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Stuck on "Redsy" Forum Theme


Hans Lemurson:
I was playing around with the different Forum themes/skins and when I tried out the "Redsy" theme, it did such a good job of removing clutter from the webpage that the entire right panel is gone.
I now have

* no polls
* no download lists
* no quotesbut most critically...

* No options panel for changing themes!!!I think I'm stuck.
Unless there's some setting somewhere or an option to reveal a hidden panel, but I can't seem to find any.
Now, it's not a bad theme...but I don't like being stuck, and there's a general principal to be upheld here.

This also seems like the sort of thing that the Admins might want to know about...

Buster's Uncle:
Sorry 'bout that - I'm to blame for the other themes.  Draz put that one in, something about being phone-friendly?

It's so console-hostile that I can't even get into the .css code to put any features back.  Not a favorite, but I don't do these modern phones, and I'm sure the other themes look terrible on them...

Hans Lemurson:
Yeah, it looks like it just plain stops a bunch of elements from loading.
I would always get a small bit of text at the bottom of the screen saying something like "cannot load pramx_below"

I tried using Chrome's HTML inspect feature to see if I could un-hide the right panel, but found that it was simply entirely absent from the page.

I will say that the forums loaded very quickly and smoothly while on Redsy, though! 
But thanks for re-setting my theme.


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