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Re: AAR: Cha Dawn and The Cult of Planet - Will to power
« Reply #45 on: May 17, 2020, 09:33:06 PM »
Ha ha ha hee ha ha!  AI is stuu-pid!  It's this way in stock too.  Doesn't know the value of the Manifold Nexus, or how to protect it from encroachment.  Some games, it was in reach of one of the AI factions, but they never even bothered to colonize it.  So I orbital insert a Drop Colony Pod and voila!  If I'm smart enough to remember to do it.  Sometimes I'm stupid too.

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Re: AAR: Cha Dawn and The Cult of Planet - Will to power
« Reply #46 on: May 17, 2020, 11:06:22 PM »
Ha ha ha hee ha ha!  AI is stuu-pid!  It's this way in stock too.  Doesn't know the value of the Manifold Nexus, or how to protect it from encroachment.  Some games, it was in reach of one of the AI factions, but they never even bothered to colonize it.  So I orbital insert a Drop Colony Pod and voila!  If I'm smart enough to remember to do it.  Sometimes I'm stupid too.

Ah drop colony pod i didn't even think of it.. darn Alpha Centauri and the options. I did remember and used Drop Probe teams to great effect in this game - shame that you can't drop in sea bases for some reason. But you can drop nearby and move in if the base has transport in the base.
I also tried air transports - but thats so restricted its unusable :( Maybe with higher reactor and extra fuel lategame could be a thing ^^ gotta try that once.

About stupid AI there are a few things i noticed in this game that would be nice if anyone could fix:

- AI using all or almost all minerals on support
- AI using SE that has high inefficiency wasting tons of energy - this is complicated issue of selecting SE choices from what i gathered in posts about modding; so its .exe modding or tailoring SE so that AI somehow chooses "right" options
- AI working for example 1 food ocean tiles - when it can use advanced specialist citizens
- AI building way too many overpriced probe teams when it would be way better to build real attacking units and smash the base

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Re: AAR: Cha Dawn and The Cult of Planet - Will to power
« Reply #47 on: May 20, 2020, 07:10:15 PM »
M.Y. 2327  Chiron rages

War all over the Chiron did not leave much place for peacetime science and non-essential research. It was all about survival. Still, as its so happens always, rare scientist warned about planetary pollution, and warning was forgotten as soon as it appeared. Nobody believed things could go wrong so quickly on new planet, but signs were already there. Both humans and aliens quickly terraformed the terrain into unrecognizable shape.
Chiron is smaller planet than Earth, its ecosystem more fragile, and even now coasts are being slowly flooded. No doubt planet is warming. The Cult certainly didn't cause it, but it hardly matters, everyone is in the same boat. To Cha Dawn - this only reiterated the importance of taking control over planet handling. This madness will have to stop or everyone is doomed. Reports comes from all parts of the continent, lowest lands are now more often under water than not.  Experts estimated The Cult's bases won't be affected for now, but if the trend continues anything is possible.

Trouble never comes alone.

Second outbreak of Prometheus virus hits The Edicts base; three surrounding bases are affected as well. Thousands die in first wave and more will follow – nothing can be done; The Cult only recently realized how to fight the virus and needed infrastructure could not be in place.

And then amids disease panic – enormous seismic event! But luckily it happens near south pole.

In the aftermath Data Angels claim the new land for themselves.

Nano factory and the good news

Completion of The Nano Factory came in perfect time to lift the spirits. The project will increase combat capabilities of armed forces. Other big infrastructural project, The Planetary Energy Grid, is started in Well of Souls base.  Most cultist bases already have Energy grids so the project is of lower significance, but when completed it will reduce maintenance cost significantly.

More good news arrive from eastern front. Deirdre is advancing using newly equipped troops – The Cult has earned a lifetime friend.

Operation:  Channel

M.Y. 2330 Continuation to Operation Manifold Nexus is executed. Timing was brilliant – as Caretakers fleet was crossing The Channel.

Hours later:

Terraformers raise the land and channel is no more, Caretakers fleet dead. How exactly this would affect climate no one could predict; planet appeared to already rearrange continents on its own. Cha Dawn ordered it knowingly that, if he  does not take control over the Planet, it wouldn't matter anyway. Troops are being prepared and soon will storm over the newly formed land bridge to Caretakers land.

There was a good reason why larger army was not already ready for attack. Drones kept invading south and distracting the army. Their attacks grew in size and could not be easily deflected anymore. Larger defending force had to be stationed in the area – but this time, nanotechnology was making things easier. In matter of minutes freshly delivered Nano-tech probes did its magic – efficiently, in unimaginably precise invisible small steps, Sheath armored suits were transformed into familiar Neutronium shade. Perfect design, no waste, old scratches gone,  immediately ready for battle conditions. Soldiers didn't like no scratches so they made new ones.

Invading force could not break the armored soldiers and tried to circumvent and outstrategize the defenders. Mindworms weren't fooled, but distraction worked well enough to allow single Probe team to penetrate defense s for the first time. Drones steal the technology they can – The Cult managed to get ahead in recent years. For long time cultists were trying to steal from Drones.

Breaking the way in

In  M.Y. 2339 combined army was around the alien M'Dar Holding base. Shard Invaders, Shard Artillery and Mindworms were ready to attack; Shard Speeders soon to arrive as well. Bombardment was initiated – alien armor technology is still subpar.

Attacks are well executed and despite superb defensive skill defenders fail and the base falls. Casualties didn't slow progress too much at this point – intel was reporting that The Cult has largest army on the Chiron. The aliens likely won't be able to stop the invasion - the path to alien heartland is open.

By M.Y. 2344 alien Resonant Node base east of M'Dar Holding Bay was obliterated completely. The fights moved to eastern fields - cultists advanced quickly through fungus fields with mindworm support. Soon, the siege of two bigger alien cities will follow.

