Antigrav Struts

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Antigrav Struts
Allowed for Land units
Allowed for Air units
Cost +25%
Requires Graviton Theory
Allowed for Noncombat units (excluding terraformers)
Allowed for Terraformer units
Allowed for Combat units

Antigrav Struts give a unit an extra move each turn, and allow all ground units to, like Hovertanks, avoid movement penalties for difficult terrain. Air units with Antigrav Struts gain moves equal to twice their reactor value (so an Antigrav air unit with a Fusion reactor would gain 4 moves). This ability also allows a attacking unit to ignore a defense bonus from units that remain uphill in elevation from the unit. If the defending unit has anti-grav struts, than they ignore the direct attack bonus that can occur from units that attack them from a higher elevation level.

Desc.: Gravitron repulsor pylons