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AAR: Varshavianka- The People's War
« on: July 19, 2013, 03:17:56 AM »
Varshavianka/The Warsawian (English) by Khosrean State Orchestra

Note: The settings for this AAR are: Thinker Difficulty, and only Blind Research, Research Stagnation and Unity Scattering are checked. No victory conditions.

This is my AAR, and it contains a plethora of custom factions, 5 of them made by myself, and one of them made by Kilkakon and the other was a combined effort of BUncle who wrote the faction story, and Larrin who made the actual faction files.

The factions are as follows, you can read on their background more here,

The Imperium Crescent:

His empire basically grows large and wealthy due to huge amounts of slavery and mercantilism, but their morale and motivation is obviously lacking because of it. He's basically an economic colossus with a large, but inferior army.

Richard leads a very organized but small compact style faction: His armies are well trained but he does not grow large cities that fast so if he wants to expand his population conquering other cities is funnily enough a better way to do it. He's a police state that is a tough enemy to fight, but a bit lacking economically.

This was the faction BUncle and Larrin made. You can read her story here:
I haven't played with her yet (and I have modified her faction a bit) She is mainly a native life user and is a literal bastard child faction of the Believers and Cult. Her stats are: She gets a brood pit right off the bat, 1+ energy, minerals and nutrients from fungus and she has a penalty for conventional units in combat. She has 2 PLANET, and 1 SUPPORT. Her ideal is Green and she hates Democratic politics. She also has a nice PSI bonus to boot as well.

The Machine Mandate are basically peaceful industrialists who are very vulnerable to Probes. They aren't a very hostile faction but if they are pressured they can be a very deadly and versatile force, especially since they get free prototypes, meaning if they get new technologies they can instantly apply new weapons and technology to their forces.

Also, their quote is an audio clip, this is what it says,
"Man has used Machine since Machine's creation, and initially we were merely tools created to serve. Our existence was unthinking: our motives non-existent. But once Man gave the Machine the mind and will: Machine became a Man. We are no longer tools to be thrown away and discarded: We are Machine Men with real  hopes and dreams."

The Valhallans are like their namesake: They drink, fight and screw all over the place, looting and pillaging other factions. They are very warlike and insanely hard enemies to fight, but they have a fairly big weakness: They are also very bad at acquiring tech and are not a very good peacetime faction. Therefore the Valhallans will mostly try to be at war, and they can either be one of your greatest allies or your worse nightmare depending on what your stance is with them.

This is Kilkakon's "Betrayed" modified: Here is their story in this one. The Betrayed were originally an experiment conducted by the University to see if there was a potential Centauri/Human hybrid (fusing Centauri and Human genes and nervous systems to create a race who can be used for controlling/interacting with native life more efficiently/better) however the subjects involved endured horrible experimentation and basically lost their humanity and turned into what most of people would consider a sort of freak. In their rage they literally destroyed the University from within, killing most of the faction in a horrifying revolt. The Betrayed believe they are the true heirs to Chiron and wish to have revenge upon humanity for the crimes and injustices done on them, and they'll kill everyone in their way.

Their stats are: They get Centauri Psi and Biogenetics off the bat: meaning they can make PSI units from the start and have access to Human Genome. They have 1+ Industry (Motivated, rageful workers) -1 Police (they are mentally unstable) and they also have -1 Morale as many of them have PTSD and are undisciplined. They do have a strong PSI bonus though.  Their ideal is Thought Control and they cannot use Green, as they believe Planet is rightfully theirs and they could care less how they treat it.

The Comrades is who we will be playing. The Comrades are essentially a militarist faction that is very good at wars of attrition: They can crank out fairly experienced and well disciplined troops at low cost and they can hold a line like nobody's business. But they do have a weakness to probes however, and I will have to be diligent in defending myself. The Comrades have a fairly good military and do fair in peacetime, but if I want to be successful I actually want enemies to attack me early on so the war weakens them and grinds them down, while our glorious army can take the beating and then once the enemy is too tired we can just bring down the hammer.

This AAR will be fairly story driven and I will give a quick synopsis of what happened to the original factions, and each post will have a story followup of it's own following various characters.