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Re: AAR: Cha Dawn and The Cult of Planet - Will to power
« Reply #48 on: May 21, 2020, 05:44:39 AM »
Raindrops keep falling on my head
But that doesn't mean my eyes will soon be turning red
(they'll be orange)
Crying's not for me
I'm not gonna stop the raindrops from falling
Because I'm free a horrible murdering cult

 ;cha; ;stupid

A volcano going off is never good
 ;aaa ;aaa ;aaa

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Re: AAR: Cha Dawn and The Cult of Planet - Will to power
« Reply #49 on: May 23, 2020, 12:52:51 PM »
The Hunter-Seeker Algorithm

While Cha Dawn and The Cult were busy with military operations on alien continent, Foreman Domai advanced with his own plans. Using his industrial might he was quick to engineer so called Hunter-Seeker Algorithm Project; using artificial intelligence Drones were creating perfect algorithm for discovering and countering probe team intrusions to their datalinks. Designs also included weaponizing the system so that infiltrating team would be automatically located and killed on input terminal. Scary application of modern Chiron technology. The Cultist observed the completion - afterwards it was not possible to infiltrate Domai's networks. Several accidental misguided attempts were made in following years and every team was reported killed.

Advanced infrastructure

Cultist also completed their works on Planetary Energy Grid project - unification of continental energy grid. The project was rushed in the end using almost 400 energy credits. The cult has grown big and powerful and resources were available – even the project itself wasn't completely necessary as Energy Banks were already present in 22 cities. Still, unifying complex infrastructure and reducing maintenance significantly was great step forward. Old Energy Bank facilities could be scrapped and recycled and their resources reused. Additionally, every new base, freshly settled or conquered, would be automatically connected to the grid.

During 2340s first Hab Complexes and Robotic Assembly Plants marked transition into Chiron's advanced industrial age. Habitation complexes represented Chiron's equivalent of dense Earth's residential neighborhood, way more claustrophobic, but efficient space-wise. Hab Complexes were much more comfortable than anything its inhabitants were used to earlier. New generations didn't even care much for now practically forgotten rare green gardens; they got used to familiar orange fungal bloom sights through those huge reinforced wall-windows.

Robotic Assembly Plants significantly improved manufacturing process of all kinds – the base with Genejack engineered workers and Robotic Plant could double its mineral output. These weren't pretty places - but they made it possible to build those Hab Complexes.

M.Y. 2346

In far south Deirdre reports the loss of second sea base. Foreman's Cruiser Probe teams are everywhere.

Then she loses her Garden of The Deep mega-base few years after as well. Gaians were fighting at two fronts and their military prowess was not nearly as good as that of The Cult. There was no reason not to believe that Drones rampage on the seas is going to continue in near future.

Cultists have done good job at killing large number of probes, but there seemed to be no end to them. Even Shard Invaders are now having trouble to destroy Neutronium Armored Probe teams. Sealurks are fighting as much as they can as well. Drone Probe teams had to slow down a bit as they could not penetrate and kill defending Probe teams in Liberty Plan base. Cha Dawn stacked heavy defenses there in effort to amass naval presence and take over the seas.

M.Y. 2347 The Welder Shipyard base

The fighting lasted a long time at Welder Shipyard base – it was a powerhouse and stronghold at southern coast of the cultist continent. Drones had logistics problems as sea bases next to coast were hard to defend without forces on land. So it was the battle they were slowly, surely losing.

Once this war of attrition neared its end Liberty Plant army was ready to seize and hold the base. Quick moving cruiser transport loaded with Probe teams were waiting for the order. Once conquered, even despite significant damage and destruction, Welders Shipyards was great and strong base that will serve The Cult to wrestle away the Drones from their northern seas.

Cha Dawn knew how to control large rebelling population – Spore Launchers were on the way. Drones would tremble in fear on their sight – it is even thought that mindworms know what certain humans have done to them; and Drones knew well what they were doing to planet and native life. It was almost like mindworms have shared consciousness, yet they are clearly individual creatures. The theory of larger  consciousness  couldn't be denied nor confirmed;  Cha Dawn believed there's something to it, but couldn't grasp it just yet. Researchers were working on these secrets - lately they seem to can't discover anything. Gaians were first to Centauri technologies several times.

Foreman Domai wouldn't certainly give up yet – Drones actually spiked in power even more by conquering Deidre's large sea bases in the south. They came up with even stronger weapons now – the one that The Cult can't match. It appeared to be be Quantum version of known Laser weaponry – The Cult knew about Quantum reactors, but efforts to weaponize it properly had not been fruitful yet. In most cases the weapons would be used against Cha Dawn mindworms and he wasn't worried about that; native creatures didn't care for conventional weaponry - it was the same to them.

A sad fate of alien bases

As the fights raged in fungus fields at Caretaker's borders The Planet silently strikes. Practically over night the water rose yet once more  – the phenomenon observed earlier likely due to global warming – and already damaged and broken alien base went to the ocean's bottom together with its poor population. Once big city was no more.. corpses submerged beneath waves.

Fungus fields were gory site as well – Caretakers defended with everything they had. Casualties were high on both sides, but ultimately The Cult artillery started the bombardment of aliens bases.

By M.Y. 2349 Great Intertwining base was conquered with significant loses on both sides. The Cult had made severe mistake and missed to annihilate one hidden Probe team in fungus fields – resulting in mind-probe hacking of the freshly conquered base. Several defenders and mindworms were lost. The forces stormed the base again losing yet more units. As a final result once well populated base was completely obliterated. It all happened in hectic environment and sensor data was unfortunately completely lost.

This event coupled with flooding of M'dar Holding base significantly slowed cultist advance and made it possible for Guardian H'minee to fight for truce. Cha Dawn already refused several offers and eventually Guardian H'minee offered 1175 energy credits to boost the offer.

Cha Dawn reluctantly accepted – regrouping was after all in order and energy could be well spent. The Cult still had plenty of forces in the area, but obliteration of bases made logistics harder. It was decided to produce several Colony pods and establish firm presence in the area. Then no doubt war will erupt again – it never took more than a few years for fights to escalate. Cha Dawn had bigger plans in the mind – Guardian H'minee was in possession of Living Refinery secret project – but it was well defended in Monsoon Jungle area. That will be the ultimate goal in future war, once proper preparations were made. Technology would solve army support problems and could be of great benefits in the war against Foreman Domai.

