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Buster's Uncle:
Those of you who've been following my act for about the last year have heard all this before, but it's still true.

We've got a real opportunity here; this is the first forum I'm aware of BY SMACers For SMACers, without all the outside stuff getting in the way.  That's a thing worth nurturing, if you ask me.

We can build this place into something fun, entertaining, informative and worthwhile - more than it is already.  All it takes is all of us trying.  Go to that little extra effort to post, generate content - whether art, modifications, how-tos, scenarios, AARs or whatever - recruit others, and generally get involved.  If you're like most people reading this, you check by and read a little once in a while, wishing there was a more active SMAC(X) community to participate in.  Much of our reason to be here is to socialize and be entertained by one another.  Well, someone has to go first; I'm looking at YOU.

AC2 was a static skeleton at the beginning of February, but a handful of people quickly turned it into a real, live, forum.  Now it's time to step up our game.

One person can make a difference - I've demonstrated this repeatedly.  But it's never much of a show for long without someone to talk to.  Two people can make a big difference.  Everyone trying a little harder makes ALL the diference.

We need MPers, modders, hardcore players, scient fans/contributors, fan fiction writers, people with technical problems and people willing to troubleshoot.  We need fun, thoughtful people to joke with in Rec Commons and science-oriented people posting articles/commenting in the science forums.  (We need more Americans, 'cause it gets real slow on here in my evenings, between the Euros going to bed and the Aussies waking up.)  We need whatever interesting, appropriate-to-a-SMAC(X)-forum, thing I haven't thought of/mentioned, because putting our heads together is what it's all about.  It's all worthy and important, and we need all of it, and the people into each thing.  We need active people, and we need to bring in more of them.

We need YOU.

Just pitch in however you can; make that extra little effort, because we we're greater as a group than as individuals.  Try, please.  Make that comment.  Post that faction, story, art, ect.  Get in on that MP game.   Send those acquaintances a link to the forum.  Post to entertain me, and I'll do the same.  Let make a lot of friends here, and make the most active AC forum in the world 10 times busier.

We can do it.

I am perfectly willing to pitch in, it's purely a matter of the skillset I have.

Also, I'd be horrible at multi-player games. I'd get killed within 5 turns somehow. But I am perfectly willing to contribute.

No way in hell's pits I am becoming an American, though. :p

I'm willing to help.
I don't have much time, but I try to help bsing CMN where needed.
Mayby we should check who has the rights for the game, and if we can by them through KickStarter and make it open source, we might be able to renew the game and the comunity.

Sure, I'm up for it to the best of my abilities. Personally, I think I've already learnt a lot in the last six months too. Always happy to pass that on as well.

--- Quote ---We need more Americans
--- End quote ---

Ain't 330 million enough already??? There's a mere 62 million Brits and a paltry 11 mil Belgs to mention just 2 'minorities'.
(Oh, you meant American players

--- Quote from: Flygon on September 23, 2012, 07:40:32 AM ---No way in hell's pits I am becoming an American, though. :p

--- End quote ---

That made me laugh, so HARD!! 

Buster's Uncle:
You guys are doing it right; just keep contributing as hard as you can bear to, maybe a tad more.  It's an investment that should pay off in future entertainment.

And if anyone will just switch to keeping the sort of hours I do, I don't care if you're still one of them there godless furniers, or a furry, or whatever...  Otherwise we need to recruit...


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