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Things to do around the wiki:

Some parts of could be reused, but mediawiki 1.18 has a different skinning system, so probably not all.
Skin documentation.

CSS/pretty templates
Basically defining how tables should look and a few other things, keeping everything in the same style as the forum. Can be edited here.

Upload rest of datalinks
Other bits are more complex because a lot of the info we want is stored in alphax machine readably, so need to combine that with the descriptions.

(click to show/hide)Graphics
The main new graphic we'll need will be the logo. Maybe one of the graphics people will put something cool together :)

Tidy URLs
Make them more pretty. I can do this over FTP, but maybe issues with renaming /mediawiki/ to /wiki/, will look into it.

Unified wiki/forum login

Set up anti spam extensions
ConfirmEdit - Seems to be using a hook from a more recent version, will either have to update MW or find an old version of confirmedit. Or edit ConfirmEdit.

Default user preferences edited, better recent changed enabled.
Gadgets, Nuke, ParserFunctions, Renameuser, Vector, WikiEditor enabled.
Meta namespace set to ACWiki

Add extensions

Some possible extensions:
Data Transfer - Allows mass data importing.
MsUpload - Vastly better upload interface.
Lingo - Gives automatic hover text on a set of terms (can be configured to first appearance on a page). Would allow abbreviations to be used without risking confusing new users.
SpamBlacklist - Excellent anti spam tool, allows us to copy over Wikipedia's banned URL list which should stop most bots.
ImageMap - Allows clickable imagemaps. Would be very nice for a clickable technology tree image, for example. Not that many uses, but they are very good uses.
Cite - Citations are cool. Not essential, but useful.
CategoryTree - Improves Category page view, allows embedding of category trees. Non essential, but some uses.
Poem - Allows a tag which preserves single linebreaks. Important for basename lists, for example.
Replace Text - Special page for mass replacing text. Helpful for maintenance, but should be restricted to only a small number of users since mistakes are annoying to clear up.

Priorities out of these: Data Transfer would allow me to import the entire enhanced datalinks. Some spam protection for once the bots notice it, probably a well configured ConfirmEdit, or maybe the user bridge will confuse them enough.

I'll lay out my ideas for the wiki here. If you disagree or have suggestions, then please let post.

One page for each faction, both custom and official. These pages would include:
The infobox ( is a basic form, more will be added).
Categories (some automatically added by the infobox based on bonuses), allowing you to easily search for all sea based factions or all factions with positive Economy, for example.
A summary of the faction's playstyle and strategy.
A download link for that faction's files.
Graphics, like leaderheads, bases, icons, etc (long term).
For factions we're working on in the community faction balancing project, we'll store the text file as a subpage and allow people to fix various minor errors/add SMAX elements.

I should be able to mass-upload the upgraded datalinks with a bit of tedious text editing and some find/replaces once we've got the required extension. This'll give a huge set of pages, and we'll be able to watch them for changes which can then by included in the datalinks update for the games. This will be redundant with the incomplete datalinks which was being added to the official site here, but it shouldn't be extremely hard to replicate the features of that on a wiki, and it will allow for strategy sections/updates which would be almost impossible to maintain with the existing setup, and we'd be able to have more than Tech+Terrain (all the other sections seem to be non-functional).

Our wiki:

It needs a option in forums to go to wiki and vice versa.

Sisko, for the option to link wiki back to forums, this is the way we did it when I was working on that crazy project. I am thinking the admin has to do it. I do not think bureuacrats or sysops can. (at least I did not see how to back then)

Good point, but I think I can add the wiki one (iirc it's stored in a MediaWiki namespace page), lemme dig up the documentation..

Edit: Found it. I'll remove the Community Portal and Current Events from the nav bar too, since we're not going to be using them in the near future.

Edit2: Done.


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