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This is something I just incidentally became aware of, bringing it up here because I'm not sure where else: over at CivFanatics, a guy named TheNamelessOne has been methodically hacking the devil out of Civ2 Test of Time for the past five years or so.  He's now got it so that it's basically a whole different game, with drool-inducing features like a vastly more robust scripting language (with no file size limit) and greatly expanded unit, city, gold, tech, and other limits.
Just for example, there are videos on YouTube of a Conquest of Gaul scenario where units are given projectile attacks.  Just press a button with an acceptable unit selected, and a "slingstones" or "arrows" missile unit is created on the same tile, with the launcher charged movement points for the privilege.  The scripting is sophisticated enough that a ballista can only fire if it's on a prepared site.  In the same scenario, you can "hire" auxiliaries by moving a unit onto a barbarian village tile and pressing a key.  You lose a thousand gold and get a new soldier on the tile.  Bam.
Now, this is Civ2TOT, not SMAC, but the sheer versatility and power of this doohickey suggests that, if you want a SMAC-flavored scenario, you can probably have it, and if you can't now he might add the required functionality soon.  It's wild.  https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/the-test-of-time-patch-project.517282
If this has been brought up already and I'm just wretchedly late to the party, sorry, and BUncle, do move this if there's a more appropriate location.  It just struck me as the kind of thing I'd have gone nuts for back in the day when I had free time to fiddle with rules.txt and the like.  I have other projects now, but I do like to see the young people having fun.

Oh.  Yeah, I guess this works as a forum for it too.  Heh.  Sorry.

Buster's Uncle:
[shrugs] We luvs us some CivII
-but, you know, it's an AC forum...

Have you looked at the bloody thing?  They've got guys simming weather with it!  Drifting cloud patterns!

Buster's Uncle:
Sounds awsemose.


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