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Vazheli was sitting in his office overlooking reports, and he leaned against his chair. Behind him was a large crimson flag, draped between two large windows. The room itself wasn't too grand, it was just a grey concrete room with a desk and chair, and a archive at the side. However the Commlink for the Imperium's frequency alerted and Vazheli opened up the Commlink screen. Emperor Sepsu looked at him and greeted him, and Vazheli returned his greetings respectfully.

"What do you want Sepsu?"

Sepsu looked at him, and then re-adjusted himself in his seat. Vazheli looked at him and stated, "I was rather hoping you had contacted me Sepsu. There is a pressing issue at hand, of which I approached to you before. I wish for you to cede a base."

"Garland Crater is the site of a memorial not only for Captain Garland but also of a very famous hero Eltorro Debranca, who was the one who discovered Garland Crater. Now I've heard reports you've torn this monument down and have been capturing anyone visiting the memorium, as my reports indicate people go missing in the area and then suddenly there is surge in slave sales in the Merchant Guild. I want to make something clear to you, and I want the Merchant Guild."

Sepsu was rather amused, and then said, "Well if you want the Merchant Guild then you'll have to come and get it. I'll see you in chains sooner or later, if you bother to deliver your petty threats."

With that the Commlink closed.

Vazheli Vatzev had known there was going to be war soon, and he discussed with his fellow council.

"Fellow Comrades of the People's council, our recent encounter with the Imperium does not bode well. They wished for our technology but we know better then to trust such slavers, and we will not consort with them. Their betrayal against the working man and that of humanity is known on the old continent and the new."

One of the council members looked at him and responded, "Yes, but we also have reports they have access to far superior weapons then we do."

Another council member then perked up and stated, "And why should we continue to let them amass and develop on our border to threaten the freedom of our people and our control on Garland Crater? We have superior trained and motivated forces!"
And with that there was a huge debate in the council chamber.
Vazheli called for silence, and he raised his hand and walked into the middle of the council chamber.
"You both provide valid points, and we must consider our following actions carefully. But war is inevitable, and we only have two choices. Intelligence reports that the Imperium is congregating forces to attack us and we cannot stay peaceful with them. Therefore we are left with two options: We either sit back and let them build up to build up our own defences, or we take the fight to the enemy and use media incentive to cause revolt within their cities and support for our forces. Take a vote on your commlinks now on the issue."

The council was dead silent, as everyone punched in their decision.
"We shall tally the votes now," Stated comrade Vazheli.

The votes came in on a holographic projection screen, and the bar graph was 67% in favour of attacking the enemy.
"The decision is final then. We will commence preparations for our attack."

"This is Crazy Carlyle here with Revolutionary Radio. All comrades in the Imperium, you have nothing to lose but your chains! Rise up and free yourselves as war approaches!"
<a href="" target="_blank" class="aeva_link bbc_link new_win"></a>

Large contingent of troops on both sides prepared for war. The media and news was going crazy at the outbreak of war and citizens prepared for a long drawn out conflict within the Crimson Comrades. People began storing food and men lined up to volunteer for the fight, people began fortifying their complexes and soon the entire north sector of the Crimson Confederacy's territory was fortified and geared for war.

"This is Comrade Sylvia Margotson with your Live State News feed!" *The Intro Plays*
"The People's council has undergone a vote and has declared war upon the Imperium Crescint! Vazheli Vatzev also delivered a speech today, here it is now-"

"Comrades, today we go to war with an large and powerful enemy. An enemy that has grown literally off the backs of slaves and corruption. They have enslaved our citizens, defiled our monuments and memorials and pose an ever increasing threat to our security and safety. We must act and liberate their people and destroy their armies. We shall not hide behind mere words of "Vendetta" and pretend to avoid the term of what this is. This is War comrades, and it is ugly and terrible and will cost many lives. But we will prevail and reclaim what is rightfully ours and break the chains of slavery!"

"In other news, our researches made a breakthrough today in Progenitor communication: Our Progenitor comrades will now be able to speak their own language again and we will be able to understand them!"

Comrade Mikhaylia Isanovitch had been transferred up north, having been promoted and giving control of her own battalion. She was with her fellow comrades at Equity Et Community, and they were just about to leave the city with their battalion.
She occupied her Tachanka and spoke through the intercom system:
"Comrades, ladies and gentlemen, whores and bastards, we are about to attack the Imperium's closest city. You know the plan, we break through their initial line of defence and scour the area, blasting them down and laying down surpressive fire. We will drive them into submission and then we will charge through the gates and knock down the door to say hello. Do I make myself clear!?"

"Yes Comrade Isanovitch!"

"Good, then lets rock and roll!"

The Tachanka Battalion proceeded forward, racing over the road systems already in place. They drove into a forested area and the Imperium's forces were unprepared at first, the initial fortified lines had been shot to peices as the Tachanka's darted past and flanked them, men were gunned down as they tried to get into better cover. Driving with great speeds and garnering clouds of dust, limiting visibility the Comrades began intensive machine gun fire.

