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Whacha readin'? 

I'd suppose a lot of Scifi from this board. 

Not much a reader, myself, actually.  But, Nov-Jan I do find some time, and whenever on business travel.

Presently working through 2 series simultaneously. 

Well, the first is a "series" in a very loose sense. 

The Pendergast novels from Preston and Child.

As detective novels, I don't know that I would actually recommed them highly.  They are full of flaws, and if you let it, that can really derail them.  They want to be on the brainy side, but at the same time are rather ludicrous in their "science".  They also seem to universally suffer from a mid book slow down.  What I really come to appreciate, however, is the richly detailed descriptions of insert grim locale featured this novel here.  Grisly catacombs, fetid underground chambers, cobbled altars built of human remains...THIS is why I read these books.  Otherwise, it's your standard Sherlock Holmes made way too long.  Detective novels should remain on the shorter side.   

The second series is a total accident, actually.  Picked up as a book on tape for a drive, my son really got caught up in it.  I've been reading these to make sure he's actually doing HIS reading.

The Wardstone Chronicles.

Young reader crap you can fly through in a night.  Will never be as popular as Harry Potter, but for my money, it sure makes a better set of stories.  Darker than Harry, no doubt.  There's a movie that's in production, but it appears to have been horrendously miscast for how the book was written.  But, you could do full on horror with some of these books, so I don't know what kind of reimagining the movie really is. 

Speaking of books on tape.  If you're into that kind of thing, I strongly recommend The Old Country.

Marvelously read by Tovah Feldshuh, I don't think it would be quite the same reading it yourself as hearing her, and that is a rarity in audiobooks. 

Buster's Uncle:
Currently, I'm rereading through an anthology series.  I'm on [pauses to go to bedroom and grab] Year's Best SF 10 right now.  Good stuff.

The Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson. It's about a future with nanotechnology, where, since material goods are easily manufactured and no longer scarce, institutions rely on intellectual property to make a profit. One of these institutions provides "the feed" which is a monopoly on intellectual property and constituent materials used to assemble things. One of the characters wants to create "the seed" which would be a form of nanobots which can instead use surrounding materials to create things instead of relying on the centralized system of tubes of "the feed".

I started reading it after I finished Snow Crash: another Neal Stephenson novel.

Anyone here read the ender's books? 

been considering bruning through those before the movies start to hit. 


--- Quote from: Unorthodox on November 12, 2012, 09:24:31 PM ---Anyone here read the ender's books? 

been considering bruning through those before the movies start to hit.

--- End quote ---

I've read Ender's Game. But that's it.

Pretty good, though.


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