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Halloween and Thanksgiving


I made a request to keep the Halloween theme for quite awhile after it was generally available to everyone.  That was pretty cool.  It's not Halloween anymore so belatedly, I decided it was finally time to move on.  Poking around at the user controls, I found the way to change things to Thanksgiving.  So now I'm doing it!  I don't really know what's up yet, but I see leafy stuff, wheaty stuff, and a turkey watermarked in the background.  Time to gas them all.

A little weird: why was the above all done with underlines in my Firefox browser?  Don't know about other browsers, haven't checked.  Hmm, I see the buttons [Save]_[Spell Check]_[Cancel] have underlines beneath the in between bits as well.

Yes, actually all text in every post everywhere is underlined.

Buster's Uncle:
Some bug in the theme I was never able to track down...

I'm just going to regard everything I read as highly emphasized until after Turkey Day.

I've moved on to the Winter theme now.  It makes me feel a lot more chill about the massive Global Warming exercise I'm about to undertake in the AAR section.


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