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Already There
« on: May 03, 2014, 05:02:43 AM »
Already There;sa=view;down=222

Scenario Name: Already There
Author: Dreifels
Date of original posting: 12/6/99
Original host site: Dreifels Alpha Centauri page

I made 2 different settings:

a) I took the original factions and made no changes in their settings, except
that the Caretakers are set to "exceptionel peaceful) and do have no starting
tech exept the Progenitor Psych and shall have the Applied Physics in 2121.
You must not change the original faction's txt files.
The fixed difficult level is set to Librarian as present we've still a bug in the
higher levels. (This version seems to me being more easy that version "b")

b) I changed the caretaker's settings (to the same like Gaia except
negave morale) and gave all human factions additional research
(this may be better for starting the game as multiuser PBEM).

*Important*: In the case that you use this version "b":
before loading the scenario the original "caretake.txt" must be overwritten
by the modified txt file "0-scenario-caretake.txt" that is hereby.
(for easy handling I also attached here the original "caretaker.txt" and
2 batch files, so that you don't forget to set the original back after

(how to play see below)

"Already There"
the explorer cried in panic when coming back. "Aliens, the planet
isn't empty."

For 20 years after landing all humans believed that the planet was
left by its former owners times ago.
However, now they have to understand that the planet isn't empty, that
a very old and powerful race still resides there, sleeping for ages
after a terrible war against their brothers.

Now, when the orbital defence system registered the landing of unarmed
but unknown pods with strange, unknown intelligence, the old, great
automatic system recalled all to awake and they remember the origin
order they got times ago.

Although within the ages of war all technology knowledge was lost, and
furthermore, the old origin order they had, still there are existing
several of the old weapons fully in function, even if none can build
them again today, but ready to be used if an aggressor will disturb
the fulfilling of the old order they are now remembering.

The Humans all do know, both can't live together. The old race's
soldier shall call their fleet as soon as they can, and there is no
alternate system in range to settle instead.

However, as usual, although the Humans are one race, they are all keen
for their own advantages and their different ideology, and their
different intentions may be as dangerous for the other as the old
alien race is.

So happened in the year 2120 on Gamma Centauri



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