Brood Pit

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Brood Pit
Brood Pit.png
Mineral rows 8
Maintenance 2
Requires Centauri Genetics
Of all the employments, working in the brood pit was considered

at once the most horrific and the most desirable. Horrific because
of what we saw occur day after day, and because of the very nature
of the sessile native lifeforms. Desirable because, having been chosen
to work in the pit, you were highly unlikely to become one of its victims.

—Captain Ulrik Svensgaard,
“The Shadow Resonance”

Decreases the cost of Native life forms bred at this base by 25%. Base receives +2 to Police rating.

In the absence of a Children’s Crèche to defend, Native life forms can be expected to protect a Brood Pit in the same manner.