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Re: AAR: Cha Dawn and The Cult of Planet - Will to power
« Reply #50 on: May 28, 2020, 08:39:56 PM »
Technological leap

At the end of very successful war campaign in the east on alien territory forces fortified to hold territory and attention inevitably focused to long-fought war against Foreman Domai industrial machine. Foreman was starting to lose large sea bases near the coast, but both air and naval supremacy were still under his firm control. Later attempt of The Cult to control the air led to development Mind-Machine interface and Copter Chasis – flexible and agile Chiron Copters could devastate multiple unarmored opponents. Potentially they could fight versus Needlejets as well, but they lack Needlejet range and were no stronger in that department.

While Copters were equivalent of Earth’s invention, advanced Mind-Machine interface allowed military applications of jet-pack systems never seen on Earth. Suited to use by individuals, jet-packs led to development of special drop forces in The Cult. Drop Shard Shock Troopers and Drop Probe Teams could reinforce isolated battlefields quickly or invade other continents without air support. Unlike paratroopers they could retreat back if the odds were against them.
That was just the beginning. Consultation with Deirdre also led to large technology exchange. Deirdre likely has stolen lots of technology in her own wars. Cha Dawn was surprised by technological edge she held, because The Cult was for a time clearly ahead of Gains both in economical development and scientific research. That was of lesser important, in any case, what mattered is that long-term allies were ready to help each other again. In this endeavor that recent truce bribe from Guardian H’minee was exceptionally well used.

In exchange cultists learned more about Hunter-Seeker Algorithm and newest advances in high-tech infiltration fields. State of the art Covert Ops centers were invention of isolationists Data Angels, The Cult had very few contacts with them so far. Gaians didn’t have a way to break Hunter-Seeker protection systems, but they did come up with Polymorphic Encryption ability that made units exceptionally hard to mind-probe by Probe teams.
Second interesting infrastructure invention that came in this exchange was groundbreaking Mag Tube system. Mag Tube system was based on Monopole Magnets; these were deemed impossible by Earth scientists 200 years ago. On Chiron it will lead to near instantaneous continental travel and huge logistic advantage to those who employ it.

Lastly, Quantum weaponry (16) technology was bought from Deirdre – The Cult is now equal to Drones in weapon race.

M.Y. 2360 Prometheus virus

Decades after last epidemic Prometheus virus strikes again in once barren U.N.S Wreckage site. The area was covered with planted fungus fields and quite densely populated. Unfortunately that meant once again a huge death toll. Baix base was located in the central part of site and virus quickly spread to five surrounding bases killing no less than 150.000 cultists. Sporerunner Sanctum base was the only one with Research Hospital ready to fight epidemic and death toll there was magnitudes smaller. Dawn of Planet was slightly out of the reach of devastating virus, but it was also well-prepared to deal with it. Around the continent efforts were made to complete Research Hospitals before next wave of this deadly virus.

Combat edge

Cha Dawn in this period decides to push the necessary levers to maintain Green economics in The Cult.  It was always logical step for The Cult, but delayed multiple times due to insufficiently developed industrial production and the effect on population growth. It places yet unprecedented importance on Planet understanding and its protection, with great positive effect on native life forms. Cha Dawn was well aware of this fact, in fact he counted on it. His attunement to PSI communication with mindworms was exceptional and mindworms felt the changes, soon they will fight even harder for Cha Dawn.

Cha Dawn counted especially on Sealurks who were now 30% stronger – they could usually sink Drones ships in cultist territory without sustaining life-threatening injuries. They were also safer in attacking sea bases and units in Drones territory, but casualty rate was higher. Still it was worth the risk as Sealurks managed to multiple times sink fleets of expensive Drones ships on its own.

They were also immune to Probe teams infiltrations – just one of the reasons Cha Dawn liked them. For conventional ships, some of them were upgraded with Polymorphic Encryption ability. It made them safer from Probe team attacks. In case the Probe teams breach the base defenses, such units could stop mind-probe infiltrations or at least make them prohibitively expensive.

Some sentinel defenders were also equipped with Polymorphic Encryption protection. For the time being these precautions were just that, precautions. Cultist defending Probe teams were doing excellent jobs over and over; latest they got another boost in drop teams force and Covert Ops Center support.

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Re: AAR: Cha Dawn and The Cult of Planet - Will to power
« Reply #51 on: May 28, 2020, 08:50:36 PM »
Unexpected help

M.Y. 2364 scanner catch Caretaker AAA Fusion Foil destroying Drones Sea Formers, a surprising help. Caretakers sent one more ship to harass Drones; that was the extent of their aggression.

First Shard Copter was put in service, immediately attacking enemy ships. It unfortunately got quickly destroyed by armored cruiser probes. Military ships often had AAA protection versus air units – it seemed that Copters would not have large success in this war. Few more were in production queues. In coastal and sea bases Biology Labs and Sealurks were bred – Cha Dawn ordered attacking force to be assembled. Target – slightly isolated Domai Dome stronghold base.

Then first Covert Ops Center followed – the base proceeded to build experienced Probe team. On top of already positive odds in combat these extra trained Probe teams will be 25% stronger in combat.

Plan for land forces is to try to weaken southern Chainlink Break base. Aptly named, Chainlink Break, had key position controlling the access to eastern seas. Drones had multiple sea bases to the west and cruisers were all passing through the base on the way to battlefield. The problem was that it was heavily defended by more than ten defenders.

In M.Y. 2361 cultist forces were surrounding Domai Dome base. Air support and Sealurk reinforcement from nearby base were plenty enough to secure the base. By M.Y. 2163 Domai lost control of crucial base and of northern seas – the defense for The Cult was much simplified from this moment on.

Drones did immediately return the favor in the east by liberating Freedom’s Foundry. The Cult had recently taken the base by limited force.

The victory was bitter, there was no way Domai could hope to keep those north-eastern sea bases now when The Cult’s coastal cities were in full military mode. Cha Dawn already had plans to this time take both Freedom’s Foundry and Longshorman’s Quay.

