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my mod nuked me!
« on: August 12, 2018, 06:42:42 PM »
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    what have I done to deserve this
    what have I done to deserve this

    This is Mission Year 2303.  I'm playing Miriam, went Democratic rather than Fundamentalist because my SMACX AI Growth mod is quite different as to social engineering choices.  I'm playing version 1.15, haven't found any reason to change anything yet.  Cybernetic Consciousness was way ahead of everyone in tech, but I started stealing it.  My teams were Elite but not amazing because I'm pursuing Knowledge, allowed in my mod.  Cybernetic is not allowed, which actually gives better research than Knowledge.  I stole a few techs undetected, then got caught.  We go to war.  Not a big war yet, just using up ancient pre-Fusion troops on my part.  But Aki-Zeta5 completes a fusion nuke and obliterates my city!

    ET says ouch
    ET says ouch

    My Hunter-Seeker Algorithm is gone.  So it wasn't just a gratuitous nuke, it was tactical to create problem for me.  Wondering what else caused the AI to decide this.  I've played many, many games without getting nuked, although not 1.15.  Maybe the AI thinks it's far enough ahead that nobody's retalliation matters?

    Oh shoot, now realizing I set this AI to Aggressive.  I thought, it can steal techs by conquering a base, so should be aggressive.  Well maybe that's not right because Cybernetic research advantage is substantial, don't really need to spend time stealing from people.  Actually, ability is pretty pointless, although a human player could entertain himself with it.  Might have been correct decision for short term early game, but realizing now, Consciousness should think about long game.  Dropping nuke on me due to border skirmish seems out of character.

    it was pretty atrocious
    it was pretty atrocious

    Nominal illustration of consequences.  Everyone declares war, which hurts trade, which might hurt research.  Her society is Police State, Planned, Power, Cybernetic.  That means in my mod she has -3 ECONOMY!  Although she is in the lead with tech, I don't actually think that's the best choice for her research.  I will have to fix this.  Not just because she nuked me :D but because she would be more dangerous with even more research.


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