The Tachankas had to withdraw however as the city defences had managed to come online and were manned: Some Tachankas
were rendered burning, smoking wrecks on the fields outside the city. Mikhaylia regrouped her forces, and she commlinked Revolutionary Radio.
"This is Comrade Commander Mikhaylia Isanovitch at the frontline, I request you play some damned metal, put on Varshavianka-metal edition. The authorities can kiss my ass, my men needs some metal dammit!"

Carlyle just laughed heartily, and responded "Sure thing comrade! Kick their asses for us!"
Warschawjanka- 44 Leningrad

The commlink closed, and Mikhaylia looked at her troops. She grinned and winked at them through the commlinks, being a very charismatic beautiful women some of them even blushed. But she then piped up and stated, "Men, charge forward, we'll crush their pathetic defence! Group up and then split up! LETS DRIVE!"

With a spirited URRRAAA they speeded forward, guns blazing. They crashed through the gates of the settlement and rapidly gunned down the defenders, and some of the locals had apparently risen up and were fighting furiously against their old masters. They were mercilessly gunned down though and the entire city was a bloodbath, most of the civilians and slaves being shot up in the crossfire or their struggle for revolt.

Mobs of slaves stormed the fortifcations, literally grabbing the defending soldiers and ripping them apart with their bare hands and tools, hacking them to pieces. A gore covered slave ran on the ramparts with a dismembered head of a guard, blood dripping everywhere, and he was shot by one of the few remaining Imperium soldiers. He fell down into the streets, the head violently swung across into the street. It landed on one of the driving Tachankas, thudding on the glass, brains being spattered on the windshield.


At the end of the bloody conflict most of the Tachanka unit had survived, and some men hoisted a Red flag from the back of their vehicle. Many corpses of  the revolting slaves and their former masters littered the streets, and there was barely a city left to take. Still, it was a victory to the Crimson Comrades and the surviving slaves and for that Mikhaylia was thankful.

"The chains of slavery are not eternal."

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Re: AAR: Varshavianka- The People's War
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Ahab was up north with his crew, and they were all paranoid. Ever since this war started they'd been ever alert against enemy incursion, and their sleeping habits have been paying the price for it. However, Ahab was ever watchful. Sure, they were just workers but the enemy was the anti-thesis of their entire faction. And he knew as a former unit they were both a vulnerable and valuable target: it was only a matter of time. Driving his red star insignia'd former up Garland hill, his task was merely to clear fungus and work on infrastructure for Equity Et Community.
Soviet Music - Sovmuz3 - Pogonya/The Pursuit

But his worst fears were realized; an Imperium patrol happened to come across them, marching from up the hill down towards them. They broke into an assault, guns firing, and Ahab was just quick enough to speak on the intercom to the rest of his colleagues: "COMRADES, THE ENEMY IS ATTACKING! GET WHATEVER GUNS YOU HAVE AND AIM AND FIRE!"

One of Ahab's chronies was panicking, "We are builders, not killers why are they shooting at us!?"
Ahab took control of the situation, though biting his lip in stress at the same time.

"Comrades! Group up, we'll have a better chance of hitting the f*cking cowards if we stick together!"
They all drove their former units, and the crew got on their formers with their surplus military issue rifles and began firing at the oncoming Imperium troops. The Imperium troops were shocked the former unit was fighting back and while most of the rounds missed their target, a few of the former teams bullets pierced and punctured into the bodies of the charging Imperium troops. One of the troops caught a bullet in his throat, and he immediately started gurgling in his own blood, his visor stained with crimson as he slumped down, clutching his throat. The formers had held off the main assault, and Ahab was grateful: However the enemy remained. The troops, most likely slaves were beginning to yell in confusion: "I thought these were damned workers we were fighting!"

The drill master scowled at his troops and said, "They are, you are all just incompetent cowards! GET IN COVER AND SHOOT BACK AT THEM DAMMIT!"

With a bit of pot-shotting they picked off one of the former's crewmen, and 2 of them were sot in their chest, their screams of agony coupled with them slumping against their former. They writhed in pain and the 2 other crewmen grabbed their colleagues and dragged them inside the former.
Ahab and his comrades were unable to hit the men in cover, so he had a quick line of thought: "The sons of b*tches are going to hide, we'll crush them beneath our treads! Everyone drive forward and run the slaver bastards over!"

With that, reluctantly at first, the former team drove forward. Their treads moved closer and closer to the position of the men, and now the Imperium soldiers were frantically firing bullets at the oncoming vehicles. One of the formers was taking heavy damage, some bullets piercing inside and ricocheting. The troops finally broke and the drill master was enraged, he began shooting his own troops. But as he shot one of his men, the full weight of the former came upon him and it bumped on top of him, and the treads pressed on his body and crushed him, his body turning into a bloody pulp with his head being squashed like a tomato, gore splattering out of his depressed cranium. The treads were stained with his intestines and blood and the former crews on top began firing their guns at the retreating troopers, shooting most of them dead as the formers outpaced the panicking soldiers running up the hill. After the last one was shot down, Ahab and his crew were in disbelief. They had beaten actual soldiers, a mere former team.

