Battle Ogre MK2

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Battle Ogre MK2
Battle Ogre.png
Mineral rows 15
Requires Unbuildable
Chassis Infantry
Module Resonance Bolt
Armor Resonance 8 Armor
Ability Non-Lethal Methods, Dissociative Wave

Battle Ogres are rare, mechanical remnants of the first Progenitor era on Planet. Several different types of Ogres may be found, each with advanced equipment and powers. Unfortunately, the convoluted engineering of these units makes it impossible for them to be repaired even by Progenitor technicians; any damage taken is permanent.

The Battle Ogre Mk2 possesses a Resonance Bolt, Resonance 8 Armor, and a Fusion Reactor. Its awesome size and fearsome appearance also help quell drone activity, effectively doubling the police powers of the Ogre. The Progenitors also built the Mk2 Ogre with the Dissociative Wave special ability.