Random Events (Basic)

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Every turn a random event can occur.

Events that are dependent upon the presence of a base facility:

  • Children’s Crèche—if no crèche Citizens Protest (extra drone for five years, otherwise Major population surge until base’s population limit reached (based on current food production and facilities)
  • Network Node—if no node then Network overload (lose all accumulated research), otherwise Major research breakthrough (free tech)
  • Energy Bank—if no bank then Power surge destroys all mines in base radius, otherwise, then surge absorbed and +50 Energy)
  • Biology Lab—if no Lab PlanetBlight destroys all farms and forest within base’s production radius (can also spread to other bases if they fall within that radius), otherwise +1 nutrient in all base production radius squares for 10 years
  • Prometheus Virus—if no Research Hospital or Nanohospital at that base, or if faction does not control the Human Genome Project, The Longevity Vaccine, or Clinical Immortality) then half a bases population is killed with an infection radius of squares equal to half the base’s original population and can spread to adjacent bases

Energy Market Boom/Crash—if energy reserves more than 1000 credits, 75% lost if more than 500 but less than 1000, and in 4th place or lower, reserves are doubled

Many events modify resource output at a base’s production radius squares for 10 years:

  • Bumper crops, +1 nutrient
  • Famine, -1 nutrient
  • Haze and Clouds, -1 energy
  • Heat wave, +1 energy
  • Industrial Boom, +1 mineral
  • Industrial Collapse, -1 mineral

Energy, Mineral or Nutrient resources may be discovered or exhausted:

  • Discovered new resource reveals a resource on a square
  • Resource peters out removes a resource on a square

Some events destroy improvements of a particular type within a base’s production radius:

The Volcano Event depends upon how close the base is to a volcano. If there is one nearby it erupts, otherwise one is created:

  • New volcano has erupted—creates a volcano like the Mount Planet Landmark
  • Major Volcanic Eruption—all terrain enhancements in volcano radius destroyed. Dust clouds cause -1 energy output for all factions in all squares for 10 years.

Sunspots—no direct communication allowed between factions for 20 years

  • Factions will not learn of minor atrocities committed against another faction
  • Minor atrocities do not cause ecological damage
  • Cannot call Planetary Council

Some events are very rare, they only occur 20% of the time (if selected 80% of the time nothing happens).

Major Asteroid Strike near base: Only if faction is in top three Base is destroyed—never lands nearest a Headquarters base but may destroy one if it lands at a nearby base Dust clouds cause -1 energy output for all factions in all squares for 10 years

Asteroid strikes Nessus PrimeMining Stations of all factions destroyed.

Solar Storm/Flare:

All Orbital Power Transmitters and Defense Pods destroyed, but triple energy from all squares next turn).

See also Random Events (Advanced).