Cheering wildly, Ahab and his crew laughed in relief, and Ahab contacted the authorities via commlink, this was going to be front page news!

Ahab's unit later withdrawed to Equity Et Community.

Тачанка (Tachanka)

Meanwhile, Mikhaylia Isanovitch was tasked to stop an enemy rover battalion, dealing with enemy forces in the north. Her Tachanka unit was prepared for the intense fight, and she spoke simply to them.
"Comrades, we know the enemy is coming and we know that they intend to kill anyone and everyone they can to the south if we do not stop them. You know the drill, turn them into mud and use evasive maneuvers, rally them into one group, circle and evade them, then form up for a pincer movement and we'll annihilate the bastards."

They revved up their engines, and drove to where the Imperium were mobilizing to. They met up with the Imperium forces, and the Comrade's split up into two distinct group, and then spread like shards of glass, whirling their guns around blasting at the Imperium's rovers. The Imperium's rovers were forced to drive closer together as the Comrade's vehicles cut them off constantly, and the Comrades were encircling their vehicles, spurring up dust and limiting visibility. The Imperium's forces were having a tough time trying to track down and hit one single target so were spraying bullets frantically, and their tires were being shot at intensely. But suddenly, the Comrade's withdrawed backwards, and the Imperium's rovers tried spreading out a bit with great difficulty, but then as sudden as their retreat was the Comrades surged forward, in two distinct groups popping through the dust with their machine guns laying down a storm of lead. A rover's engine was hit by one of the Tachanka's guns and it started to smoke and then caught fire, and then one of the Tachankas came driving by close enough for one it's crew to chuck a high explosive grenade at the vehicle. The resulting explosion made the vehicles nearby explode in flame and shrapnel, and caused them to shift violently. Gunning the rover battalion into submission the surviving Imperial troops stopped fighting and trued patched through via the local commlink frequency to Mikhaylia. She withdrawed her forces and then spoke to the survivors, and accepted their surrender.

"Move out of your vehicles where we can see you, and we'll detain you from there..."

There March The Soldiers - Red Army Choir

"This is Comrade Sylvia Margotson with your live state news!" *intro plays*

"Today Red Revolution completed it's recreation commons, and now citizens will be able to enjoy the facility. Services included is an entire fitness center for health and wellness, of which includes a pool, a center for the arts, as well as psychological therapy and counseling. And there is also a tavern for alcoholic beverages and other adult activities!"

"Today Ahab Bin'Azhkul and his former crew performed a heroic feat today, managing to hold off and defeat an Imperium military unit on their own! The crew members have all been awarded the Medal of Valour, awarded for heroic feats in warfare."

"Rumours persist that many factions are attempting to build the weather paradigm, which could have severe implications on climate behavior. The People's council is still debating on how to address this."

"However our own researchers have managed to issue a program for all new born babies and current citizens to undergo genome therapy on behalf of the state to remove any physical and mental handicaps! Every comrade will have access to the treatments and will be immune to genetic deficiencies, furthering our goal of a truly equal society and improving the lives of all our citizens!"

"More news to come, this was Sylvia Margotson, signing out!"

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Red Army Choir Polyushka Polye

"This is Sylvia Margtson here with your live state news feed!"

"Today Policy 251 was enacted to better deal with our current situation. The People's Councils votes have decreed that focus shall be put on the war effort and maintaining our industry. The policy can be read through this link." *Link flashes on the screen, and then shifts to the bottom left corner.*

"Comrade Vazheli Vatzev is doing a speech on the matter live, lets tune in."

Vazheli was behind a crate in a bunker, the sounds of gunfire could be heard outside. Vazheli was on the frontlines, with an advisor standing next to him. Almost everyone tuned in to see him via the commlink. He was posed calmly and looked sternly at the camera, and he began to speak.

"My fellow comrades, we all know that warfare and struggle is a fate that we cannot escape until our dream is realized. Many of us have fought against numerous enemies for a number of years, and by now we know what to expect. Policy 251 was enacted on the premise of your directly elected council to counter the Imperium threat that has now situated itself north of Equity Et Community. We shall not waver, and we shall not fall. We shall prevail against our enemy, and years ago we said that we shall not bend our knee's to those who wish to be our king and master. Well now we face an enemy who styles himself Emperor of his people, who demands their complete submissive obedience as he keeps them shackled in chains. We fight an enemy that is the very premise of what we stand against: Slavery. If we are to secure the equity and justice for all people and to maintain our own we must rise up. We must rise up and claim the future!"

And with that, it tuned back to Sylvia.

"However, our efforts to colonize the rest of planet have not halted and new communities will be made soon, as an expedition prepares to leave Tachanka, and we even have new exciting reports of our first Marine Colony Pod that will set out from Red Revolution's harbour to settle the sea for our cause!"

" We will be back with more news, but for now this has been Comrade Sylvia Margotson with your live state news feed, signing off."

The Crimson Comrades had been progressing, though there was many different opinions on the war; some people were in favour of it, and some weren't. But regardless of what their opinions were the war was upon them, and everyone knew how to deal with it. War was a fact of life for the people of the Crimson Comrades, and some say its almost embedded in them by this point.