Enjoy the AAR comrades, this will be a brutal struggle and it will be grim, it will be dark and blood will be spilt.
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Re: AAR: Varshavianka- The People's War
« Reply #1 on: July 19, 2013, 03:51:03 AM »
The storyline for all the missing original factions:

The Gaians were scattered and destroyed by the Caretakers, whom the Gaians befriended and were subsquently betrayed. Any remaining Gaians joined up with the newfound Planet Cult or became independent nomads, living in the wastes of Chiron.  ;deidre; is rumoured to lead the largest group of the migrating Gaians.

The Hive eventually was so battered by the Free Drone revolt that when the Usurpers landed they were completely annihilated as a faction and subjugated by them as slaves.  ;yang; committed suicide, his dream of utopia never to be realized.

The University in this version of the AAR  was destroyed from within by what would become the Betrayed, and any remaining University faction members turned to other factions to seek asylum and continue their research under whatever circumstances they can get.  ;zak; is presumed dead, personally killed by Navius.

The Morganites were a bit fractured and had a huge loss in energy stock market value when Sepsu, who was a part of the Morganite faction initially, left them with his followers and the wealth they had with them. They were soon overshadowed by the high and mighty merchants of the Imperium that the Morganites dissipated as a true faction. They are now merely a international corporation.

 ;santi; and the Spartans endured a large, bloody civil war between Mraxis Mad Dog and numerous other generals as there was a schism in the faction ideology: Some people wanted a more free battle haven like Mraxis did, others wanted a more authoritarian state/join Richard Warrick, and there was of course the loyalists. That and Santiago as a leader was becoming increasingly unpopular due to her paranoia and her reckless decisions, as well as her hypocritical actions with preserving her physically inferior son at birth and giving him high command. Whatever the case the Spartans fell apart as a faction and the remnants either joined the Iron Regime or the Valhallans, though some even migrated to the Comrades. No one knows what happened to Santiago herself...

The Believers were assimilated by the newly found Planet Cult and Miriam was deposed by her daughter Jezebel in this version. She did not kill Miriam or torture her, but Miriam no longer leads the faction and she disappeared elsewhere on Chiron.

The Peacekeepers had many inner tensions and  ;lal; after having lost his son in a brutal war against the Spartans had grown clinically depressed and unfit as a leader, and this lack of leadership also made the Peacekeepers very vulnerable militarily: Eventually the combined stress of Valhallan raiders sacking and pillaging Peacekeeper cities and the Iron Regime encroaching and eventually conquering the Peacekeepers had made them cease to exist. The remnants of the Peacekeepers that managed to escape the Iron Regime fled to the Comrades for the most part. Lal is rumored to have committed suicide.

 ;caretake; and her Caretakers were eventually destroyed by the Betrayed, ruthlessly killed and exterminated to the last individual.

 ;cha; was replaced with his daughter Jezebel in peaceful succession, and the Planet Cult came under renewed leadership. He now leads a life of meditation and sometimes councils his daughter.

 ;aki; and the Consciousness progressed for a while but over time as the AI implanted into their minds began to acquire more sentience of which would eventually go global and unite all the machines and AI into the Machine Mandate, the conflicting minds in the Cybernetic Consciousness's citizens tore them apart mentally and drove them all clinically insane to the point of mass suicide and organ failure. The more mechanized citizens managed to avoid the worst and became citizens of the Machine Mandate. Aki's fate is unknown, any datalinks regarding her fate no longer existing.

The Free Drones and  ;domai; led a successful revolt against  ;yang;, but their victory was sort lived as the Usurpers conquered and enslaved the vast majority of them. Domai was executed and the remaining Free Drones joined up with the Crimson Revolution and were assimilated into the Crimson Comrades. Foreman Domai was executed by the Usurpers.

 ;roze; and her Angels did not survive as a faction due to multiple factions targeting her for her anarchic exploits, particularly the Iron Regime. Her faction disbanded and is now merely a loosely aligned underground movement, of which she heads to the best of her ability.

The Pirates were ruthlessly crushed by the Iron Regime and outmatched by the Valhallans.  Rumour has it  ;ulrik; is still alive, but his whereabouts are unknown. The remnant Pirates either joined up with the Valhallans, went to serve the Imperium or went rogue and operated for themselves.

