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Detailsthe extra terrestrialthe extra terrestrial
This sad sack is going to build Subspace Generators!  I've never won a game by Progenitor Victory before.  This After Action Report demonstrates the awesome capabilities of my SMACX AI Growth mod version 1.19.  This is played on a Huge map with average settings on Transcend difficulty.  My purpose is to test several factions for their robustness, and this alien ugly is just the excuse I need.

The Data Angels have been getting their butts kicked in various test games I've played.  I've realized they have no advantages in practice at the beginning of the game, which is when they usually get killed.  They can gain any tech known to 3 factions, but only if they've infiltrated them.  I've realized it's way too much to ask the AI to do that, especially on Huge maps or larger.  So the new Data Angels don't need to infiltrate!  They just sit back and let free tech roll in.  Problem solved?  We'll see.

In my last test game, the Morganites tried to corner the energy market and win Economic Victory!  They almost succeeded.  It only cost them 1000 credits to do it, which is egregiously cheap.  In version 1.18 I took away the easy money from Democratic politics, so I hope Morgan can't do this anymore.  I need to find out for sure.

A modder who precipitated a lot of the changes that are going into 1.19, complained that the Cybernetic Consciousness was getting its butt kicked in his games.  I've not seen that in my own games; they're typically a research powerhouse.  He didn't start his games in what I call "the usual way", so maybe that's the problem.  We'll see if some weakness has developed in Cybernetic play.

I've been worried that the Believers might be too vanilla and weak compared to other factions now.  However they do have a new ace up their sleeve: immunity to mind control.  That's not the same as immunity to all probe team actions, but it's very helpful when on the offensive.  Let's see if they can keep up!

The Usurpers are chosen to oppose me, and to provide another violent faction.  It should be noted that in my mod, the Aliens are no more powerful than other factions.  They don't get free recycling tanks and their armor has been stripped.  We get to direct our research, but we have social engineering penalties to offset that.  Mine is that I have -1 POLICE, the only faction in my mod with this liability.  Marr's is -1 PLANET, again the only such faction.

I round out the ensemble with the Pirates.  In my mod they are passive and their fixation is Wealth.  Don't let that fool you: with a minerals and energy rich moat all around them, they are a formidable foe!  They are destined to clash with the Usurpers whose fixation is Power.  They don't have an inherent beef with anyone else, and that's a deliberate choice on my part.

The Data Angels' fixation is Thought Control.  Thus they are destined to fight the Consciousness, but not until late midgame.  That's when Future Society choices become available in my mod.  They are not overpowered, and a large portion of the game is played with 4 social engineering choices.

Detailsmy cute islandmy cute island
Enough talk, now everyone dies!!  Actually I'm not likely to be as genocidal as last game.  The mindworm hordes that came to punish me for that, were not pretty.  They erased any advantage I hoped to gain from chemical weapons, and ultimately I quit that game out of sheer fatigue.  This time, I'm far more likely to sit back and egg others on.  Especially since my chosen victory condition doesn't require me to conquer anyone.

Mission Year 2106.  This island is large enough to build a modest civilization on.  I will want to know if the nearby land masses contain Usurpers or not.  I should get a boat into the water and start poking around for Isles of the Deep to capture.  I often forget to do sea capture when playing a PLANET friendly faction, but I won't forget this time.

Detailsthe new northwest riverthe new northwest river
Mission Year 2107 and I'm already in a snit.  That river in the northwest corner of the island wasn't there last year, it just appeared.  Did someone pop a pod on my island?  Is it already inhabited?  Or is it just a reflection of some distant weather phenomenon, climate change from an earthquake perhaps?  I am inclined to assume immediate hostility.  What if some joker Random Number Generator put the Usurpers on my island??

Detailsinsurance policyinsurance policy
MY 2109.  I gain a weapon from a pod.  I'm trying not to freak out about that river.  I've got a great setup for my capitol with a juicy mineral right there.  I'm researching Centauri Ecology to exploit it.  If I had to have a rockfight with someone, I could spam Trance Scouts and finish them off with the Battle Ogre.  So, not to worry.

It should be noted that in my mod, Aliens start the game with Trance capability, instead of Resonance armor.

Detailsthe bathing interloperthe bathing interloper
MY 2111.  You've gotta be kidding me.  Well, living symbiotically with the Pirates, what could possibly go wrong?  I will settle farther inland than originally planned.  Then I will blast sea colony pods out of my capitol, to assert control over my space.  Maybe I can use the Pirates as a human shield.

Detailstrusting settlerstrusting settlers
MY 2114.  Sometimes the game gets cute with earthquakes next to Pirate bases, suddenly resulting in a land claim on my territory!  So I've taken the precaution of settling my 2 cities this turn, before popping that pod next to the Pirate base.  It merely ends up containing money though.  I'm walking my previously produced Trance Scouts to these bases instead of building garrison units there immediately.  I think if someone were wandering around on my land, they would have run into me by now.  Probably Pirate activity in the water caused the river change somehow.  I've completed Centauri Ecology and am working on Social Psych, so we can decide quickly whether we're friends or foes.


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