Mikhaylia was stationed east of the Merchants Guild, and she had heard reports there the enemy had implemented new weapons into their forces. Not only were they armoured now, but they had access to impact weaponry: hyper charged bullets that could travel faster then the speed of sound. She knew that in order to keep the upper hand... they'd have to get in close. Otherwise if the enemy had the advantage of the first strike, it may very well be their only needed strike.

She was on her commlink with the other commander, who led another Tachanka Batallion.
"This is Comrade Paul Fowley here, and were in position. We've received reports of 2 entire units headed our direction, we are preparing to-"
And just like that his commlink screen suddenly went blank. She was alarmed, and surveillance devices indicated that the entire unit was overwhelmed by a large unit armed with the impact weapons.

Mikhaylia's unit immediately withdrew to the south, driving fast. The enemy rovers came from their position in the Merchant Guild, and as they did she relayed the order for the counter attack to begin!

Final Fantasy VII - Battle Theme Orchestral Remix

Engines revving they sped forward with lightning like vigor, spurring up clouds of furious dust. Charging forward, they caught the Imperium's forces by surprise, and with machine guns blasting, giving off intense heat, Mikhaylia herself had revved her engine up to an insane speed, a mere blur to her enemies. The whole rover unit was decimated, their vehicles turned into burning piles of junk and scrap metal, their occupants eviscerated by the hail of lead that showered them and shattered their windows.

And hearing of advancing troops to attack a former unit to the south, Mikhaylia garnered her forces in only a short amount of time after butchering the rover unit, charged towards the advancing infantrymen.

Mikhaylia yelled through the commlink, "COMRADES!! Today we slaughter the enemy and make them know fear! The first trooper who collects the Drill Master's head for me gets a promotion!"

The infantry did not know what hit them. When the Tachanka's appeared on the horizon many of the soldiers tried to flee and run, but to no avail. The slave fodder were gunned down without mercy, many crying out for their god, family or fellows. The Tachanka's themselves rammed into many of the troopers, sending crippled men flying or being crushed by the speedy vehicles, violent, messy bumps on the road for the Tachanka drivers.

Meanwhile, Zara had again asked for re-assignment, this time to be close to the front lines. Over the last while, having lost her husband she came to the conclusion that in order to make her husband's death not in vain to do her utmost to see that Garland Crater belonged to the Crimson Comrades. And her status of being the wife of the late hero got her that position in no time. She vigorously filed a report for a new Tachanka unit having been constructed by the factories there, one of many to come.


Vazheli was in his bunker, not too far from Equity Et Community. He never liked sitting behind a desk, and always liked to be with his troops. Often against the advise of his fellows, he often replied, "A real leader of men sticks by his fellow man, and doesn't hide like a damned coward. We are at war and this is not a trivial political matter, I am a rolemodel for many and I must do my duty by serving on the level with the rest of the men; the people see their leader working alongside them, they will follow suit and work fervently. I am no man to be beyond his own people and put myself above them."

Regardless, Vazheli knew that while he was risking his safety, he also knew that he was prepared for assaults on said safety. He had gotten himself out of a fight with assassins on more then one occasion, often by the grit of his own teeth, the edge of his knife and the blunt force of his pistol.

Emperor Sepsu was on the commlink line, and his advisor calmly pointed it out to Vazheli. Vazheli knew at this point that Sepsu wasn't going to be in a cordial mood, having lost 3 of his units. But Vazheli decided to at least hear him out.

Sepsu concealed it to the best of his abilities by restraining his emotion, but he was obviously not very happy. His emphasizing on the word stubborn was evident of that.

"Hello, Sepsu. What do wish to speak to me about?"
Vazheli's stance was calm and attentive, but not submissive. He looked at Sepsu, who's face was stone cold and lacking in expression. Sepsu replied, staring at Vazheli through the commlink,

"Do your worst Sepsu. I like how you use cute terms such as Vendetta."

Sepsu looked as he was about to yell at Vazheli, but he refrained and breathed slowly, and then said, "I will gladly break the backs of your people and force them in chains, and eradicate your pipe dream from the face of this planet. Chiron has no place for your failure of an ideal."

Vazheli merely closed the commlink on him. He then looked to his advisor, and stated, "Sometimes I do worry for his psychological health you know."
With that the advisor couldn't help but laugh a little.

"The chains of slavery are not eternal."

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Mikhaylia, now the commander of the majority of the forces on the Garland front, watched through hr comm-link of surveillance on the Merchant Guild's defences. Patrols of slave soldiers could be seen all around the city's perimeter, and the guns were fully manned. Armed with Impact rifles and weapons, the defences were intimidating. While slaves, the Imperium was no trifle in war; while the Imperium was forced to temporarily leave  just as the Comrades did from the old, war torn continent, the Comrade's knew and had heard tales of the amassed strength of the slave armies of the Imperium. Of Sepsu's sheer might and unwavering ambition. Mikhaylia knew that a full on assault without proper equipment would be disastrous for her troops.