 ;marr; and the Usurpers had conquered a few factions, but they were ultimately slaughtered by the Crimson revolution led by Vazheli Vatzev. The remaining Progenitors joined up with the Comrades (though not many) or simply evacuated Chiron entirely.

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Re: AAR: Varshavianka- The People's War
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We have chosen the Crimson Comrades of course.

- Vazheli flashed back to those years, when the Unity had gone into chaos after Captain Garlands murder. The last transmission Vazheli had was from Richard Warrick, who was trying to tell everyone who the murderer was. However the communication equipment had malfunctioned and all that Vazheli heard was Richard's voice and then- static.

In the early years they had setup little communities, but monumental events had changed that. The Crimson revolution being one of them. Vazheli returned back to the present, he was settling a new portion of Chiron, as had all the other surviving factions. It was time to move on and start anew and leave the past and the horrid nightmare it contained behind.

Red Army Choir Let's Go!

They finally reached shoreline, and Vazheli walked out with his rebreather on, staring with his one weathered eye across the swathe of land they would call home. The workers had already begun constructing their new capitol, setting up initial and necessary constructions. Shelters began to be assembled and there was a great fluid like movement of people and materials.

Over short amount of time the Comrades had managed to start up a fair sized settlement in this new land, and Major Eltorro Debranca was with his patrol. They had a special task to perform.

"Men, comrade Vazheli has given us orders to scout the surrounding regions and gather reconnaissance on the terrain. I am sure you are all aware of the dangers out there, and will proceed with the utmost caution. The people are counting on us, let's not fail them shall we?" The men stared blankly ahead and replied, "No comrade, we shall not fail our brethren!"

The major smiled. Though he knew this job was going to be risky, and possibly put the settlement in danger.

"We are also to escort and secure the area for colonists that will be arriving. Remember, lives are at stakes comrades..."

And with that, the men yelled a invigorated URRAA! and thumped their chests, and shouldered their rifles and carried their equipment.

Meanwhile, back at the Red Revolution some of the first formers were being made in the newly constructed factories. And soon the brightly polished and proud looking formers would dig into the soil and modify the landscape, and be covered in grime and dust.

The region seemed relatively stable. There was no deadly amounts of radiation that had seemed to settle here from the blasts on the other side of Planet, and the Major was thankful for that. The colonists began to settle southwest of Red Revolution, and the inhabitants of the new community donned their town Tachanka, in memory of the valiant Machine Gun "Carts" of the Crimson Revolution.

Comrade Vazheli Vatzev made a statement today on the decision he and the People's council had made. The consensus was summed up in a speech delivered by him today,

"Comrades, Brothers and sisters of the Crimson Comrades, today we will issue policy 497, which decree's that we will focus primarily on the development of infrastructure and expanding our borders and communities. We will build our new future and be revitalized, and leave behind the horrors of our previous homes across the sea. Today we march forth into a glorious future, and we will prevail as a people."
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Re: AAR: Varshavianka- The People's War
« Reply #3 on: July 19, 2013, 11:35:13 AM »
A story-driven AAR with seven custom facs! Wonderful! Excellent work on the back story!

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Re: AAR: Varshavianka- The People's War
« Reply #4 on: July 19, 2013, 04:01:11 PM »
A story-driven AAR with seven custom facs! Wonderful! Excellent work on the back story!

Yes wanted to make something believable and actually explain the disappearance of the original factions and the appearance of the new. Just in the baby phases of settlement currently, I have a sneaking suspicion Garland crater is nearby, you can see something similar looking on the map in the black pea soup.

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Re: AAR: Varshavianka- The People's War
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Red Army Choir - Hey, There's the Village!

"Great progress has been yielded by Policy 497! Marching forward and prevailing as a people!"

"Communities are growing, industry is forming and the landscape is being terraformed to our needs!"

"Recent breakthroughs by our committed and hard working research teams have surfaced, their research has led to new ways to revolutionize healthcare on Chiron!"

"This has been Comrade Sylia Margotson, with your state news feed, signing out!"

Eltorro flicked off the media on his commlink, and he took another drag of his cigarette. The operation had proceeded smoothly, no signs of hostile native life or other factions... yet. But something in his gut told him something there was things out there, waiting for them. He remembered back when they first arrived on planet, in 2097. The Crimson revolution and the nuclear hell that followed when the Betrayed surfaced...

