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Re: Kittehz!
« Reply #1950 on: October 11, 2020, 04:08:41 AM »
Last night Bruce jumped Chester, and raked him with both claws twice and hissed. Chester didn't say anything ( but it was almost as if he was counting to ten ) 1.He looked at him... 2.crouched.. 3.put his ears back.. 4.stared... 5.stared... Bruce fled. Maybe Chester was protected by his bobcat style thick undercoat.
Regardless, he's like some badass from a spaghetti western.

Guest cats are here again. Bruce is his clever but crazy self. He and Chester II met at an intersection by the pet fountain. Mexican stand-off. Chester is backed up against an end table. To Chester's right is the front entry, a dead end. To his front is Bruce. To his left is the only possible escape route between the couch and coffee table, but he has to turn broadside to Bruce to go there. Lots of cat growls. Bruce raked Chester with both claws three times while Chester just stared at him.  Then Chester suddenly throttled him with both "hands".  When Chester sat back down, he stared at Bruce and spit a big mouthful of black cat hair at Bruce. ( Apparently he bit Bruce as he was choking him, but it was far too fast for me to notice ).

At this point I intervened and picked Chester up. I was afraid I'd be taking my niece's cat to the animal hospital after the next bite.

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Re: Kittehz!
« Reply #1951 on: October 11, 2020, 01:46:19 PM »
It's a War of the Worlds. ;)

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Re: Kittehz!
« Reply #1952 on: Today at 02:15:43 AM »
Moses got into something two or three years ago that irritated his tail stub -maybe poison ivy, and this is all guessing- and he's been chewing on it and keeping it in sad shape since.

Thursday night, he knocked on my window just past my bedtime, and when I ran a hand over him inside, there was puss on my hand.  There was an impressive rope of it laying atop his stub tail, which I wiped off, then deliberately gave the swollen stub a squeeze.  Then there was a faintly bloody second impressive rope of puss.

I told Mamma yesterday, and found stains on the newspaper he slept on (on a table in front of Carman, the paper mache man).  In the evening, when Moses had come inside much earlier, I got him up on the bar and pet/held him so Momma could get a good look at his tail -there's a gross round hole standing open on top- she agrees that we're gonna have to take him in for professional treatment Monday.

We MUST find a way to keep him from eating his own butt anymore, keeping it inflamed and infected all the time.  I fear they'll just want to cut it off.  I will report as things develop.


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