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Re: AAR: Apocalypse
« Reply #30 on: August 22, 2013, 10:50:21 PM »
Everything's displaying fine for me...

Offline Sigma

Re: AAR: Apocalypse
« Reply #31 on: August 22, 2013, 11:02:43 PM »
Same here. I'm not having any trouble.

Offline ete

Re: AAR: Apocalypse
« Reply #32 on: August 24, 2013, 05:18:42 PM »
Played another ~30 turns. Realizing I should have gone Forests much sooner. Annihilators starting to kill everyone as expected, but CCs/Usurpers seem to slow them down. Next post later.

Offline ete

Re: AAR: Apocalypse
« Reply #33 on: August 24, 2013, 09:28:23 PM »
Played another 40 turns. The Annihilators are terrifying. Almost everyone is dead.

So many units.

So good Psi bonuses.

So fast SP builders.

Maybe I'll play it through saving a lot of screenshots and either post albums and restart (if I lose) or do it in full (if I win, so can get to all the areas of interest).

I think I learned how to play as AntiMind better later on, so should do better next round.. or maybe I overdid it boosting my opponents.

Offline ete

Re: AAR: Apocalypse
« Reply #34 on: August 24, 2013, 11:04:04 PM »
Okay yea I just got annihilated. There's several albums of pictures I took, but this one really shows it (except their air power. They also had a LOT of air power.):

Things that went wrong:
Far too low production due to 3 nut/2 eng fungus being my main square and appallingly low industry, should forest sooner.
Attacked too late, need to try and kill Annihilators sooner (or at least take their HQ with SPs), else they get unstoppable.
Really hard to get humans on my side other than technos, Roze and CCs would not tak to me the whole game and Yang was a poor ally.
Attacked Yang rather than helping the technos.
Did not farm worms enough.
Did not probe anyone enough.
Did not hold any of the four chokepoints to my continent. Too many highly spread out ones.
They just had.. so much stuff. Against me with my absurdly expensive units and mineral starved economy.
They went exponential. I think this is due to having a HQ everywhere mostly, but having huge mineral production and zero drone problems ever was also key, plus getting a load of SPs to equip the new bases.

Offline ete

Re: AAR: Apocalypse
« Reply #35 on: August 25, 2013, 12:17:37 AM »

Offline Green1

Re: AAR: Apocalypse
« Reply #36 on: August 25, 2013, 12:26:13 AM »

Those Annihilators are rough.

I would have farmed more worms if I were you. Good thing is you expanded pretty good. It is those locusts, though. That is the kicker for the annihilators.

Good show.

I understand though about the action getting intense and not wanting to detail it out. On my AARs I literally have to sit down and force myself to post even though I just really want to play.

Do not worry. Your Annihilators will make my AAR5. Hopefully Morgan will have better luck.

Offline ete

Re: AAR: Apocalypse
« Reply #37 on: August 25, 2013, 01:08:05 AM »
If people want it enough, I'll restart and do an AAR from the start, see if I can get a few more locations of interest. I *think* I can maybe still win this if I forest much sooner and go straight for the Annihilators, saving the technos rather than fighting the Hive. Those Indust penalties though, urg. A combination of my units/facils building 30% slower, the AI cheating like mad on Transcend, and the Annihilators having insane production already gives them like 10 units for each of mine after the initial worm rush.. even with vastly better tactics, there's no chokepoint to hold them at and they work just fine on fungus and have all the SPs..

Offline Green1

Re: AAR: Apocalypse
« Reply #38 on: August 25, 2013, 01:25:09 AM »
Antimind rushes its stuff with fungus energy. That is how Antimind builds. You are right, it is a weird playstyle that is not used much and is alien to most players. It is an early energy game instead of mineral game.

Offline Green1

Re: AAR: Apocalypse
« Reply #39 on: August 25, 2013, 01:31:32 AM »
Oh yeah, and I agree with you on the difficulty. Transcend in my opinion is not harder as in fun hard but annoying. I think Thinker is probably the funnest difficulty. AI does not cheat on thinker to my knowledge.

But, then again, I did not like deity on Civ, either. I always played Monarch.


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