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Casual 2020 - challenge game
« on: May 27, 2020, 04:50:37 PM »

Casual 2020
A challenge scenario.

FACTION: Peacekeepers (Forced to play it)
DIFFICULTY: Free to choose

Based on MGM mod.
Expect longer game and several times more turns, than usually.

- Unzip the folder "Casual2020" to scenario folder of SMAX.
- Start the scenario from game menu.
- When playing the game/reloading, etc., do not move/remove the "Casual2020" folder, you will loose mod modifications otherwise.

Victory Conditions
Only 2 victory conditions are selected:
* Transcendence
* Economic

Map not visible
Blind research
flexible starting locations

There is no real competition, just what you make for yourself. It is casual game after all.
Try the following for your own enjoyment:
1. Survive till some AI faction wins.
2. Win by any of the two selected victory conditions.
3. If there are AAR reports on this game, try to win sooner than the best reported game.

IT is CASUAL game, so take your time. Remember, that this game will last longer. The MGM mod has only few changes in the rules, you may not notice them in some cases. From hints for early game remmber:
- Doctor specialists give also Lab points. They can speed up your research in first turns.


* Technology discovery rate is decreased to 10 %.
* All Specialists (except Transcendi) give more lab points.
* Base square gets 3 nutrients. Was 2.

* Increased maintenance of:
Tree Farm, Hybrid Forest, Fusion Lab, Quantum Lab.

* Increased costs of chassis: Needlejet, Copter, Gravship.
* Decreased cost and maintenance of Aerospace Complex.
* AAA bonus is increased to 120 %.
* Cloudbase Academy costs 80 mineral rows.

* Ending mission years declared at MY 3500 and MY 4000.
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Re: Casual 2020 - challenge game
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