Adv. Ecological Engineering

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Adv. Ecological Engineering
Adv. Ecological Engineering.png
“The last word in Terraforming”
Requires Fusion Power, Environmental Economics
Leads to Centauri Psi
Terraform Soil Enricher
Ability Super Former
Council proposal Melt Polar Caps
AI priority
Conquer: 0, Discover: 0, Build: 4, Explore: 2
You are the children of a dead planet, earthdeirdre, and
this death we do not comprehend. We shall take you in, but
may we ask this question—will we too catch the planetdeath

—Lady Deirdre Skye,
“Conversations with Planet”

The discovery of Fusion Power opened up staggering possibilities in a number of endeavors, including the field of Environmental Economics. Based on the cumulative experience from thousands of construction projects undertaken since Planetfall, Advanced Ecological Engineering marks a new milestone in man’s ability to manipulate his environment.