The map of the Cult M.Y. 2363. - Southwest

The map of the Cult M.Y. 2363. – East

The Cult settled three new bases in newly conquered territory.

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Re: AAR: Cha Dawn and The Cult of Planet - Will to power
« Reply #52 on: June 02, 2020, 08:10:08 PM »
Worm attack and Secrets of Alpha Centauri

It took 50 years for history to repeat itself. Terror's delight causes another Chiron's reaction in M.Y. 2361. The last time mindworms ravaged the base and completely destroyed Children's Creche and Genejack Factory while also killing all defenders. This time The Cult reacted better and extensive damage was prevented – magtube were crucial to quickly reinforce the base.

The event was key learning experience for Cha Dawn.  The attack was focused and mindworms highly developed, Cha Dawn was witnessing the site himself. He tried to capture the creatures, but surprisingly, it failed. He tried again, harder – failed, again. Once more, and mindworms resisted the attempt of control effortlessly... Something was not right and the Prophet felt it; almost if something or someone was controlling them and completely blocking his influence. It was no even the fight of wills, just unbreakable wall he bumped into. A psi wall.

It was the moment when Cha Dawn realized that Deirdre is actually communicating with planet-mind through her dreams, or rather visions. Deirdre mentioned her dreams once to him, incoherent, confusing, even poems, then it got dark, threats of end. Cha Dawn considered it, but could not take it for truth. More like, he thought, Deirdre might have gone half-crazy under alien pressure and war and death. Like he almost expected that the planet should have talked to him.. how presumptuous of him.  Realization shook him – planet would going to kill the human race and Deirdre was the one who was warned.

Chiron bio-field strongly strengthened at a time. Once inexperienced Empaths – psi–trained humans increased their abilities two-fold, exhibiting inhuman powers. They were called Transcends now. Cha Dawn also grew ever stronger in his capabilities.

It didn't take long for many humans to catch up to strengthening Chiron bio-fields. Transcends were every growing and already using its potential - new secret project was in the works: The Dream Twister. It was terrifying project aimed to amplify deadly psi effects on unsuspecting victims - perfect military add-on to The Cult. Drones were on it as well, but intel suggested that The Cult will be faster to use it for its benefit.

The era also marks the capture of Chiron flying native life forms – The Locusts. The nature was going wild and unpredictable.

Recapturing western sea-bases

With stronger powers than ever Sealurks attack Drones sea bases, the attack was 75% stronger. Bombard support and Shard Invaders join as well and both bases quickly fall. This time attacking army brings in Probe Teams on time – no mind-probe retribution anymore. Approaching Drones Cruiser Probes were sunk by Sealurks.

Conventional weapon technology was closely following; Graviton (20) guns were entering the warfare. The counter to it, Antimatter Plate (16) armor first prototypes, were also in production.

The Gaians were following the latest technological improvements – Deirdre may be talking to the planet, but her industry could not follow The Cult's. She offered, likely stolen Nanominiaturization technology, in exchange for details on Secrets of Alpha Centauri. Tha Gaians could learn a lot about transcendance from Cha Dawn. The Prophet obliged, partnership with Deirdre was flawless all these years, and she was one of the keys to human understanding of the Planet.

Momentum switch

Cultists scouts reports first Drones Trance defenders – Foreman Domai realized he was in trouble, he needs to defend. Military estimations seem to be undoubtedly correct now, The Cult is having both technological and military edge. Sealurks started to dominate home seas winning the battles with 3:1 odds. And that was not all, with Dream Twister project soon to be complete, Sealurks will gain additional attack power – enough to fully swarm those large steel sea-bases.

Foreman really went hard on defense preparations – Miner's Freehold is the base where he is controlling The Manifold Harmonics secrets.

The Dream Twister – M.Y. 2372.

On the date of completion of The Dream Twister both Freedom's Foundry and Longshoreman's Quay fall to cultists forces. Data Angels come with Treaty of friendship offer – they appear to have been monitoring conflicts all this time – they recognize the power of The Cult. It appears Roze has overcome her critique of Fundamentalists in power in The Cult. She either was afraid or she realized it was Cha Dawn pulling the strings all along and that fundamentalism in The Cult was not what it seemed to be from outside. Regardless, Cha Dawn didn't really care – he had his eyes on Drones and the Planet, the treaty was convenient.

Quantum Lab

Following the completion of The Dream Twister the cultist build  another landmark facility, first ever Quantum Lab. The facility was built upon knowledge of many successful Fusion Labs in the empire now, bringing labs and energy levels in Dawn of Planet to impressive heights. Feat was that much more impressive as all of energy was extracted from fungus fields.

Fall of Stevedore Dock

Southern relatively small attacking force did not take yet real loses conquering Foreman's two sea bases so it continued its push. Stevedore Dock was lightly defended as well – Foreman concentrated his forces in the east to defend more important bases. Defenders didn't stand a chance – under heavy bombardment and Dream Twister attacks Stevedore Dock fell to The Cult.

Unfortunate loss of the conquest was Cultist's only Locusts of Chiron. The creature downed two Graviton Interceptors before dying to third attack.

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Re: AAR: Cha Dawn and The Cult of Planet - Will to power
« Reply #53 on: June 07, 2020, 10:44:50 AM »
Native special abilities

Following the fall of Salvadore Dock base and completion of Dream Twister Sealurks started to be real threat to Foreman's units, including land ones. Sealurks are able to use its psi power over distances and even the units on coast were not out of their reach. One of the brave, unsuspected empath drone attackers learned this on his own

Sealurks would also ignore Perimeter defenses at bases. Other native creatures had similar abilities as well. For example flying Locust did not have to rebase as Needlejets and they could capture and hold the base on its own.
The Cult unfortunately lost its only Locust and could not yet breed more of these rare creatures. The least airforce could do is to take revenge hit on drone who blown up the Locust.