Mikhaylia stopped viewing the commlink, as she was sitting in the makeshift barracks the 3 battalions had made outside on the vast amounts of farmland and solar panels of the Merchant Guild. She went into her quarters.

Mikhaylia had asked to see one of her officers, Jack Gallagher.

He contacted her by commlink, and his face popped up on her screen.

"Mikhaylia, you wished to see me?"

She looked at him, and nodded.
"Yes. We have business to discuss... among other things."
She was completely stern with her tone, but they both knew what she wanted to see him for.
Jack and Mikhaylia had gotten very acquainted over the last while, unbeknownst to the rest of the battalions. Jack was part of the infiltration and raiding parties of the battalion, and he was well versed in stealth and guerrilla tactics. He was also very adept as close quarters combat.

Jack had entered her room, and they began to discuss. It was only an hour later that exasperated grunts and moaning came from the both of them, Mikhaylia clinging passionately to his shoulders as she rode him.

After their encounter, getting dressed she spoke to him in a serious tone.
"Jack... I need your unit to go westward and sabotage their road systems. I know what I am asking you to do and it may put us at risk, but we cannot risk them getting immediate reinforcements. "

Jack understood, and replied with a clear, "Affirmative."

Jack had driven west with his fellow rovers and some of their crews were laying explosive charges on the road systems and other infrastructure.
Jack watched the one of his troops click the detonator, and the resulting chain of explosions that happened afterwards, destroying the road systems into Garland Crater.
He turned on his commlink to report to Mikhaylia.

Виктория Шмакова Катюша (Victoria Shmakova - Katyusha) Russian song

After Jack had reported in, he tuned into Revolution Radio.
Carlyle's station had a special going on, where Sylvia was singing the famous Katyusha, the song of yearning love.
Jack found it kind of funny, and he smirked a little, thinking of Mikhaylia...

Lots of troops apparently were to reinforce their position Jack had heard, more Tachanka's. The plan was to starve the city out and then move in when the garrisons were weakened by the angered inhabitants.

Sylvia Margotson had come on after Carlyle's special, and was incredibly humbled by the amount of attention her performance had gotten, the view count spiking tremendously.
"Thank you comrades! I am heartened by your enjoyment for the performance, and now I'll repay the favour by delivering you the live state news!"

"The Red Tide was founded by our first expedition of Sea Colonists today North East of The Red Revolution! We expect great things to come of this great community and are happy to announce the first ventures of colonization on the sea are a success!"

"Tachanka also had a colonist group leave today to found a new community in our southern border regions! They have not yet decided on a name, but experts say the new settlement will be quite successful as there is already solar panels and plenty of fertile ground on the selected site!"

"Our scientists have also made another breakthrough!" She paused, and then stared at the screen excitedly, " The new technology will allow us to better further our democratic aims and will help our communication systems for our election process!"

"This was Comrade Sylvia Margotson with your live state news comrades! And again, I am incredibly touched by all your support! And for all you troops out there, keep on the fight!"

"The chains of slavery are not eternal."

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Angels of the Desert - Metal in Reason 4

Mikhaylia was sitting in her Tachanka, and her battallion and numerous others were in the same area as her. Reports say that there may be a large amount of heavily armed Imperium troops heading their way... and there was only two things left to do.

Sabotage and retreat. She called the order to move forward with evasive maneuvers, ordering her battallion of Tachanka's and the others to split up and move with haste. Revving up their engines they just avoided the large amounts of enemy troops pouring into the area...

Narrowly escaping the multitudes of forces, Mikhaylia and the others proceeded to drive off into the dunes and wastes of Imperium territory, bypassing the enemy...

Jack came on the commlink, and Mikhaylia darted her eyes.
"What are your orders Mikhaylia?" Jack looked at her with a calm expression.
"Proceed west, we'll bypass them and bash down any of the bastards that come along their roads... we'll also destroy their road networks while were at it."

And with that Jack simply nodded and signed off. They all darted westward, spurring up dust along the expanses before them.

...However, one of the Tachanka groups was caught off guard!
The Imperium's troops came in ruthlessly, armoured soldiers with impact weaponry came at the cornered unit, and a furious firefight commenced. Machineguns rattled furiously as the Imperium's troops came down the rocky outcrops, firing their high powered rifles at the Comrades. Windows shattered and gunners slumped in their seats as blood sprayed the glass, the bullets ripping through them at high velocity. The Imperium's troops had suffered a significant amount of casualties however in their advance down the hill...

However, one of the Tachanka battalion commanders ordered his unit to whirl around and face the enemy!
Commander Borsha Vatutin came charging in, and his entire battalion came smashing into the enemy forces.

Gunning down the weary Imperial troops, their blood stained the soil upon the hill and ground, their bodies mercilessly hitting the ground as the machine gun rounds overpowered them and ripped through their flesh. There was no survivors.

Meanwhile, Mikhaylia's battalion, weary, but inspired by the vigor of Borsha's forces, charged forward and blasted their way into the ranks of some marching Imperial troops, scattering them about the road. Their bodies were crushed and shattered as the Tachanka's drove recklessly into them, sending them toppling over windshields and being thrown onto the sides of the road system. Bleeding, battered and broken their forces desperately tried to flee in terror, only to be gunned down by the marauding Comrades.

