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July 2002 CGN Challenge
« on: May 01, 2014, 04:59:58 AM »
Scenario Name: July 2002 CGN Challenge
Author: buster
Date of original posting: 7/9/02
Original host site: Civilization Gaming Network

Now the moment I am sure you have all been waiting for.

This one was made to be more doable, so that the problem is not surviving but winning fast.

It is standard SMAC with unmodified factions. It is transcend and only
tinkering done is that pods never make AAs and that the AI has been
given a small head start (three CPs instead of two and improved
terrain/extra resources at starting position). I have also done a bit of
terraforming for the AI but nothing extraordinary (no condensors or
boreholes). The AI has the Standard relations meaning they will probably
fight each other as much as you and it is possible for you to ally etc.

It is done on a huge map of earth that I have modified a bit.

Your only real problem is that you start in the UK. It is not that it's a
terrible place there is just not much of it. Good for you that Sparta
already has the pre-req tech for Flexibility.

You play Sparta and as a hint when you first run into Yang - who is
placed in France, trying to make friends while you catch up will
probably be a good idea.

This one will run until 5 August as I will be away on vacation soon and only just be home at end of July.

edited:10 July 2002 - forgot to mention all victory options open;sa=view;down=206


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