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Eye of the Beholder 2006
« on: May 03, 2014, 07:40:44 PM »
Eye of the Beholder 2006;sa=view;down=230

Scenario Name: Eye of the Beholder 2006
Author: Darsnan
Date of original posting: 9/8/06
Original host site: Apolyton

BACKDROP: In MY 2433 several factions discovered the wreckage of a
Progenitor interstellar spaceship on the farside of Nessus. After much
investigation it was determined that the ships star charts were intact,
and that the hyperdrive engine can be cloned.
By MY 2452 the first fleet of scoutships were built and sent out with a
mandate to investigate all of the habitable planets catalogued in the
Progenitor ships start charts. The results are mixed: some scoutships
return with exciting news of “Eden-class” planets, while other scouts
tell tales of planets who have degraded over the eons. Still other
scouts fail to return at all….
By MY2475 all of the ideal “Eden-class” worlds have been either
colonized, or claimed by the various Factions of Man. This then led to
what was called “The Great Planet Rush” where over the next 25 years
everyone who had a spaceship or could afford transit on one rushed to
colonize the “moderately habitable” worlds before someone else did. Now,
in MY2500, all that is left are the “less than ideal” worlds. Splinter
Factions such as yourselves that wish to emigrate from their current
planets are now faced with a bleak prospect: hire a space transport to
ferry you, your followers, and whatever belongings you can afford to
carry to a planet you know nothing about, other than the guaranteed fact
that it will be less than hospitable.
But everyday that you are forced to interact with the atheistic Hive
and the self-centered Morganites, and where even in your own Parent
Faction your Splinter Group is marginalized for “the greater good”
reinforces your resolve to face the unknowns of an unexplored alien

PREMISE: The transit from the planet Harmony had been uneventful. The
captain, after having his “Captain Morgan Spaced Rum” joke bomb, had
discretely avoided contact with your followers. Little was known about
the space ships itinerary other than what was obvious: this was a
low-end space transport, designed for bulk, not comfort. “Quantity, not
Quality” would be the carriers motto if the Truth Police had had their
“input” on the subject. It was also obvious that there were several
other Splinter Factions such as yourselves on board, each one
undoubtedly destined for their own worlds. All the various Splinter
Factions had their own reasons for leaving the worlds they had existed
on for an unknown destination, but other than this the Factions had
nothing in common: conversations on board had been at best coldly

The Proximity Claxon had sounded earlier in the ship-day, and now
everyone in your Splinter Faction has been sealed into the lead 3
Re-Entry Gliders, just waiting for the transport to reach the planet’s
orbital insertion point and open its bay doors. Behind you 6 more
robotically controlled Gliders are loaded with all your equipment that
your Faction will need in order to establish a new colony. To pass the
time you call up the brief file containing data on your new home:

No formal mention or description of this planet has been recovered from
the Progenitor colonization archives. The only reference to this planet
came via the Caretaker Science Institute which labeled this planet as a
“Science Research Station”.

Planet Specifications
Planet: MY2458-666
Primary: Class M (currently unnamed)
Population: uninhabited
Climate: arid
Temperature: Hot. Note that environmental suits will be needed for prolonged exposure
Gravity: 1.2 standard
Class: habitable

Notes from captain of discovering spacecraft: once it was determined
this was not an “Eden-class” planet, we decided not to bother landing.
We did a quick scan of the planet, determined the planet met the
criteria for being classed as habitable, and then moved on to the next
solar system assigned to our spacecraft. Note that I recommend naming
this planet “Eye” based on visual observation.

No further entries.

Not much to go on, you think. And no one has bothered to visit here in 42 years! Amazing!
Suddenly the spaceships Emergency Claxon begins sounding and the captain
cuts in over your private leader-link, “we have just detected a pirate
ship closing fast onto our position! My ship is not designed to maneuver
in this atmosphere, and my crew doesn’t have the time to re-secure all
of your equipment. I therefore am going to have to jettison your Gliders
even though there are Pirates present. Once I’ve outrun the Pirates
I’ll come back and ensure you’ve landed safely!”
Despair hits you like a blast furnace, and then suddenly you’re
overwhelmed by weightlessness as your Glider is released from its
moorings in the bay and follows the two lead Gliders out the back of the
space transport. The spaceship captain is still on the commlink, and
your barely able to mutter, “understood. Godspeed to you captain!”
The spaceship captain his head oddly and replies, “and may your God go with you. Out.”


You’ve been waiting 26 hours now, and only the lead three Re-Entry
Gliders have arrived at the selected landing zone. 20 hours ago someone
had spotted the space transport orbiting by high above. At first there
was elation that the ship had returned, then puzzlement as three smaller
blips of light separated from the spaceship and headed down towards the
surface. Every five hours since the transport had orbited overhead,
dropping 3 Re-Entry Gliders, then disappearing again. Others in your
Faction were still puzzling at this, but some of the brighter ones had
already figured it out: there had been pirates, but not the ones you had
been led to believe. The real pirates were Captain Morgan and his crew
of the Space Transport! They were using the ruse of a pirate attack to
dump all of the Splinter Faction passengers here, while keeping all the
Factions equipment for themselves!
You wish you had time to focus on Captain Morgan, but there are more
pressing needs, namely survival! While the original scoutship had
suggested naming this planet “Eye”, you’ve already decided on a
different name: Inferno! By the Gods Prophet it was hot here! And dry!
You wonder how the other 5 Splinter Factions that have been dumped here
are faring in this weather, and if they had been at all prepared for
Your first scouts had returned earlier, with mixed news: some scouts had
reported that there was a Progenitor Upgrade Station nearby, which
would undoubtedly come in handy. However, there were also disturbing
reports from other scouts that there were traces of Planet Fungus here.
And where there was fungus, there were worms…..
And all the while in the back of your mind the thought keeps preying on
your psyche: it’d been 42 years since anyone has visited this planet.
You could be here awhile…


1) In your Scenarios subdirectory create a folder called "EotB", and download and unzip the attached files into it.
2) Start up SMAC, then select "Scenario", "Play Scenario", and then
select the attached EotB file. The game will automatically load up with
the Believer Splinter Faction, "The Conclave".
3) In the Data Links I recommend looking at the basic units types, so you can plan your strategies accordingly.



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