Singularity Inductor

In M.Y. 2374 scientist in Quantum Lab in Dawn of Planet report their first significant breakthrough: creation of first artificial singularities, Earth's famous miniature black holes. Technology was weaponized into terrific Singularity Lasers(24) that could disintegrate everything on its path. Hitting the target and collateral was issue on its own, but weapon's power was immense.

The more interesting possibility was not in weaponizing this discovery, not that anybody had objections, but in possibility of creating matter out of energy of space. Star trek replicators a reality? It might be possible, but the project would be very expensive and long, estimates are around 2200 minerals. Huge undertake, but Cha Dawn was not expecting anything less than the best. One of the bases will soon start the project and The Cult had enough Supply Crawlers to help deliver immense quantity of resources needed for its completion.

Conquest spree – M.Y. 2375

In south-east the army continued its relentless attacks and, after Salvadore's Dock, Tanker's Rest base fell quickly. Foreman ran out of steam, his bases could not anymore produce enough cruisers to stop Sealurk advances and even his air superiority was  in question.

In south-west large Assembly Hall sea base was about to be conquered, all its defenders died trying to defend it. Assembly Hall base was strategically important as it controlled south entrance to The Cult waters. With it under control defending was simple and forces could easily focus and plan future attacks. Up to ten cultist's bases were producing Sealurks at a time on this front – they have become military machine that Drones could not match anymore. Soon their shores would be completely overrun. Foreman seems to concentrate most of his forces in Chainlink Break base – it was the one base where very little progress was made, partly because of inability to bombard it. Drones stationed there multiple Cruisers and bombardment could not focus and isolate single units to destroy them before they repair. But other eastern sea bases had much lighter defenses, a possible weakness to explout.

Planetary Council

With matter of wars under firm control, now mature and experienced Cha Dawn turned his attention to diplomacy. His faction was the most powerful on Chiron now, beating both aliens and Drones. Current Planetary Governor, Deirdre, lost several wars and it was obvious that she could not unite nor govern human relations; the need for change was in air for a long time. Cha Dawn used his opportunity, where Deirdre failed, he could rule with his immense power – he called on immediate Planetary Council meeting and nobody dared to truly object.

Foreman had to appear or he would lost what power he had left and Deirdre was aware the moment would come. Deirdre and Cha Dawn had a long friendly relationship – he knew she was losing interest in mundane politics for quite some time now, likely ever since she started to converse with the planet though her visions. She may not fully liked it, but in her own way both her and Cha Dawn knew she wanted more time for herself to explore connection to Planet-mind. This presidency wasn't going well for her afterall, who better to take it over than trusted ally.

On the day of voting, Roze smartly used the opportunity to barter for its own gains, extorting some valuables for her vote. She didn't dare to be too demanding at least so Cha Dawn did the pragmatic thing and said goodbye to 1000 energy credit.

Elected as new Planetary Governor his first move to enact Global Trade Pact. The Cult had great relations with everyone, but Domai, and could boost its power even more through commerce deals. The move pleased both Gaians and Data Angels as well.
Some bases, like Sporunner Sanctum produced significant amounts of energy just through commerce.

Floods and viruses – M.Y. 2375

In M.Y. 2375 sea levels rose once again – The Cult got some new lakes in the midst of its continent and some coastal land was gone for good. No bases were in danger. Prometheus Virus hit again in north but with lesser effect this time, thanks to Research Hospitals. The frequency of natural disasters appears to have increased.

It was the same year when aliens came back with threats. They did not attend Planetary Council, which was strictly human affair, but they sure wanted to make their presence notable. Guardian H'minee started with boasting about his Shard empath troops armored with Neutronium plates. Cha Dawn wasn't impressed.

That might led to more aggressive posture – probe team attacks. This time aliens learned from their attacks and they coordinated better. It was clear that Carapace Point could not protect from new waves of probe team incursions so Cha Dawn ordered maximum security measures to remove the chance of mind-controlling the base. It would be an act of war, but on Chiron probe team incursions were always a gray area – technically illegal, but everyone was scheming anyway.

Cha Dawn sternly warned Guardian H'minee to retreat back from cultists waters. It was the only option left to prevent probe incursion. Unsurprisingly, H'minee considered the warning an insult and recognized these waters as rightfully her own. Her ultimate solution was a new war... predictable. Cha Dawn was happy to oblige, he was interested in The Living Refinery for quite some time now.

The army was already present on borders – newly settled bases in once alien territory were developed  enough as well and ready to support the advance. Furthermore continental mag tube network was mostly functional and could support stream of reinforcements.
In other news, Gaians and Angels made a pact to attack weakened Drones. Everything was going according to plan.

Breaking the Caretakers

Probe teams stroke first – they killed last defender and stole Quantum Machinery technology. Sealurks were on the way trying to protect the base from new attacks.

To the east cultist attacks were in full swing. Guardian H'minee also showed that his threats were not empty – empath attackers killed several mindworms, but not without taking loses themselves.

The base falls by M.Y.2379 and army turns to Thought: Seed. The Guardian might counter mindworms with empath attackers, but he did not have adequate answer for Graviton (20) and Singularity (24) weapons.

On southern front things heat up. Either Gaians or Drones raised land bridge between factions – similar to one that The Cult use to attack aliens. Drones were in war with everyone, but even weakened that much they started to pressure Gaian bases already. Guardian H'minee used the oportunity to conquer one more base in south.

Fights continued – even Supply Crawlers defend well, but Singularity troops are well equipped and very experienced. New reinforcements also arrive regularly by mag tube network.

By M.Y. 2385 Vision: Sound was about to be conquered and The Cult gained the foothold in Monsoon Jungle.

Foreman and Drones could not anymore coordinate strong defense. M.Y. 2378 Seawork Cavern was conquered, but The Cult badly failed in attacks on Chalinlink Break base. Drones decided to heavily fortify that base – it was the last sea base stronghold to protect Miner's Freehold base.  Several Sealurks died in attacks and survivors had to satisfy with controlling the waters around while waiting for reinforcements. Cha Dawn was starting to look at alternatives, even creating a land bridge with Superformers could be an option.

