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October 2003 CGN Challenge
« on: April 30, 2014, 11:42:27 PM »
Scenario Name: October 2003 CGN Challenge
Author: Darsnan
Date of original posting: 9/26/03
Original host site: Civilization Gaming Network

Welcome to this, the October CGN Challenge!
The premise for this game: Planetfall occurred during perihelion, and
many of the early colonists from all factions succumbed to mindworm
attacks. In this most desperate hour, the Consciousness proposed using
their advanced scientific capabilities to alter the mindworms genome
such that the creatures would become less aggressive, and the other
factions readily agreed to contribute resources in order to assist the
Consciousness in this endeavor. After declaring success in the
laboratory, the Consciousness released these modified mindworms into the
wild, declaring that these creatures carried a dominant gene which, in
succeeding generations of mindworms, would slowly weed out the
Aggressive recessive gene in the creatures.
However, unbeknownst to the other factions of Planet, the Consciousness
had in actuality released a variant of the mindworm which, when it
invaded a host, didn’t kill them, but rather took control of their
higher order mental functions. These hideous creatures then sought out
the living, to spread the mindworm infection to even more people, with
the Consciousness’ plan being to wipe out all of the other factions save
themselves using this spreading "Army of the Undead"!
The first faction to fall were the Pirates, as, unbeknownst to his
followers, Svengard became infected by one of these modified creatures,
and therefore became a puppet of the Consciousness, and the Pirates now
slavishly answer to the Consciousness’ commands.
The Caretakers and Usurpers arrived a few years later, oblivious to what
the Consciousness had initiated. However, being the implacable
creatures that they are, as well as being technologically stronger than
the human factions, they are better able to deal with the increased
threats posed by these "Zombies", as the humans have taken to calling
those infected!
We now strap you into your Unity Escape Pod for descent to Planet, where
you will join Foreman Domai in rallying the surviving factions to
victory over this nightmarish scenario! But it might already be too
late, as several factions are already on the brink of succumbing to this
horrible threat.....

Your goal is to save Provost Zakarov from annihilation, and bring the
Consciousness to justice! So press the Red Button in your Unity Escape
Pod for descent to Planet now, or read below if you want a few more
details about this Challenge.

OK, first off, if your reading this, then you’re a bad Drone! A Real
Good Drone would’ve read the word “Red Button” in the above statement
and would’ve immediately pushed the Red Button for descent to Planet in
order to join his brethren! Bad Drone!

Anyways, this Challenge is being timed to be released in conjunction
with Rubin’s “Guide for editing the Alphax.txt File” into the CGN SMAC
Academy, and this Challenge is intended to be a showcase for many of the
modifications you can do to your Alphax.txt file. For instance, below
are some of the modifications I have made for this specific game:

1. Artillery bombardment is now more lethal over its original configuration!
2. You can build Sea Sensors and Sea Boreholes!
3. Sea Mines will now produce +2 Minerals.
4. Subsea Trunklines and Thermal Transducers are available with Doc: Init.
5. The AI's will build Cruiser Probeships with the advent of Doc: Init!
6. The “Deep Pressure Hull” ability is now available with Doc: Init!
7. The “Carrier Deck” ability is now available with Doc: AP!
8. The Unity Wreckage is submerged, with the Unity Submersible replacing the Mining Laser!
9. There is one new, unique unit that you will be able to build in this
game. As with all units in this Challenge, it can be retro-engineered
to the player’s desire, even though I consider it a "Game Breaker".

You may notice a few other “modifications” that I’ve made to the original game, as well....

OK, now be a Good Drone and press the Red Button…;sa=view;down=197


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