Jack moved his battalion up, and started to set charges on the roads. All of the other battalion's followed suit and also began laying explosives on the road systems, to cut off the Imperial forces from the Merchant Guild.

Borsha, confident and invigorated by his victory, patched through to Mikhaylia.

"Shall I give the order to detonate the roads comrade?"
She looked at him and grinned, "Affirmative... blow it to hell."
"With pleasure..." he nodded, and signed out. The entire roads became a spectacle of flashing light and you could feel the heat in the air from the amount of explosives, as earth, soil and concrete blasted up into the air several meters.

With that completed, they all proceeded westward, encountering a city. and it seemed lightly defended...

But as one of the battalion's proceeded north, it was pinned by two enemy groups! The Tachanka unit tried to evade them both but the enemy rovers came storming it and gunned them down with superior weaponry, leaving nothing but burning wrecks in the fields outside of the capitol city of the Imperium, the Pillars of Heracles.

Metal Gear Solid "Warhead Storage"

The commlink flashed for Zara, as she was watching the news, punching in reports at the Equity Et Community datalinks...

"This is Sylvia Margotson here today with your live state news!" The usual soundtrack that accompanied her entrance played.

"Another band of colonists prepares to leave Tachanka today in hopes of establishing a new community in the eastern frontier! Wish them luck!"

"Colonization efforts in our southern sectors are also going well, as Workers Unite! was founded today. Their community has high hopes, as it is near discovered, pre-setup infrastructure and large amounts of resources!"

"However, travellers are advised to keep to a patrol group as mindworms have been sighted along the roads between Tachanka and United Workforce, of which has sadly claimed the lives of a former team. Their funeral will be held in 3 weeks." *their faces and names flashed on the screen, as well as date of birth to their last year of life.*

"Mindworm threats have also been reported around United Workforce after their garrison dealt with an invasive swarm of them. No deaths occurred."

"Our researchers have also affirmed previous calculations and theories that our two solar stars will be entering Perehilion over the next little while, which will increase the threat of native life tremendously. Again the public is advised to stick to patrol groups when travelling."

"Our first sea based forming unit also came out of factories today, and will be developing industry and infrastructure in our waters. Their first set of improvements is to tap mineral resources off of Red Revolution's coast!"

"This was Comrade Sylvia Margotson with your live state news, signing out!"

"The chains of slavery are not eternal."

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Red Alert Retaliation - Tanks Legion (track 7)

The wind blew harshly, as Jack and his troops sat in their buggies. The enemy was just to the north of them, two seperate battalions, a force of infantry and a fresh battalion of enemy rovers. All armed with impact rifles, rifles that fired bullets past the speed of sound. Jack relayed to Mikhaylia and the others that they should withdraw, and they promptly replied in agreement. Strike first, but don't be struck back was the plan...

Scooting away in their rugged Tachanka's across the bitter sands and plains, the Centaurian stars burning brightly in the sky the Crimson Revolutionaries led a hot escape from their seething pursuers...

Suddenly a patrol of armoured Imperial soldiers appeared on the route ahead of them!

Borsha, who was leading the withdrawal decided to use his tried and true method of assaulting the enemy first...
Revving their engines they proceeded onward, and splitting up into multiple groups as they slammed into the enemy force, the cannon fodder of the Imperium completely unprepared for their assault. Gunning the enemy down almost recklessly, Borsha Vatutin and his Tachanka whirled by and threw a primed grenade at the enemy, causing a massive explosion that pocketed the enemy's commanding officer and his guards. Borsha stomped any opposition on the Tachanka Battalion's path...

And at Equity Et Community, a battalion of fresh Tachanka units proceed northwards to the Merchant Guild...

The Garrison was well supplied, the forces of the Imperium having had a little bit of time to fortify and consolidate their position. Still.. if they were outnumbered they would easily fall. Time would have to tell.

Vazheli was sitting in his home, having gone back to Red Revolution, which was somewhat rather small but humble and had a rustic charm to it. He was sitting in a chair, the sun beaming outside. He was about to get up having gotten a signal from his commlink reciever, when his daughter came walking in. She was only a young girl, the youthful age of 13. She piped up, "Dad, do you want to go to the recreation commons later? I wanted to check out the new art programs. You promised you'd take me y'know..."

Vazheli chuckled a little bit, and nodded. He had children relatively late in life, and his wife had unfortunately passed giving birth to them, but he loved his children dearly. Two lovely daughters who bore their mother's spark of life and their father's stubborn tenacity.

"That's true... I'll take you down there in a little bit. Though.. I have some business I have to attend to Tatyana so I'll be with you in a moment..."

He got up, and he shot a goofy face at her, and then went back to his usual hard stern look as he walked away. He went into another room, which was bare and only had grey steel panelling, with a flag of the Crimson Comrade's draped on one of the walls, visible for the hologram commlink camera to see. He sat down in a chair that was right in front of it.