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Re: AAR: Cha Dawn and The Cult of Planet - Will to power
« Reply #54 on: June 12, 2020, 09:37:05 PM »
Singularity Inductor

To speed up completion of revolutionary secret project The Cult introduced faction wide industry changes. Singularity Inductor was promising to create materials practically out of thin air – the possibilities were endless and any effort to bring it to completion justified. At +2 Industry even temporary Planned economy was acceptable. Efficiency and research suffered, but the project was cheaper for more than 400 minerals or 1600 energy credits. This change reduced the cost of rushing the remaining investement to slightly more than 2040 credits, a significant sum worth 5 year of The Cult’s income.

And finally, in M.Y. 2390, the project was completed – effectively increasing mineral production of every cultist base by 50%. With addition of Genejack Factories and Robotic Assembly Plants many bases were producing 20-30 minerals per turn, turning them into serious production centers for both military and civilian purposes.

At the same time first Sky Hydroponics facilities in orbit were completed. Revolutionary in its own sense, Sky Hydroponics pods marked the era of moving Chiron’s resource production into orbit. The Cult planned to make at least a dozen of these facilities and use the food to supply all of its bases across the world. The food from orbit would relieve the pressure and need of extracting it from planet’s fragile ecosystem.

Simultaneously to Singularity Inductor project, another base was working on developing Longevity Vaccine. Breakthroughs in biology and medicine, as well as many failures in handling Prometheus virus, opened up possibilities of significantly prolonging human life spans. It was estimated that, combined with gene therapy, humans could live at least up to 500 Chiron years. Faction leaders and governing elite had access to gene therapies for many years now and were in good health, certainly able to live much longer. The vaccine promised to expand the privilege to the rest of humanity as well.

The Cloudbase Academy project, systematic integration of Aerospace Complexes with orbital facilities, was the third one started in recent years. It was significant enterprise and built somewhat slower due to war effort and massive resources poured into Signularity Inductor. The initiative for the project was actually started by Roze and Data Angels who were now happy to sell their ideas and inventions and try to befriend Cha Dawn. They likely also realized they could not complete the project of this size themselves. That didn’t stop them to try to complete other projects, one such was Nethack Terminus project, that strengthened their probe teams.

War front

In south Drones lost one more base to Sealurk attacks. In late 2380s years they started to train their crews Trance abilities to fight off Sealurks. Even though Trance Cruisers fared better in combat, Sealurks could still sink them with intensified dream twister attacks. Needlejets also proved effective in dealing with these lesser armored variant of Cruisers.

For a time it seemed that strong attacks in the north helped Gaians as they managed to liberate two of their bases from Caretakers.

But their success was short lived – Drones swooped in with Probe teams and superior troops from the west. Gaians quickly started to lose bases one by one.
By M.Y. 2391. The Cult had conquered four monsoon jungle bases and The Caretaker’s resistance was waning. Balance of nature base, last of alien strongholds, held The Living Refinery – the ultimate goal of the war. It was also more and more likely that fight versus Drones in south is unavoidable.

To prepare for expanded south front formers were hastily expanding mag tube network. Monsoon jungle bases rushed basic facilities and defenses in efforts to support troops. Development was blazingly quick between abundant food production of monsoon terrain and large energy reserves poured into rushing infrastructure. Some of the alien facilities could also be repurposed, although in most cases aliens were thorough at scrapping and destroying everything that was remotely valuable.

Gaians also lost Vale of Winds base to probe team infiltrations, fourth of their western bases fell to Drones.

M.Y. 2393. Fall of Freedman’s Park and The Neural Amplifier

Foreman had one more ace in his sleeve – intel reported that The Miner’s Freehold is nearing the completion of The Neural Amplifier project. The project boosted Drones defenses against psi attacks effectively nullifying Dream Twister of The Cult. But there was still a way to act and counter Foreman’s new weapon: Miner’s Freehold base is located on northern coast, now accessible to The Cult. Cultist could not conquer Chainlink Break base, but other bases around like Freedman’s Park could not stand attacks. Miner’s Freehold was no exception – its defenses consisted of four defenders, thirds or fourth of those in Chainlink Break.

Cha Dawn construed the plan: Foreman will be allowed to complete the project, while The Cult prepares invasion. Upon completion, the forces will invade the base and capture The Neural Amplifier, as well as other secret projects located in the base. From that point The Cult can invade Drones mainland.

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Re: AAR: Cha Dawn and The Cult of Planet - Will to power
« Reply #55 on: June 18, 2020, 08:06:47 PM »
Centauri Genetics

In M.Y. 2393, during heavy psi warfare operations against the aliens, cultist researchers make a new significant breakthrough in modifying native life genetic code. Experiments on live specimens and testing in battlefield eliminated many research dead ends. Finally, recent appearances and capture of Locusts of Chiron added final piece of the puzzle – The Cult had practically gained full capabilities of genetic engineering on native life organisms

Locusts of Chiron are deciphered and understood completely, they can be both bred and enhanced. Furthermore, natural environment facilities – Brood Pits - for genetic experiments on native lifeforms are built on Cha Dawn orders in every cultists city. Brood Pits incorporate all acquired knowledge on native life flourishing and engineer environment to breed all kinds of native life forms in exceptionally efficient ways.

Applications were numerous, one also led to improved fungus resource extractions. Mining minerals was the hardest tasks of all and with some clever engineering even that was possible. The Cult's fungus resources extractions were developed to such high level that there was no real need to extract resources from anywhere else. Mines and boreholes still provided higher mineral outputs, but at a cost of nutrients, which in turn meant less working population – and likely less resource production in long term.

Another wondrous effect of Brood Pits and Centauri Genetics was strengthening police effect of native life forms. Three easily bred Spore Launchers could quell total of nine drones.

The Pholus Mutagen project

The next logical step of application was in human cell engineering:  human genetic engineering was no taboo on Chiron for hundreds of years already. It was only natural to assume that at one point humans could be improved with Chiron native lifeform genetic material – that was The Pholus Mutagen project in essence.