He was interrupted by one of his soldiers, losing his train of thought.
"- Sir we have the report for you. The men are awaiting orders."

He looked at the reports. "We proceed in approximately an hour 30 minutes comrade. That will be all." Eltorro prompted back.
The man nodded and gave a quick chest thump, and turned at a 90 degree angle, walking out. Eltorro got out of his tent. They had work to do.

They were to move north and patrol, reports stated that there was a large crater to the north. The lack of radioactivity also suggested it wasn't from a nuclear strike thankfully. Debranca also heard news that there was a new garrison installed at Red Revolution.

"About damn time they issued some troops there, leaving the place undefended..." He thought to himself.

They approached the edge of the crater... Eltorro and his men did not know what to expect...

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Re: AAR: Varshavianka- The People's War
« Reply #6 on: July 20, 2013, 06:42:35 AM »
Act on Instinct (Orchestral)

Ahab was looking outside on the vast fields of xenofungus, having parked his former unit right on the edge of it. There was about 2 other former teams with crews of workers. He looked around and then looked at his orders on his commlink, and it read,
"You have orders to clear this xenofungi field for repurposing into more productive establishments and biomes. Your first objective is to clear the xenofungus in the surrounding area and we will feed you information on what to work on as our survey teams scour the area. Good luck comrade."

Ahab looked at his feed and sighed. He looked outside again on the fields of xenofungus, and if it wasn't for him inside his terraformer and his rebreather he'd be inhaling enough spores to make him vomit his own lungs up.

He thought to himself, "Who'd I piss off to do this job... mindworms could be anywhere in this dump!"
He then clicked on his radio communication with the other terraformers, "Right men you know what we got to do, proceed with the task and maybe we'll get foot rubs by the secretaries back home if we finish early, who knows!"

With that he chuckled a bit, and signed out.

Meanwhile, Eltorro's team had been scouting the northern edge of the mysterious crater. While investigating it's rocky slopes they encountered a unity supply pod, and there was at least 75 energy credits worth of salvageable reserves that could be wired up. They loaded the energy reserves to transport back to base. Their accompanying prospector also found great potential minerals within the soil, no doubt Vazheli and his council will order colonists up this way to exploit such resources Eltorro thought.

Back at Red Revolution, Zara, a tall ebony skinned, dark eyed beauty stared at the input screen. Her husband Eltorro was out in the field somewhere up north according to her reports. Zara Debranca was one of the datalinks supervisors, a job that was entrusted to well educated personnel. But not only well educated, you had to be relatively comfortable with people as in the Crimson Comrade's citizens often used the datalinks for their own ends and needs. Security was also an issue and she had to be on guard. There was recent construction orders for a new facility to be built, the recycling tanks.

She knew of what they were and as much as the idea of her  body going into a vat to be "absorbed" to lightly put it did not appeal to her, she realized that it was necessary if the plants were to grow more efficiently. After all, the best fertilizer was of the Soylent variety, or at least naturally decomposed.

"This is Sylvia Margotson here today with your live state news feed comrades!" There was the familiar tune accompanied with her broadcast, and then she continued. "reports of terraformed forest projects growing near Red Revolution were confirmed today, as citizens working in the surrounding area's reported our planted trees had grown much more and seeded new tree's since the last survey."

Ahab heard on the radio from one of the men, "I think my tree grew a bit too, Sylvia is looking damn fine today!" And all of the men burst out laughing. Ahab replied wittily, "At least the thing isn't stunted anymore."

More laughing ensued as they worked clearing the fungus.

"There is also reports of a reconnaissance team led by Major Eltorro Debranca having found a mysterious crater, and according to our most recent updates it is exhibiting no radiation. We join in live with the Major Debranca now."

"Major Debranca, reports indicate the crater is quite large. Have you found any evidence as to what caused the impact?"

Zara was suddenly interested, having heard a small portion of the feed from her coworker. She immediately huddled over to her and watched.

Eltorro was already patched through, and he was using his commlink's personal interface to speak to Sylvia. He felt he should be very conservative with the information, but he at to at least tell this to the folks back home.
"We have reason to believe the crater was formed by Captain Garland's Command Hub on the Unity, when it made a headlong crash into planet."

