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Unwelcome/Suspect PM activity


Buster's Uncle:
I'd hate to zap a new member just for spending a lot of time sending PMs w/o knowing exactly what's up, but --- would anyone happen to have anything to report on that front?


No Sir, not at all.

Buster's Uncle:
...At about 7:15 PM, I sent a PM insisting on a break and some explanation.  When there had been no response or change around 8:45, I duly perma'd it.

-I'd be twitchy if someone like Rusty, or gwilly, or Elok -fellows I simply cannot imagine getting up to no good- were sending PMs for 10 hours straight.  One can only hope it only bothered other bot accounts...

I assume sending PM's also eats up one or the other data limit for the site?

Buster's Uncle:
There is that.


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