Developing safe mutagen on humans was a huge task, but in theory it was possible to enhance humans to attune to fungus terrain and gain similar combat edge as mindworms  had. Worthy improvement for cultists who practically lived in fungus fields for last 100 years. Mutagen could also be used in various other application, one being to enhance bred life forms to even stronger levels. The Cult had the capability at this point to breed Demon Boil mindworms.

Cha Dawn ordered Terror's Delight to divert resources accumulated for Cloudbase Academy to The Pholus Mutagen Project.

Overrunning the aliens

Native life armada was now bred faster than ever with addition of Brood Pits. Multiple Sealurks and Mindworms were approaching Guardian H'minee's bases. Soon all the sea bases and monsoon jungle will fall to The Cult.

Intel also reports at this time that The Cult is superior to other human and alien faction in every possible field, from economy to military, wealth, population, technology, pretty much in every imaginable worthy field.
But when everything is going perfect, there's always that something to sting, at least a bit. This time its one cultists inherent weakness. Economy „experts“ managed to mishandle such paradigm economy and lose a few thousands energy credits. A minor setback.

Foreman Domai mistaken this slight mishandling with weakness, trying to organize council meeting to elect himself as Planetary governor. Maybe it was a try out of desperation, maybe a miscalculation, whatever the case, Cha Dawn on its own had enough votes to guarantee victory. With faithful Deirdre support there was no ever chance that Foreman could be elected, even if Roze would sell her votes as she did last time.

World: Within Worlds

M.Y. 2394: While sieging Phantom Forces and Sea: Wind bases the opportunity present itself for mindful cultist commanders. World: Within Worlds, most western alien base, was under attacks from Drones aviation and at the moment defenseless. Sealurks were ready and the base conquered – Guardian H'minee had only two sea bases left. His most norther sea base was conquered recently as well.

At the same time Prometheus virus strikes again. Was it really alien design, bio-weapon? This time The Cult was finally ready, The Longevity Vaccine completely negated viruses deadly effects. This will be the end of alien mischief on Chiron, its most likely them who engineered the virus in the first place. The first outbreak known to The Cult was in Monsoon Jungle - likely one of their first experiments with this bio weapon.

Terror's Delight finishes The Pholus Mutagen Project, making cultist troops stronger than ever.

And then produces first scary Demon Boil Spore Launcher for police duties.

The fall of Balance of Nature: The Living Refinery

M.Y. 2395. Balance of Nature, last alien stronghold in monsoon jungle falls to relentless attacks. In aftermath aliens try to flee the base in panic. Cha Dawn gives the order to kill or capture every alien on this continent. Guardian H'minee empire was clinging on only 5 bases.

The base was also the sight of famed Living Refinery, unique project that uses microbes to engineer and support military industry. Cultist military commanders wanted this project under their control for a long time – military support was lacking all this time due to huge requirements of Thought Control engineering (-3 Support).

Troops advanced quickly, already by M.Y. 2396. Aliens had only two bases left. First clashes on continent were also initiated against Drones, who conquered all western Deirdre bases. Cha Dawn coordinated plans with Deirdre, it was decided that at least for awhile any captured bases by The Cult will stay in their protection. Deirdre could not defend on its own against Drones, losing to both advanced military and probe teams. Both agreed to completely eliminate Guardian H'minee from Chiron once for all otherwise she would expand and plot again. Whatever the plan aliens are having for Chiron, it was certain now, it wasn't in best interest of any human.

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Re: AAR: Cha Dawn and The Cult of Planet - Will to power
« Reply #56 on: June 19, 2020, 12:21:36 AM »
Awesome story, man! I enjoyed it like a book. Actually, it is better than the book to live this game.

You definitely have a talent. Don't deny it.

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Re: AAR: Cha Dawn and The Cult of Planet - Will to power
« Reply #57 on: June 23, 2020, 05:45:47 PM »
Awesome story, man! I enjoyed it like a book. Actually, it is better than the book to live this game.

You definitely have a talent. Don't deny it.

Thanks man! : )  :danc: :danc: :danc:

M.Y. 2396

Near the final days of Guaridan H'minee on Chiron, Conqueror Marr strikes a deal with Foreman Domai to attack The Cult. It looked like that his everlasting war with H'minee had no point anymore, he won't be able to even deal the final blow. The news comes as northern part of the continent was in full military production mode; the troops trained there were sent all the way to east to fight H'minee's defenders. As response to declaration of war small token force was sent to northern coastal cities.

Conqueror's Marr faction was situated near northern pole. After early wars versus The Cult, Marr continued with many escalations over the Chiron with other factions, attacking mostly without success. He even lost some sea bases temporarily to probe team attacks. All this fighting and focus on war by the end of 2390s meant that Usurpers were firmly behind strongest factions on the planet in economy and technology.

There was no need for immediate action by The Cult, priority was on other fronts. Marr threatened a few times, surprise attacking into monsoon jungle.

Drones Power switch

In south, Foreman was as always going reckless on ecology. His bases were producing huge amounts of minerals, but intel reports that he recently changed his Social Engineering to more military Power values, taking a hit in his capacities. Certainly that loss of several large sea bases caused disarray among The Drones, turning them to Power to strengthen military. As result their Industry production is more expensive, but it can be expected that their units will fight somewhat better.

Drones certainly needed to focus on military more as their insistence on Eudaimonic society made them soft and complacent. Eudaimonia proved ill fit for Chiron hostile environment once more in Gaian example. If Cha Dawn didn't intervene in their wars Gaians would have likely lost all their bases by M.Y. 2400.

Increasingly more of The Cult's unit was promoted to deadly Elite status. Singularity Choppers were in recent years able to down even once superior Drone airforce.

Liberation of Garden of Paradise

Main attacking south force cut through alien territory and was now engaged in siege of former Deirdre's base: Garden of Paradise. The base was still heavily populated by Gaians, although now controlled by Drone military. Mindworms ferociously attacked Neutronium defenders situated there. Battle hardened creatures did not have too many problems overrunning defenders, Power focus did not made much impact to their combat abilities afterall.

