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Transcendence in 60 turns

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Some folks here might know of my old report for a speed-run to transcendence victory in 76 turns.  I did a new run and writeup to improve on that, and got it all the way down to 60.  Base unmodded SMAC, transcend difficulty.  It's posted on my site here:

Buster's Uncle:
Impressive; I fancy myself quite the SP exploit master, but you used at least two cheats that are new by me.  ;b;  (I know one that makes Transcendence on the second turn possible, but few have the patience.  I, myself, have never actually bothered.)

-Note your custom title just granted...

"But muh exploits, REEEEE"

Intuitively it's easy to see various loopholes in the game, but it seems a lot harder to picture how they will affect the game progression when you combine all of them into a single run. I'd guess it's the linear vs. exponential distinction. With multiple exploits, you gain a "multiplicative" benefit of all the effects they are individually able to produce.

Buster's Uncle:
Oh, the time warp cheat isn't even playing the game.  Respect for these speed runs.

Small phenomena are impressive!  It makes me wonder if anything applies to a much larger map though.


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