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For newbies: What the heck is an AAR?

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Buster's Uncle:
...I just changed the settings so that quadrupled EC is earned for starting an AAR, and quadrupled EC for subsequent posts - because AC2 really values an AAR-writing culture. 

(Please don't make me sorry by gaming the system for extra fake forum money, though.  I'm worth 1,825,727,675 EC until interest compounds in an hour, and you will never catch up, and about all the fake forum money is good for, besides being able to put on a custom avatar without asking me, is a genital-measuring contest I already won)...

Until the EC market crashes of course when you break the system with ridiculously high amounts of EC.

Buster's Uncle:
Coming soon folks! ;)

And I'll take the lead again and still keep it.

Make sure you read this AAR, without it your understanding of the term will be incomplete.

I think I died laughing, checking pulse.


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