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October 2005 CGN Challenge
« on: May 01, 2014, 04:55:26 AM »
Scenario Name: October 2005 CGN Challenge
Author: Darsnan
Date of original posting: 9/23/05
Original host site: Civilization Gaming Network

Prelude: there has always been much debate about which Faction
realized it first. Some say it was the Hive with their farflung scout
patrols and the strange things they encountered. Others say it was the
University archeologists who unearthed the ancient alien cities and
pieced together a tale of events that led to the mysterious fall of a
civilization. Still others think it was the Gaians, who with their
empaths sensed early on an unease that grew in their minds day by day.
Regardless, all agreed on one thing: that something evil had occured on
this planet, something so horrible that its crimes have echoed down
through the eons, its victims crying out from beyond the grave for their

Background on your Faction: in this game you will play as the
Consciousness. Just before the breakup of the Unity the Gaians
discovered your faction as it was being experimented on by the
University, and together with the Peace Keepers the Gaians liberated you
and your people from the University's research lab where they had been
in the process of experimenting on your people. Upon crashlanding on
Planet one of your scout patrols discovered an abandoned battle fleet
lieing off the coast of your continent. Because of the scouts built in
electronic enhancements it was able to commandeer the vessels, and you
now have a battle fleet at your disposal.

Premise for the game: shortly after discovering your battle fleet your
allies the Gaians contact you requesting assistance against an
aggressive alien race that is attacking them. You have guided your
battle fleet to the Gaian coast and are poised to intercede on their
behalf. At this same time the Spartans contact you requesting that you
salvage a "Spartan Battle Unit" from the Unity wreckage and return it to
them, as they are also under attack by the same alien menace. In return
for delivering the Spartan Battle unit to its rightful owners, the
Spartans have agreed that anything else your able to salvage from the
wreckage belongs to you.
However, as you deploy your units for battle the first reports of
strange events start filtering back to you, and it seems that a new
algorhythm has activated itself in your memory banks and keeps
whispering the words to you, "kill... kill.... kill...."

Your Mission

1. Rescue your allies the Gaians from the alien menace
2. Salvage the Spartan Battle Unit and return it to the Spartans
3. Discover what the Uni's were trying to accomplish with your Faction

Good Luck!



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