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Detailsland raisingland raising
MY 2108.  I wonder if this has made a peninsula out of an island?  I could only know by looking at my saved game in the Scenario Editor.  By the time it's ok for me to do that, I will have long since forgotten about this detail of the game.  This sort of thing is why weasel words like 'probably' get used in initial terrain descriptions.  The game has some algorithms that actively subvert coastal channel boundaries at times.  One of the most insidious is when encountering the Monsoon Jungle with Pirates camped just offshore.  Not only are earthquakes common in such instances, but they will ruin the Jungle and suddenly give the Pirates a land base, ruining your claim on it!

Detailslong distance phone calllong distance phone call
MY 2112.  I find the commlink for the Cyborgs in a supply pod.  They sign a Treaty.  They're not interested in a Pact.  They don't have any new techs.  I ask them for commlink frequencies of the University and the Gaians, but they don't have them.  They sign off.

Detailsset up a completionset up a completion
MY 2114.  One of the early game tricks of the trade, is to change one's production just before popping a supply pod.  Make it something expensive, like a prototype (which cost 3X in my mod), or a unit with all the chassis, armor, and ability bells and whistles.  You might get a completion event, and now you'll have this great unit!  Prototypes are the most likely to be completed in this fashion, but as you can see, it works for units you already know how to build as well.  A completion event affects the nearest city, so you don't have to change production in all your cities, just the ones nearest the pod to be popped.

At the beginning of the game you are probably making a lot of Scouts.  Changing the production of those to something else, doesn't have any penalty as it's under 10 minerals.  Change it back when you don't get a completion, so that you don't get stuck producing an expensive unit forever.  This trick may seem like a bit of an exploit, but it's within the rules, and you do take penalties switching production over 10 minerals.  So, don't do that.  It's a Scout thing.

DetailsClean Reactor available at startClean Reactor available at start
In my mod, Clean Reactors are available from the start of the game.  This is to help the AI not run out of SUPPORT.  You can use it too, and it's not cheating because the AI is doing it as well.  Clean Reactor units take longer to make than regular units.  It's a tradeoff of production speed vs. conserving your production rate.  When a base doesn't have much food, and a Colony Pod would complete before enough food is available for it, a Clean Scout is the best cheapest thing to produce instead.  I just finished one and it's ready to move.  Note that my base supports 1 Clean Scout and 2 regular Scouts, exhausting my free support.

Similarly, a Clean Former can be a good early thing to build when SUPPORT runs out.  However it costs more than a Clean Scout.  The AI builds plenty of Clean Formers.  Don't feel guilty about building your own.  If you are experienced with the original game, this may feel like cheating to you.  But once you're at midgame and have all sorts of minerals output, you don't even need Clean units.  They're really only a help at the beginning of the game, when nobody has many minerals.  That's the math.

In my mod, Fission Colony Pods and Sea Colony Pods are Clean, at no extra cost compared to the original game.  This again is to help the AI keep its SUPPORT.  You get to benefit from this too.  The AI has a nasty tendency to produce more Colony Pods than it makes judicious use of.  It will also get a fair number of them killed.  Better not to have its SUPPORT drained out for its stupidity.

Detailsthe world as we know itthe world as we know it
MY 2123.  Long range scans say I'm on an island.  It's not possible for these last little unexplored bits to connect to anything else.  At least I won't have to deal with land enemies if I don't want to.  Heck, I don't necessarily have to deal with anybody!  I could sit back and wait for the techs needed to nuke everyone.  I'll probably want to steal stuff though.  Got 3 advanced research factions after all.  They won't discover exactly the same things as they all have somewhat different research foci.  Plus I'll need to steal techs from the 2 pure Build factions in the game.

The Cyborgs won't talk to me.  The graph shows them to be stillborn.  I wouldn't be surprised to get a Faction Eradicated message soon.  I've lessened the chances of it happening, but any AI faction is capable of making extremely dumb early moves that get things killed, or just don't result in viable early settlement.


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