Author Topic: Late Game [MGM][0_5] scenario for Gaians  (Read 178 times)

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Late Game [MGM][0_5] scenario for Gaians
« on: November 17, 2018, 02:19:50 PM »
Something to try. A game on a standard size planet.
Original 7 factions. Playing Gaians, and the "background" mod is MGM (Minimal changes for maximal Gameplay improvement Mod), version 0.5

It is Late Game, although we start in 2101 with classical landing.

Place unzipped folder in your "scenarios" game subfolder.
Unmarked zip is for vanilla game (official game version - unmodded, GOG, Planetary Pack, scient, kyrub, etc.), version for Yitzi patch is marked [Y3_5].

Start game choosing: SCENARIO > PLAY SCENARIO
Navigate to scenario folder and select "" file.
- You can choose difficulty level, and also your faction, but this game is intended for Gaians, and their level is Transcend. All other AI factions would be on Librarian.
- Additionally, when you start or load a save from this game, you should also get a description about how to check, you have the modified from mod rules in this game.
- Research is directed, this will make a bit easier to play in early game especially.

Any you choose for your game.
The MGM is intended to fix several most gameplay problematic issues, see the next post with details.
Expect a game of around 500-700 turns, if you play builder style with transcendence aim.
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Offline Mart

Re: Late Game [MGM] scenario for Gaians
« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2018, 02:25:35 PM »

= = = = = = = LIST OF CHANGES = = = = = = =
* Technology discovery rate is decreased to 20 %.
* Intrinsic base defense is increased to 35 %.
* AAA bonus is increased to 120 %.
* Base square gets 3 nutrients.
* Increased costs of chassis: Needlejet, Copter, Gravship.
* Increased maintenance of facilities: Energy Bank, Tree Farm, Hybrid Forest, Fusion Lab, Quantum Lab.
* Decreased cost and maintenance of Aerospace Complex.
* Decreased cost of: Network Node and Biology Lab.
* Ascent to Transcendence costs 3000 +/- 300/industry.
* Cloudbase Academy costs 800 +/- 80/industry.
* Planetary Energy Grid costs 500 +/- 50/industry.
* Specialists: Librarian, Thinker, Transcend give 6 lab points.
* Ending mission years declared at MY 3500 and MY 3600.


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