Once this limit has been reached, popup messages warn when attempting to construct additional bases but not when capturing or buying an additional bases from other factions. No message is received if a decrease in a faction’s efficiency rating causes the base limit to be exceeded.

For each base in excess of the limit, a faction receives one additional drone. These drones are distributed uniformly amongst the faction’s bases.

BaseLimit = (8 - Difficulty) × (4 + Efficiency) × MapRoot ÷ 2


Difficulty = (citizen = 0 to transcend = 5)
Efficiency = faction’s efficiency rating (negative ratings are treated as 0)
MapRoot = √ (map width × map height) ÷ √ 3200

MapRoots for common map sizes:

Tiny 0.6
Small 0.8
Standard 1
Large 1.1
Huge 1.6

Example BaseLimits for a faction with a 0 efficiency rating:

Standard Huge
Librarian 10 16
Transcend 6 9