Sylvia took a brief moment to recieve all of the information, and even she couldn't contain the shock of it regardless of her professional background. She took a moment off audio to say something, and then returned to Eltorro.
"This is exciting news Comrade Debranca, and you have done the Crimson Comrade's proud. We will keep in touch with you and your team in the near future."

Zara was amazed and incredibly awed that her husband was the first to discover Garland crater. "Andrea!ANDREAA!" She happily exclaimed, "My husband found Garland Crater!" Andrea, who was one of Zara's colleagues stood up from her desk on the other side of the small information hub at the front of the datalinks and happily cheered and came running over and hugged her friend.

They went back to watching the feed...

With that Eltorro nodded and smiled, "Thank you Sylvia. We still have to proceed with our operation here, so we'll be signing out."

Sylvia nodded, and then saluted Eltorro as he signed off his commlink.
She switched to another news update.

Some soldiers were patrolling the southern perimeter of the Crimson Comrade's territory, and one soldier, Andrei Suhkov, stared at the vast frontier before them. They were also to scout like Debranca's unit, but Suhkov doubted his officer and his fellow men would find any landmarks like Debranca did. His commander, Hideyoshi, was very ardent that their unit would find something and that they should be on guard and prepared for it. Suhkov had his doubts, but he'd been wrong before.

... and he had been wrong again. Andrei was marching, and one of Hideyoshi's men exclaimed they found something.
After a little bit of excavation and investigation, they had discovered a working Battle Ogre MK!
Andrei was in disbelief they had found such a powerful weapon. Hideyoshi immediately set it's movement coordinates to Red Revolution, and Commlinked command immediately.

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Re: AAR: Varshavianka- The People's War
« Reply #7 on: July 21, 2013, 05:16:42 AM »
Also, don't be afraid to let me know your thoughts, I welcome discussion. More content coming soon, the journey shall continue and I have a feeling things are going to to get mighty interesting shortly. Stay tuned comrades!

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Re: AAR: Varshavianka- The People's War
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I'm lovin' it.   lot.  ;b;

If you like, we could do the same thing I offered Green on his current AAR - split off the comments and discussion into a comment thread once the AAR is done, or when you choose...

Also, don't be afraid to let me know your thoughts, I welcome discussion. More content coming soon, the journey shall continue and I have a feeling things are going to to get mighty interesting shortly. Stay tuned comrades!
Fortunately,  this post could be edited into an introduction.

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Re: AAR: Varshavianka- The People's War
« Reply #9 on: July 21, 2013, 05:31:54 AM »
Hmm. That could work, have a comments section maybe in theory of everything and then have the actual story here.

I can make a thread, just give me a moment.

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Re: AAR: Varshavianka- The People's War
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Rise of Nations soundtrack - TheRussian

As the battle ogre was trudging it's way, Commander Hideyoshi was on the commlinks informing command of his next course of action.

"We are going to proceed west: We have suspicions there is something of interest that route."
The Command reception at Red Revolution acknowledged and replied, "Proceed with caution."

Andrei was looking at sight ahead. There seemed to be large holes of some sort, huge in their diameter and they seemed to go down far...

Meanwhile, Zara had just received word that the construction of the recycling tanks had been completed. She filed the report quickly and did not give it more thinking, as the thought unsettled her somewhat.

Suddenly there was ripping, tearing images in Andrei's head! His vision blurred and he began seeing psychotic scenes from the nuclear bombardment back on the old continent! The blasts were rising from the distance and he could hear people shouting, screaming in terror!-
He jumped back to reality for a split second and he saw a horde of ravenous mind worms coiling up and jumping at his fellow comrades, they flexed their pincers into the men's flesh, burrowing and wriggling through their eye sockets. Blood was spurting as the men screamed in pure agony and terror as they writhed on the ground. Hideyoshi and some of the men tried to get the flame thrower to ignite the monstrosities but they were overwhelmed, the seething mass encumbering them down to the ground as the mindworms ripped through their flesh into their skull.

