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Buster's Uncle:
Hey Rusty-

Is Rand Paul fired yet?

Rusty Edge:
I gave up on him a year or so ago … maybe two years. I figured out that his principled filibuster stands were really just an e-mail fund raiser scheme. He'd say the right things about foreign adventures becoming unconstitutional wars, or Homeland security overreach breaching The Constitution, but then he'd always vote with Trump and the GOP to confirm Jeff Sessions or fund Homeland, Defense, or whatever it was he was railing against. Maybe it was three years ago. Time flies.

More interesting is my wife, a die-hard Republican, who has contacted her GOP congressman and senator, first to beg them to stand up to Trump, then to tell them she was ashamed of them and that they were fired. Now she's talking about cleaning house in terms of money and votes (not volunteer hours, she's never done that ) to rid ourselves of every elected Trump supporter here. Richard Painter in neighboring MN is a current favorite of hers.

Rusty Edge:
NH Primary
1) Sanders
2) Warren
3) Buttigieg

Buster's Uncle:

I would just like to note that Biden called a woman a "lying, dog-faced pony soldier."  That is awesome and I would like to vote for him to continue our "addled old man who utters gibberish" political tradition.  Mmm, covfefe.


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