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Playing the Alpha Centauri and expansion WVE videos

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No idea whether this is too little too late, but VLC player has the following info:
Stream 0
    Type: Video
    Codec: Electronic Arts TQI (TQIV)
    Display resolution: 320x240
    Buffer dimensions: 320x256
    Fram rate:15
    Decoded format: Planar 4:2:0 YUV
    Orientation: Top left
Stream 1
    Type: Audio
    Codec: EA ADPCM Audio (ADEA)
    Channels: Stereo
    Sample rate: 22050 Hz
    Bits per sample: 16

Looking up TQI I found and looked interesting.

Just thought I'd add to the discussion:

mplayer can play wve files.

The main benefit of doing this is for fullscreen video play... or if you experience crashes during video play... or just want to be able to pause the videos ingame. 

If using pracx, you can override the uvplayer15 executable and run a batch file running mplayer, like so:

[Alpha Centauri.Ini]

and then the batch file:

@echo off
"c:\mplayer"\mplayer.exe "E:\Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri\movies"\%~n1.wve -fs

The %~n1.wve shouldn't be necessary... just %1 should work, but it doesn't... for me... last time I checked... but I didn't dig too deep.

EDIT: Even if not using pracx, I suppose you could create an executable using autohotkey (easier than c++ anyways) that runs mplayer in much the same way as the batch file, and stick in it your movie folder (rename existing uvplayer15.exe first).  Dunno, didn't try.

I'd rather watch grainy fullscreen videos than grainy small videos.  Maybe it's just me.

I remember someone wrote (here on the forum?), that the player is embedded actually into exe. Some time ago I tried to play videos in SMACX with other formats, but a 'silly' problem of getting the player window on top of SMACX was not solved. Maybe this is why SMACX has the player embedded, so Windows is happy.

Converting any video to WVE file would be great though. We could then use original player and have new videos in game.
With this Electronic Arts TQI format known, this would be possible.


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