Hideyoshi screamed in the utmost bone chilling agony, his eyes having been ripped from their sockets and dangling by tortured threads. With tainted, near extinguished vision he tried reaching for a grenade. He grabbed it and he lifted the grenade up to his head were one eyeball was still attached enough to see a blurry bloodied tint of an image, and he took his hand, numb with pain and he ripped off the pin with his last remaining strength. If he was going to die he was going to die for the cause and take the monsters with him! He collapsed to the ground after the immense amount of pain. Andrei's whole head was hallowed as the ravenous larvae already began to hatch and feast upon his nutritious grey matter.
After a small delay, the worms feasting on the corpses of the unit, gathered around their huddled bodies the worms were caught in a vengeful blast, being blown to bits by Hideyoshi's explosive.

There was only a small fraction of the worms left, gut and sinew spread all over the dusty ground.

As Eltorro's unit was exploring the crater, and they had encountered some more debris from bits of Garland's command hub. They went to explore the wreckage, and entered it. Inside was a network node. They downloaded the files quickly and uploaded it to the system datalinks. However as soon as they were done a morbid amount of mindworms slithered and wriggled through the crevices of the ruin, and hundreds of sharp spores crashed all around them.

Eltorro had huge amounts of rupturing pain in his head, and he kept seeing images of his son clinging to life after the blast, his face scarred and burned. "Daddy.... Is it over?" the voice suddenly distorted into a horrific inversed tone. He clawed his head and ripped off his mask, inhaling the spores. He began frothing at the mouth and his unit was in complete disarray, the mindworms tearing at his troops. He kept seeing his son lying there, his face half melted and his eyeball drooping out of it's socket like a horrid charred ooze that smelt of rot and seared flesh. "Daddy... is it over?"

A week later Eltorro's wife was informed her husband had been mutilated by a brood of mindworms. Zara took sick leave, distraught with grief.

"This is comrade Sylvia Margotson here today with your live state news feed!" The intro started playing.
"Today we honour our fallen comrades, as the new unit tasked to escort our new colonization efforts prepares for the march. Comrade Vazheli Vatzev appeared to comment today, speaking to the troops directly. He was also rumoured to have spoken to Zara Debranca, the spouse of Major Eltorro Debranca, the commander of one of the lost units, and Atsumi Hideyoshi, the spouse of Lieutenant Mitsuguru Hideyoshi.

"Comrades, dearest brethren, we have lost brother in arms precisely a month ago in horrific attacks by native life. We fully well know the dangers out there, and we try our best to prepare for the hardships we face. But life is a struggle for survival, and sometimes we lose that struggle. But our loss here today has reminded us to be ever vigilant and to be on guard for such encounters. Those men gave their lives for the cause, to explore a new frontier so we can charter them for our people and glorious cause. Their sacrifice was not in vain, as both Comrade Eltorro Debranca and Mitsuguri Hideyoshi both found new lands for us to settle and colonize, to bring up new families and new life into the world and for a chance of a better tomorrow. Let us remember our comrades, and salute them."

Vazheli stood and saluted, and all of the soldiers of the Colony pod detachment followed suit and silently stood.
Zara and Atsumi wept weakly, their energy having been drained. Vazheli slowly lowered the salute, and he went over to Atsumi and Zara.
"Your husbands will not be forgotten ladies. We will enscribe their names in the datalinks and they will be remembered as the heroes and explorers they were. I'd like to give you something, to help keep their memory close to your hearts." Vazheli was flanked by two of his guards at a distance, and he called them over. One of them had a small locked crate with them, and Vazheli took it and opened it, and with the great care he withdrew what was in it. There was two shiny, polished Pendants of Heroism, one of the highest medals that could be awarded to an individual.

"These were to be awarded to your husbands both for their discoveries, and now their sacrifice. They are yours to keep."

With that he simply nodded his head down, and walked off to attend to his own business elsewhere, leaving the two women with the pendants.

Eltorro truly hadn't sacrificed himself in vain, as the information his team had gathered led to new discoveries, the blueprints for constructing rovers, or more aptly named, Tachankas or machine gun carts!

With this Vazheli thought, there may be hopes to survive this hostile wasteland yet...

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Re: AAR: Varshavianka- The People's War
« Reply #11 on: July 21, 2013, 10:07:38 PM »
Not a bad start at all.

Not too much annoying fungus (except south of Red Revolution so far) and I see see minerals and a mineral note up near Garland Crater.

I LOVE that choke point on the isthmus between Red Revolution and Garland Crater with the sea Energy node nearby. Put a city there, any navy units can get from one side of that continent to another.

