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Let's work out some official rules for this forum.

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Buster's Uncle:
I'm too sick today to want to get into any posts that take work and careful thinking, but that's not a bad idea about insisting on courtesy towards English as a Second Language posters.  This place is international, and some patience is called for essential.


On a general note, if it's understood that the staff usually has some latitude/discretion in enforcing rules, exact phrasing becomes less important.  Sometimes, moderation decisions can wait long enough for the staff to talk them over, so that takes some pressure off.  Where moderators are quick to jump in and say "This seems to be going to a bad place - let's cool off." and members will listen, rules usually not need come into it...

Buster's Uncle:
You notice that all of us have proposed rules based on our own bed past experiences at other forums?  I don't know what to make of that.

I still wonder if a lot of this shouldn't be covered by simple "No trolling" and "No spamming" rules, with extensive commentary appended - sort of a Talmud to the actual rules' Torah...

I would keep the lot of it to a couple simple rules:

No personal attacks. 

NO caveats about it's ok here, but not here, but only if you're only teasing.  I could list the reasons, but suffice it to say the more exceptions you make the more you beg for the random bottom feeder to push the limits.  Just no.  And banhammer anyone that don't like it to the stoneage. 
No Trolling.

Not all trolling involves personal attacks. 

No Spamming.

Depending on ownership stances on piracy, maybe a rule that we do not promote illegal activities, and maybe something about no hot-linking  to photos you don't own.   

Yes, I'm a totalitarian son of a motherless goat.  I've come from a long line of both successful and failed forums, gaming and non.  Perhaps it's coincidence, but the failures all were lenient on personal attacks, the successes were not. 

Oh, the biggest thing is, whatever rule you decide on.  ENFORCE IT.  There will be someone to come try the limits.  Don't go wishy washy, warning warning, fluffy play nice smiles.  Ban the warthog faced buffoon with conviction then IP ban the inevitable DL he creates.   ;nuke;

Buster's Uncle:
I think you're probably right.

I will say this - I speak fluent troll, and I'm not going to play around with a rules lawyer.  Trolls love to protest their innocence to high heaven.  Well guess what; you're ruining it for everyone, and you can do that somewhere else, not here.

There's a good case to be made in that alone for keeping it simple.

(We're not very laid-back about piracy for a lot of reasons, of course.)


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