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Is it ME or are some hypothetical Netnannyites corrupting my posts?
I NEVER say [POOP] -- at least not while I'm awake...
I always say shot or crip or dreck because I'm SERIOUSLY unPC ..
That said, I'm almost invariably polite. A little help or clarification here pls.

(Good -- glad that got sorted out)

I'm sure we would all like to see new SMACX compatible movies. This has been the Holy Grail for at least 12 years to my knowledge and certainly on my wishlist.

Firaxis and EA were never forthcoming regarding this aspect of AC. Mod the factions - well certainly. Here's a nice shiny FacEdit to do it with.. Textmods? - "Be our guests -- but watchit in case you screw it up"

Movie mods -- Big Nothing
Workshop mods -- Big Silence

Anyone have ideas on editing .cvr files for the workshop (all I want to do is mod one of the wings to visually display SAM capability)?

After this long such a wish might seem trivial..... unless you've never seen a Needljet invasion. Personally I'd like to know visually if the top of a plane stack can defend.

Just received a report from a Scout Party that was investigating old SMACX stuff on a rarely used hard drive.
Found this archive of the old Caviar Player courtesy of the Network Node hiding amongst a bunch of NN sourced alternative factions.

Should I u/l those too?

I did a bit more digging at the weekend concerning the format(s) and codecs used by Firaxis in the hope of digging up info concerning the tools used at the time of the game's development in 1997-98.
I take on board jopower's info in re WVE files and Cyberlink s/w but you have to put all of this in proper context. In 1997 there wasn't much in the way of XML.
There wasn't an NTFS based OS that was much good for anything outside of the office, Win95B was all the rage and not a few SOHO's were still using Win3.11....
Such environments may seem like halcyon days to those who remember them but they'll also remember such pleasantries as BSODs, general protection errors, and other pleasantries - such as - on a windows install, receiving the infamous "System Error - You need to reinstall Windows".
Many applications were ported from 16 bit OSs or DOS for use on 32bit OSs. These ranged from the Good (rare) to the Flaky (common) to the occasionally outright dangerous.
In this environment Brian and his team developed SMAC. An even greater tour de force when placed in proper context.

Here's a link to the video formats used by EA in that era:
And from there this is not so obvious as it might be
And there I can reccomend the "samples" link...... lotsa stuff there. Not getting anyone's hopes up - I hope.

Going back to an earlier post of mine where I mentioned the Caviar player.
Thats what is needed to open .cvr files NOT MSOffice and the Fax Editor - which is what a websearch will throw up nowadays.
Trouble is, CP won't work under XP. Not even in compatibility modes, so I'll likely demothball a suitable legacy PIII comp later in the week and see if it'll play nice.
Please note that I'm aware that .cvr and .wve are only related in being Graphics topics and are quite unrelated to each other - other than being in the same game.

And I've tried to u/l a copy of Caviar in the Utilities section since my previous attempt in this thread looks like a null.

Had a bit of luck and got Caviar Player working under Mandriva 2008.1

Five little pics of screenshots of two units,

It was news to me that the subject in the first two pics is effectively a looped 17 frame 3D animation. These are just 2 frames.
The second two are just the 3D wing sections used by the design workshop for human needlejets differing slightly in colour only. I would have posted the other njet section (there is only one) which is of the exhaust pipes and wing guns.

But I was only allowed 4 images.


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