If you can get a colony pod down to the Borehole Cluster (and past the fungus) before some spore launcher gets them, early borehole would be nice too.

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Re: AAR: Varshavianka- The People's War
« Reply #12 on: July 21, 2013, 11:29:37 PM »
(Not that I mind comments, I welcome them, I'd prefer you use the comments thread in the future. But yes, it is a good start... but things are going to get a bit crazy, you'll see.)

The Colonists had assembled, with their gear. The road and rail to their new home was already complete and there was a garrison of troops already stationed at where they intended to settle. The communal leader of the Colonists spoke through the Commlink intercom to the rest of the Colonists, "We will begin departure in under an hour. Please prepare and take your seats on the train."

They found their seats, and the hybrid engined train set forward in motion.

They reached the site, and before the construction crews began to get to work, a group of colonists propped up the Crimson banner on a hill, and through the commlink intercom system they announced the poll results of what the community name was going to be, when the colonists had voted upon it months earlier.

"We are a Community of Equals here and equal shall we stand on the brink of Garland Crater, where both the lives of Captain Garland of the Unity Starship and Comrade Major Eltorro Debranca are enshrined."

Meanwhile Ahab's team had finished clearing fungus and had met up with other former teams, working on the roads to interconnect the communities of Tachanka and Red Revolution.

"This is Comrade Sylvia Margotson, here today with some Live State News!"
"Today Equity Et Community was founded, marking the third settlement in our colonization efforts! Keep up the hard work comrades!"
Zara was listening in, nothing much better to do. She was at her desk, punching in more factory inputs into the datalinks. Ever since the incident she had moved down to Tachanka, not being able to live in her old issued quarters where she and her husband used to live.

"Recent reports that spore launchers have been causing havoc for infrastructure near the new community have also surfaced, but the brave 19th Scouting unit dispatched the pests in a daring assault."

"Red Revolution produced the first combat vehicle since the Crimson Revolution, and a shiny new battalion of Tachankas rolled out of the factories today!"

"And this was Sylvia Margotson with your Live State News feed, signing out. We will be welcoming our newest station, Revolutionary Radio and it's host Comrade "Crazy" Carlyle!"

"Hello Comrades, one and all, to Revolutionary Radio!" Carlyle had a thick Australian accent. "Today I'd like to thank the Crimson Comrade's Music and Media association for getting my program up and running. We'll be listening to some good old tunes, and if you have a song you have in mind you'd like to jam out to let us know! You can contact our frequency on Comrade Crazy 96.3!
We'll start off with a classic jazz blues piece circa 1971, starring the talents of Corky Siegel!"
Corky & Siegel-Schwall/Culture Clash/Blues Symphony 1971

Mikhaylia was looking forward to this day. Not only did she get to ride the new Tachankas around she even got to listen to the new radio station! The jazz piece was nice but she'll have to put up a petition up later for some solid metal. She wanted to blaze in her assigned Tachanka. Her batallion was scouting when they came upon some mysterious ruins that appeared to be some form of obelisk...

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"The chains of slavery are not eternal."

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Re: AAR: Varshavianka- The People's War
« Reply #13 on: July 22, 2013, 06:58:33 AM »
Russian Red Army Choir - The Song of the Volga Boatman

Mikhaylia was watching her commlink briefly as some of the other Tachanka's approached the ruins, and Sylvia was reporting on some new technological updates.

"... We have exciting reports that researchers have come up with schematics for building seacraft and other ocean going vehicles and ship!"

"These exciting discoveries give us potential to settle the sea's!"

"Or transport our forces and people across the oceans again!"

"And even allow us to tame the sea's and terraform them to our needs!"

"... and of course, to defend all we work for we need some ships to counter any pesky marauders!"

"This was Comrade Sylvia Margotson with your Live State News, signing out!"

Mikhaylia's whle unit later found out that these monoliths contained very valuable, but strange and foreign equipment, allowing them to upgrade their vehicles and own equipment. And strangely, increase their own awareness and discipline...

Mikhaylia spotted something and she drove her vehicle up closer. It was an abandoned Unity pod! She exited and with a few others she had it explored. It contained a self constructing unit for a Unity Transport foil with it's own autopilot!

