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Welcome to the Alpha Centauri wiki
your free and open source of SMAC and SMAX information

Advanced concepts(27 P)
Concepts(56 P)
Factions(7 C, 1 P)
Technologies(86 P)
Facilities(48 P)
Secret Projects(38 P)
Society Effects(10 P)
Society Models(4 C)
Terraforming(26 P)
Units(21 P)
Abilities(29 P)
Weapons(25 P)
Armor(14 P)
Chassis(9 P)
Reactors(4 P)
Text files(1 C, 28 P)


  • Installation - Guide to getting AC fully patched and running properly.
  • Strategy - Articles on improving your play.
  • Modding - alphax.txt changes, graphics tutorials, faction text creation.
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  • Add terminology, which will generate hover text on every page.
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  • Populate and discuss wanted articles.
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Help out!

  • Add terminology, which will generate hover text on every page.
  • Create faction pages with faction info boxes for official and unofficial factions.
  • Encourage ete to finish uploading the datalinks.
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  • Populate and discuss ACWiki:wanted articles.
  • Read the full ACWiki:To-do list for more ways to help out!


Welcome to the knowledgebase at Alpha Centauri 2. Our goals for this wiki is to have everything you need to know about the classic game Sid Mieir's Alpha Centuri and it's expansion Alien Crossfire compiled in an easy to read wiki. In this work, you will find articles to both amuse and improve your play as well as informing you about the history of the community.

Content will be a bit sparse to begin with, but be patient with us. Even better...come join us!


note... not decided on format yet... placeholder ideas...


Can't get this venerable classic to run? We have scoured our own invaluable threads and the web to get you up and running and getting your mindworm on.

Modding Guides

Hardcore community experts like Buster's Uncle and others walk you through the finer points. Whether you just want a custom faction of your dreams or do a total conversion, you will want to read these.


Hints and advice from the last decade of experts both multiplayer and single player.


From the original official patches to ambitious "unofficial patches" from respected modders like Kyrub and Scient, we guide you down the path towards evolving your game. Also, with total conversions like Lost Eden, changing that game altogether.

Newbies need not fear!

Unlike some communities which subject their newbies to hazing and much torture, we will link the alphabet soup of terms we use on forums and in the wiki so you can sound like a pro in no time. You will know what a CMN is. You will not think an AAR is some kind of new government agency. We will leave the hazing and torture to Yang, Miriam, and of course Planet itself.