The Streets - Frank Klepacki (Embedding disabled, limit reached)

He patched through to the commlinks, and one of his officers immediately was projected onto the holographic screen and gave him a boistful salute. "Comrade Vazheli Vatzev, this is Comrade Zara Debranca reporting in. We have recieved a transmission from the Imperium..."

Vazheli stared hard at the screen, not moving as Sepsu came on.

Cynical and hard of tone, Vazheli knew Sepsu was not in the mood to be cordial. Neither was he for that matter.

"What do you want Sepsu?" replied Vazheli, with a very cold, unattached demeanor.

Sepsu's face grew very virulently angry, but then a mad grin came on his face with furrowed brows,

"I wonder how your head will look on a pike Sepsu. We'll see how mighty and strong you are then."

And with that, Vazheli shut off the screen.

Almost immediately, Vazheli heard reports from Zara again, "Sir, we have received input that infantry with standard weaponry has attacked our Tachanka's west of Garland crater. Thankfully their assault failed."

"Hehehe. I think Sepsu grows impatient." He re-adjusted himself, " Lets patch the rest of the council, shall we?"

"Affirmative comrade, I'll patch us through to the rest of the council." One by one each of the various Peoples Council's members popped up on screen.

"Comrades, I have news to report that the war with Sepsu will continue, however our operations in the north are proceeding adequately, we have encountered some losses near the Pillars of Hercules but overall we are hitting them hard. I will send you a full on datafile report for you all to review through the commlink. I will be leaving to attend my own business now, my Comrade Zara will sit in my place and observe the council as I have personal matters."

"Of course," said one council member. "When one takes their vacation its hardly expected they keep working, yet here you are patching in on your time off. Your a workaholic Vazheli, go get a drink, preferably a strong one."
And with that, the rest of the council laughed. Vazheli merely shook his head and chuckled. Vazheli left the council to attend to his daughter.

They all re-adjusted themselves, and some of them briefly looked at the report.
Zara popped in on screen in replacement of Vazheli. She wore a smart uniform now, having moved up due to her outstanding work ethic. She was secretary to Vazheli and had gotten to know him during his stay near Equity Et Community.
Zara calmly spoke, "Tachanka has finished the Children's Creche in record time in preparation for population growth and is beginning to focus on other projects."

 One of the members, Chai-Zhao, shifted his eyes between a report he had and the council, "This is what our foreign intelligence reports indicate. While we have not personally contacted their governments or know their locations, our interceptions of largescale commlink frequency traffic indicate that there has been a number of secret projects underway by other factions... My apologies as well Comrades... some of this is outdated and our recent updates will soon follow after, also Zara: I suggest you immediately tell Tachanka to not even bother for the Weather Paradigm. Someone out there has beaten us to it..."
Zara slowly nodded.

After a long silence of just observing the flood of information, one of the council members just looked and said, "Who is this making so many advances!?"

Chai-Zhao merely stretched his neck a bit, and stated, "We are not sure Comrade Ogax. But we have suspicions they aren't human..."
Zara's eyes suddenly shot up and she immediately asked, "You aren't meaning these are progenitors are you Comrade Zhao?"

Chai Zhao looked at the reports again and looked directly back at her and promptly said, "No. They seem to use human based technology and do not have the modulative resonance type frequencies attributed to Progenitors. But rather, they use some form of code or inary. We are either dealing with very advanced remnants of the University... or I fear the rumours that the algorithm that infected Aki Zeta five has indeed gone rogue and formed its own faction."

One of the council members exclaimed, "You do realize the implications and threat this may pose, Comrade Zhao? We have to investigate this immediately. We do not know the intentions of this new faction if it does indeed exist, and judging by this information we cannot take them lightly."

Chai Zhao nodded in reply, and stated, "You're right comrade. We can't... I do have some good news though."


Ahab was watching the commlink screen as Sylvia Margotson came on the air again with her news broadcast.

"This is Sylvia Margotson here LIVE! with your State News!" *Her jingle played.*

"Recent activity in our Eastern regions have concluded with a new settlement being founded by our hardy colonization efforts! The inhabitants of this new town style their home Broken Shackles, as those who are not free have nothing to lose but their chains!"

"Recent production at The Red Tide has resulted in it's first aqautic terraforming unit being put into service. Locals say it will help improve the nearby resource harvesting operations by planting kelp farms and building improvements and infrastructure in the surrounding area."

"And this just in, our scientists have apparently made an astounding breakthrough! The development of laser weaponry has led to great implementations within the military, military analysts state that ' there is hopes that these new weapons will be a turning point in our fight against the Imperium's forces.' While not as advanced as the Impact weaponry the oppressed enemy of our comrades on the front use, in the hands of our better motivated and trained forces victory is assured!"

"And on that note, our first laser equipped Tachanka battalion has entered service! It is commanded by none other then the legendary soldier, Carl Buncle, otherwise known as 'Uncle Buncle.' We have him live for our exciting interview!"