In M.Y. 2397. Garden of Paradise falls to focused attack. Large attacking force proceeded to attack next nearest base. Little further in the north, alien Sea: Wind base was defending with last of what it had left. Guardian H'minee was in base organizing defense, but he could not match the force of Sealurks and Singularity Needlejets.

Guardian H'minee demise

Two years later, M.Y. 2399 Sea: Wind falls and alien leader is captured together with last free remaining Caretaker aliens.

Cha Dawn planned special treatment for new guests. Psi strengthened probes and interrogation techniques will try to dig out whatever the aliens have been hiding about their plans. Caretakers seem to have history with this place, secrets of Manifolds and fungus origin seem to be connected with their race. Cha Dawn was determined to get to the bottom of it.

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Re: AAR: Cha Dawn and The Cult of Planet - Will to power
« Reply #58 on: June 29, 2020, 04:46:52 PM »
Breaking the Drones

With the Guardian H'minee out of the picture full military might of The Cult could focus on overrunning key Drones bases. Foreman's troops were not as numerous as in earlier years due to loss of many large sea-bases. They also lost both naval and air supremacy and cultists were able to now consider invasions. One such was in preparation for some time on  his mainland. Second vector of attack from the east, battle-hardened troops passing through monsoon jungle were already attacking Drones positions.

Foreman had two last novelties in the war. First was accidentally spotted Hover Tank Enchanced Singularity Probe team, armored with no less than state of the art Antimatter armor. This one was probably heading to one of last alien bases as Drones were clashing with them as well. Conventional units had real problems breaking antimatter armors (16), but The Cult had large mindworm force ready to deal with them. They were still very dangerous as they could faster than rover probe teams and also easily go through rough terrain.

Second ace in Foreman's sleeve was Neural Amplifier project that cultist spies discovered few years earlier. By M.Y. 2399 the project was completed.

Drones now have +50% defense against any PSI attacks, practically negating Dream Twister enhanced attacks.

This project eliminated one of the greatest cultist advantages in the war, but the response was in preparation for a time already. Miner's Freehold is located on the coast and defended currently with only 3 anti-air defenders. Foreman upgraded his units to anti-air weaponry, possibly expecting Locusts of Chiron attacks (which was good presumption as many were in breeding process), but making them weaker versus Sealurks and Mindworms.
Still Neural Amplifier was not final answer by any means, mindworms were ferocious attackers and they could still overwhelm defenders consistently and from the east The Cult had quite a few experienced conventional troops.

Besides Cha Dawn had prepared surprise of his own. Singularity powered long-range conventional missiles! These could easily fly over continents and annihilate unprotected units in an instant.

Locusts of Chiron were already nearby as well dealing with what little air force Foreman had left. Two tiles north of Miner's Freehold Singularity artillery as in position and started shelling of the base.

Fall of Chiron Preserve

Under relentless attacks Chiron preserves fall in M.Y. 2400. Not even Neural Amplifier was enough to stop attackers.

Sealurks used their maneuverability to intercept many reinforcements on coasts. It was one of their unique ability to annihilate units on coast, making them superior to conventional ships. Conventional ships could bombard the units, but against heavy armor inflicted damage was most often minimal.

Miner's Freehold attack

M.Y. 2400 marked the beginning of the invasion on Drones continent. Several years of preparation and attacks on nearby sea bases culminated with attack on Miner's Freehold.

Near Chainlink Break base, which proved quite unbreakable, large force was ready to amphibiously attack the base. Gamma Sector base had prepared several Drop Pod Probe Teams ready to reinforce the base the second it was conquered. Defenders were already somewhat battered from artillery attacks.

Intel reported that Miner's Freehold was also developing new kind of even stronger defensive armor – the time to attack was perfect. The attack force was unstoppable and Miner's Freehold base conquered in M.Y. 2400. Sealurks proceeded to lay waste to nearby units while the Probe Teams reinforced the base.

Locusts cleaned up the airforce in the area.

Secret projects

The first step in new foothold on the continent was to pacify local population. The base had huge mineral production, but the population needed to be controlled and put to work. Spore launchers were perfect guards, each could control up to three drones for total of 9 drones. Cultists were also careful not to create too much collateral damage and the base had many facilities preserved.

Most importantly it was the sight of many secret projects. The famous Human Genome project databases were here – allowing the holder of the project to spot and nurture the talents from birth.  Human Genome project had population-wide impact making every citizen and every base in The Cult that much better.

The Hunter-Seeker Algorithm project headquarters were also captured. Now it was the Foreman's Probe Teams who would have to try to break through this terrific weapon. HSA was 100% efficient in killing conventional probe teams and Enhanced Probe teams, that Foreman had access to, had only at most 50% chance to survive the attack. Although not a full protection HSA was great deterrent to  Probe team attacks as these Enhanced Probe teams were 50% more expensive to produce and still were not guaranteed to succeed in their actions. And lastly, The Neural Amplifier was in firm control of The Cult now. Foreman had no chance to mount a counter attack against such large force in Miner's Freehold.
The plans were made to attack both Chainlink Break and the capital, Free Drone Central. Both still had more than a dozen defenders, but The Cult at this point had even more troops to attack. Furthermore, military production in the Cult was rampant, now boosted with Brood Pits facilities.

Logistics was somewhat of the issue as transporting psi units over the sea was inefficient, but Sealurks could do the fighting as well.  In meantime the attacks from the east were becoming even stronger as mag tube network secured steady supply of reinforcements.

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Re: AAR: Cha Dawn and The Cult of Planet - Will to power
« Reply #59 on: June 29, 2020, 06:56:57 PM »

Sealurks used their maneuverability to intercept many reinforcements on coasts. It was one of their unique ability to annihilate units on coast, making them superior to conventional ships.

I never knew that!  Of course I've been attacked by wild ones plenty of times, but it's unusual to capture one, or have it live long enough to do much good.  By the time they become available in the game, particularly in my mod which puts them a bit later, lots of other things have typically already determined how the game is going to go.  "Coastal denuding" is not usually the thing to do.


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