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Streaming Alpha Centauri!


Trench Dog:
So I just wanted to bring this to everyone's attention. I configured OBS to where it can properly record Alpha Centauri, albeit its a bit clunky, and I can both stream and record video with it.

I'm thinking for anyone interested I'll do a stream of Alpha Centauri sometime on Sunday, say about 1 PM Mountain Standard time. I'll make a post on here just to remind you folks but I'll do a live stream of Alpha Centauri and you guys can tune in here:

Buster's Uncle:
Linkback the forum, willya?  Best place for a viewer to talk with you at any length...

Trench Dog:
Will do, will be posting the forum link in a few discord servers too for people to chime in on in here.

Trench Dog:
Reminder: Streaming in roughly 25 minutes-half hour, stream will go on for about 2 hours or so.

Debating whether to showcase my mods, completely random factions or to roll with the originals.

What do you folks think?

Trench Dog:
Streaming now folks!

Edit: Stream concluded, thanks for tuning in folks!


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