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--- Quote from: ete on January 17, 2013, 07:19:13 PM ---Good point, but I think I can add the wiki one (iirc it's stored in a MediaWiki namespace page), lemme dig up the documentation..

Edit: Found it. I'll remove the Community Portal and Current Events from the nav bar too, since we're not going to be using them in the near future.

--- End quote ---

That may explain it why I never saw that option. Sysops did not have access to that page the way that old project was set up.

I've just imported a set of public domain help pages from so people unfamiliar with wikis will be able to pick up the basics:

Note that they won't display quite right until we get parser functions.

Edit: Did you guys ever get Stealthiswiki back up? It looks like a cool project, and there's still a load of archives around. Should be pretty straightforward to bring it back, depending on the form of the archive.

I will probably type a little in for you guys in a bit. I really enjoy writing good content.

Lately, though I seem to have caught this Eve Online bug pretty bad. I mean, so bad that I even think about it while working and have been on thier forums and have been living a virtual life as a militia member hoping to do orbital bombardments on DUST 514 infrantry on these planets and generally mining asteroids and blowing up Minmatar. MMOs sap my time.

Do not worry. I always come back for good 4x. I just like social games too.

Yeah.... this is going to take a bit. particularly if there is only 2-3 of us.

I suggest using ToC instead of the standard way wikis like Consevapedia or Rational Wiki or Encyclopedia Dramatica work. It will be easier to find our content.

hmm... maybe an example, because most wikis are not set up the way I am talking about.

Someone can always do a search from search box. BUT - since these are really only articles and stubs, we have an index. The project pictured was a rewrite of a book. Big articles would be listed as ToC. Difference is we have Concepts like the datalinks would be stubs that we would  link in the article.

edit... WOULD not would not..sheesh.. typing too fast


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