"So, tell us Comrade Carl, what is your thoughts on the new weapon?"
Uncle seemed to be reply very hospitably, "The weapon may not be up to par with the Imperium's weapons systems, but our lasers can certainly punch through their armour with ease and given our boys training, I have a feeling we'll enlighten the folks of the Imperium yet."
"I see. Do you feel the Imperium still has an advantage in this war now that we have these new weapons systems?" asked Sylvia curiously.

"Well one can never be certain with a conflict, but I can say with confidence we certainly have the edge we need now, though we cannot take the Imperium lightly. It is up for time to tell." Buncle was very reserved as he said it, keeping calm composure.

Comrade Sylvia nodded and smiled, and then happily said, "Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us Comrade Carl Buncle, we have you in our praise."

"Thank you." He humbly replied.

"This has been Sylvia Margotson with your live state news! Tune in the next little while to hear more exciting reports. This is Comrade Sylvia, signing out!"

Let's Listen: FFVII Remastered - Weapon Raid (Extended) (Embedding disabled, limit reached)

Things were getting heated at the frontline, as Mikhaylia, Jack and Borsha moved their units east to reinforce at Equity Et Community.

As they were driving east however, an enemy rover team crashed into Jack's depleted forces!

Mikhaylia was on commlink with Jack.
"Jack, whats going on!"

Jack had a bit of trouble replying, as his commlink was blurry due to the high amount of movement and the static it induced.
"We are-- ned d- - make it!" And with that his commlink suddenly went offline.
"Jack... Jack?! JAAAAAACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She screamed and howled like a banshee in the utmost grief, consumed with emotion, having lost her lover. She maintained her posture as best she could, but she was visibly distraught. She powered through it however, clenching her teeth, her eyes sodden red. She drove with a fury in her chest, her heart beating madly.

With outright fury in her heart, her unit happened upon a Imperial patrol. Without hesitation she gave the order to murder them all, and they drove forward and gunned down every last one of them into a bloody hewed mess into the unforgiving dirt and pastures, the soil drenched in their blood and shattered, crumpled bodies.

Even though her unit had taken fire from that last encounter, her fury was still burning inside her. When she heard of reports that her love's murderer's were just northwest of her, she didn't pause to charge against them. Not expecting a enraged opponent, the rover team was stalled and caught unprepared for her righteous vengeance as she and her unit tore through their vehicles, blasting bits of scrap metal and glass everywhere and positively slicing the drivers and gunners of their rovers up into mincemeat. Slumping in their seats with bodies hanging out of compartments, they were left a gory, strewn mess on the heights of Garland crater...

She had unbuckled and put on her respirator to personally find the commander of the unit, who was still alive, if barely, and she took her issued blade for close qaurters and began to brutally slice into his neck, sawing through it without mercy. The disemboweled head of her enemy decorated her Tachanka's back end, impaled upon a pole latched on, a grisly, compensating trophy of her grief.

All the Tachanka on the western sectors of the front immediately pulled back to Equity Et Community to make a defencive stand and make repairs... both physically and mentally. Mikhaylia was now more composed, having suppressed her emotions and taken control. The pain would come later, but for now she has a job to do, and that is to defend the people of the Crimson Confederacy!

She drove in and was immediately contacted by Adam Richardson, the garrison commander of Equity Et Community and one of the Operational Front Leaders of the war.

"Comrade Mikhaylia, your not dead yet, so whats your status?"
"Withdrawing sir, we are coming in to reinforce, there is a large contingent of enemies approaching!"

He nodded, "Wilco. Get your ass inside and fortify then, we don't got time to waste."

Getting into position, the Tachanka drivers had whatever quick makeshift repairs and tuneups in the time available done by technicians, and were immediately fitted out to go out and fight. Men manned the defences and guns, and the whole settlement of Equity Et Community was in lockdown: Citizens clutched whatever weapons they could find and had garrisoned their already boarded up homes and structures, preparing for the worst.

The first wave of enemies hit, a full on rover battalion. They gunned down many of the defenders and it took one of the Tachanka teams to drive out and blast them from the rear to put them down, leaving them ambigious smoking wrecks. Bloodied corpses were spread about the defencive line, but more men filled their places, the Comrades staunch on their defence.

Commander Richardson had is own Tachanka he drove in, coupled with his own infantry garrison. He sallied out of the defences and with overwhelming numbers and a strong assault he crushed the invading Imperial troops under his soldier's boots, driving them into the dirt and mud and tearing them into bits with the combined force of his troop's fire.

With that, the smoke and hazed cleared, and wounded soldiers hobbled out of their positions into area's where they could receive immediate treatment. The battle was won, but it had been rough.
Adam appeared on the commlink for all of the local troops.
"Men, you may have signed up to be a hero. Normally, you sign up to be Private-I die first. But today you got your damn wish I think. Sh*t happened those last few moments, good men have died in the defense of this city, but more of those bastards died then us. I think we held out pretty well and that's something to be proud of. More of them are on the way, but we'll be ready for the bastards."

As he finished he went off the commlink system. One of his soldiers came up and showed him a report.
"F*ck sakes. Burning our forests now? Whatever we'll plant more after we kill them... get more men to repair those defenses, they aren't going to be playing nice with us."

"The chains of slavery are not eternal."


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