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Let's work out some official rules for this forum.

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Buster's Uncle:
Really?  It ranges from checking up on someone you've got a beef with because knowledge is power and all that - to actual stalking, which I have online experience with, and not on the supply side.

HATE having to come up with any catch-all troublemaker rule, but this ain't the first time I've had to.  Real members, of course, are welcome to question and comment and get a vote in forming policy in what I hope is their online home, here - but need not trouble themselves that this sort of thing will ever bite them if I don't perceive long-term implacable malice.

This one simply doesn't apply to a real member who gets mad at me and comes at me hard -as sometimes happens- unless I perceive they're lost to us forever anyway, as someone just participating, and yet are still coming around.

I hope that makes sense.  It is based on actual long experience of some of the more extreme drama that happens, and all will be happier if I step on teh dedicated haters and keep that stalky crap out of here when I can.

I guess I don't see the point behind banning guests because you see the same IPs come up frequently. There are browsers that have built-in VPNs (like Opera) which negates the effectiveness of this, along with browser extensions, VPN sites, and dedicated VPN services.

I likely have a far different perspective on this than most, though...

Buster's Uncle:
Well, I can't do anything about lurking logged out -though I went to some trouble making sure of all recent IPs in my latest ban, which should short-term help- and I'd rationally like to be able to watch it happening if anyone's dumb enough to do it logged in, but reason isn't the whole story and sometimes knowledge is too corrosive/toxic to inner peace to be worth it...


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