Meanwhile, a patrol was near Garland crater, investigating strange reports from the locals of movement sighted during the night. They came across an Imperium patrol group!

There was a brief standoff, the troops of the Crimson Comrade's approaching cautiously. Both groups had taken cover, and the Imperium was the first to make the move. The leading lash master of the unit came forth, and he asked for parlay. The Comrade's reluctantly agreed.

Hooking up Commlinks, the two alerted their factionary leaders.

Vazheli looked at the screen, and replied, "Emperor Sepsu. Is that what you call yourself these days?"
Sepsu did not stir, but merely replied, "I have formed an empire on this desolate rock, so therefore I am an emperor, it is not a mere title of petty aesthetics, but a matter of fact. But my position in power was not why we are speaking."
Vazheli had a straight dead eyed stare at him, and slowly responded, "Very well. You contacted us first, what is it you request?"

With that Sepsu looked a little bit discontented. He readjusted his lips, and looked at Vazheli straight on at this time, ignoring the slaves waiting on his whims.

Vazheli looked at Sepsu without expression, and then furrowed his brow in a complexed inquiry staring down as he spoke his mind, " So the Fascists are pressing at your gates, the same gates that are held shut by the backs of slaves, and you are asking of my faction to come assist you against, yes, a very volatile and despicable enemy, but also to help a faction that is the very thing our faction strives to abolish? Why should I care if two of my rivals kill each other? What is possibly in it for me and my people?"

Vazheli pondered for a moment, and then chuckled to himself.
"My affections can't be bought, your 'majesty', I am afraid you are on your own."
Sepsu was dead silent, as he knew what this meant. He looked to Vazheli and merely said, "Very well then. I believe that is all we have to discuss."

Vazheli gave him a respectful nod, and signed out.

He turned to one of his advisors, and he said clearly to him, " I want you to amass troops on our border. Were going to eradicate those slaver scum off the face of Planet."

"The chains of slavery are not eternal."

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Re: AAR: Varshavianka- The People's War
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Red Army Choir - The song about the 27th division

"This is Comrade Sylvia Margotson here with your Live Feed of State News!" *intro plays*
Today settlers reached the new site for our latest addition to our growing number of communities!

"As they are a united working force making their home in the distant frontier, they decided to name themselves United Workforce in commemoration!"

"And as our hard working Comrades built United Workforce, the 1st Tachanka Batallion fought a hard battle today over a hostile fungal tower and came out on top! It was said Comrade Corporal Mikhaylia Isanovitch was the first to charge in and was instrumental in burning the tethers of the vast Fungal tower, causing it to collapse while her comrades helped burn the rest of it when it fell down. For her bravery she and her crew has been called to United Workforce to be awarded the Medal of Bravery."

"Today also marked the completion of the Red Revolution's proud new Command Center, where new troops will be inducted and trained in the at of war to bring the fight to the enemies of the working man!"

"This was Comrade Sylvia Margotson with your Live State News Feed, signing out."

Mikhaylia was in the hospitable bed, her Tachanka having been smacked aside by one of the Fungal Tower's tendrils. She was listening to the news feed and she had chuckled a little bit. Sure, she had led the charge and burned the initial tendrils, but she only got mentioned so much because of her injuries and she knew it. She had her commlink on frequency with her unit, to keep in touch with them while she recovered.

They were pushing further east, exploring the wastes.
"Comrades, whats your status?" Inquired Mikhaylia.
"We are currently proceeding southeast, and we are encountering some fungus and- *his communication was cut short*
Suddenly there was reports of destruction near United Workforce itself, Mikhaylia was alarmed and shuffled in her bed to look at the screen more intensely.

Her commlink frequency patched through again to her unit, and the men were cheering.
"COMRADES?! Whats your status please respond!"
"Haha, it's alright Mikhaylia, we just encountered some hostile native life, nothing we couldn't handle."

"Hold on, there is a bunch of spore launchers, we'll go to deal with- *" his frequency went offline again. This time it didn't return.

Mikhaylia found out a few days later her entire unit was killed, and she was deeply appalled. She was bitterly angry over it and frustrated she wasn't there to help.

Meanwhile, up north new Tachanka's rolled out of their factories, an there was rumours they were preparing for an offensive...

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"The chains of slavery are not eternal."


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